Anonymous - 2012-11-24

I am in the process of executing a simple load test against a Jtrac instance, and I'm a little confused by what I see. If anyone can help me understand what's going on in the background, I would really appreciate it.

Here's what my load test it doing:

    I visit the dashboard
        I set it up to allow me to search a workspace without logging in
    Click on the "Search" link
    Click on the "Status" dropdown.
    Select "has values"
    Select the "Open" checkbox
    Click on the "Search" button
    View result set

The confusing thing is that there appear to be two "GET" requests between the time that I click on the "Search" link on the dashboard and the Search page is displayed.

This appears to be the URL's of the two GET requests:


Is the result of the first GET a redirect to the second URL? Why are two GET requests necessary when I click on the Search link?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Purl