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NIO support

A SelectorListener is now available in the CVS, in addition to the existing SocketListener.

Posted by Mark Hale 2006-06-04

First Beta Version Available!

A few days ago we released the first beta version of jIRCd on SourceForge. This version includes a load of new features and changes from the previous, 0.1.1 alpha. Included is support for plug-ins (each command is a plug-in), SSL support for secure service, advanced logging, and full RFC 1459 support.
If you're interested in running an IRC server on any platform, try jIRCd, and let us know what you think!

Posted by Tyrel Haveman 2004-05-11

Comments Requested

I can see that some people have been downloading jIRCd. If you have done so, could you please send me comments on the forums? I'd like to know what you think. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Tyrel Haveman 2003-12-12

jIRCd 0.1.1 Released

jIRCd 0.1.1 alpha is now available in the project's Files section.
This version allows clients to connect, join channels, message eachother, and message channels. Several channel mode features are not implemented, and lots of IRC commands are not implemented, but the basics are all there.
It has been tested on Red Hat Linux 8.0 compiled with GCC (gcj) and on Windows XP compiled with Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0.

Posted by Tyrel Haveman 2003-11-15

CVS Works!

CVS now appears to be working properly; so if you like, you can check out the latest version to try it.
I plan to release an official alpha version in a while.

Posted by Tyrel Haveman 2003-11-15

CVS Problems and Project Status Update

sourceforge is having some troubles synchronizing between the CVS server I use to maintain the project and the anonymous-access CVS server for this project. I've submited a support request to resolve this, so hopefully it'll be resolved soon.
In the meantime, I will continue to work on jIRCd. My current task is to get it into a release-able state so that I can have something for everyone to download (since CVS isn't working yet). Whenever I get around to releasing it, it will be an Alpha release, however it will RUN and users will be able to connect to it, join channels, use private chat, etc. The basics work, there's just a lot of extra commands (like WHO, LIST, and KICK, to name a few) that aren't implemented yet (or are partially implemented).
I'll post more information when I release files.

Posted by Tyrel Haveman 2003-11-15


The project has been approved to be hosted here on sourceforge.net. I hope to use numerous services provided by sf.net, including trackers, forums, cvs, and web hosting. Perhaps I can find other developers to help with the project as well.

Posted by Tyrel Haveman 2003-11-11

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