Zomdark - 2012-05-23

Hello all, some time ago I get into the code of the application, requested by my organization to code some requests, I'm a bit new whith wicket, but I have accomplished some things like highlighting priorities whith SAM and some images, in the web and the notification mails, or keep the buffer of the notification list in history and actualizations, and the validation that denies generating a new ticket whith a custom field value already generated, redirecting to the original, also add more custom fields to the established quantities, stuff like that, if anyone is interested.

But now, they want me to change the "Page Expired" page, when the session expires, and here I'm asking for help, because I couldn't find where or how the page it's been invoked or called, and I decided to join the comunity.

Please, can anyone help me with this little request?, thanks in anticipation, I'll try to help in everything I can.