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JSpider: Testers wanted

The JSpider project just released it's fifth alpha release, 0.5.0-DEV.

JSpider is a web robot engine that can be used to find dead links on a website, mirror sites, find e-mail addresses exposed in it, create a sitemap, etc...

We believe to have reach a point in the development where the project can really be usefull to people. Now is the moment to bring the project to a higher level of quality with your help.... read more

Posted by Günther Van Roey 2003-05-02

JSpider 0.5 released

JSpider 0.5 has been released.

This release (finally) has complete user documentation, many new features, bug fixes, etc...

Posted by Günther Van Roey 2003-05-02

JSpider 0.4 released

A new release of JSpider, a java web robot implementation, has been made, introducing significant improvements and new features

The velocity plugin writes spidering reports via customizable templates

A JDBC datasource (database) can be used to store information, allowing SQL querying afterwards.

The logging system is now entirely based on jakarta-commons-logging (log4j or jdk14 logging)

Posted by Günther Van Roey 2003-04-06

JSpider 0.3 released

A new alpha-release of JSpider is available (0.3) with some new features, new documentation.

While this is mainly a refactoring release with internal optimizations and added JUnit tests, there are some new interesting features, like for example an out-of-the-box configuration for downloading sites

Posted by Günther Van Roey 2003-02-23