j-Interop 1.24 (RC. 4) Released !

Dear All,
A long gap between this release and last, it gave us time to fix some serious bugs and add a few features on the way.

1. We have moved to SVN from CVS, and the CVS repository is now inactive. This release has been copied as "j-interop_release_1.24" in the "tags" folder at SVN root (https://j-interop.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/j-interop).

2. j-Interop now supports NTLM2 Session Security. This means that all the COM Servers requiring packet level security can now be accessed from this library. JISession.useSessionSecurity(...) has more information.

3. During long running tasks , users reported "Client Disconnected" exceptions , this has been fixed now.

4. Fixed issues related to enormous amount of data sent in a single call to the COM Server. This happened during JIVariant marshalling, packets were not correctly sized and this resulted into COM exceptions.

5. All nested calls(COM Server >> Your App >> COM Server) during a callback must have the same casualty Id , otherwise "called in incorrect context" exception is thrown by COM runtime. This has also been fixed.

6. Heavy Multithreading during IJIDispatch usage sometimes resulted into "Bad Data" exception from the COM runtime. This has also been addressed.

7. During Multi threaded usage of the library in call back scenarios , the Rem Unknown thread would not be GCed and thus these threads would keep increasing per callback exported by the java component. This has also been fixed.

8. There was a bug in the AddRef and ReleaseRef implementation of the callbacks. It led to not releasing the reference even when the COM Server has died which resulted into internal data structures bloating up in size. This has also been addressed.

I guess that's it !

take care,
best regards,

Posted by Vikram Roopchand 2008-05-24

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