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j-Interop 1.20(b) released

Dear All,
Lots of changes in this release. It seems to me that the library is taking real punishment :)...

Primary fixes:-

1. OOM when sessions are really large in number.
2. Call back functionality was not working as expected when the same JIJavaCoClass was used in the call backs. Now, the usage is restricted to one, but the user still has the flexibility to reuse it's interface definition and the implementation class (which is more or less the crux of a JIJavaCoClass).
3. JIVariant was not functioning as expected for Arrays. JavaDocs have been modified for this class as well. is now and resides in the org.jinterop.dcom package.

Known Issues:-

1. You may see a "Remote host has disconnected" exception sometimes when the client is idle (no COM calls) for a long time. I am working on this one. The current work around is to make a short readonly call after every 5 minutes or so.

My many thanks to all developers for using j-Interop and coming out with some really useful comments. I would, in particular, like to thank Jens and Mohsin for doing exceptional testing during this release.

best regards,

Posted by Vikram Roopchand 2007-06-14

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