Why is send email notifications NOT defaulted

  • Rick

    We recently installed JTrac 2.2.2-DEV (VIT) on a Linux server using Oracle 10g as the backend. We previously had it installed on a Windows XP workstation with the default installation. On our new installation, the "send email notifications" checkbox is NOT defaulting to checked as the previous installation did on the XP workstation which had a previous beta version. We would like for the checkbox to be checked.

    Has anyone else run into this problem before or have any ideas about how to fix it?

  • Manfred Wolff
    Manfred Wolff

    Hi. You use a installation which is compiled for a customer in german (VIT). This customer wanted to set the email notifications set to false, instead of true by default. If you want to set it to true by default you need to change the info.jtrac.domain.AbstractItem.java class. You have a patch, you need the original.

    Fetch the newest version from my server http://mwolff.info/data/jtrac-with-oracle.war . In this version by default the checkbox is on true.