Intermittent JIRuntimeException: Exception occurred. [0x80020009]

  • aditi

    aditi - 2013-12-24

    We are using J-Interop 2.08 for reading windows event logs. Recently for a windows server 2008 R2 mc, we have started observing intermittent JIRuntimeException: Exception occurred. [0x80020009]. The exception occurs while executing the WQL query:

    final String QUERY_FOR_LOG_EVENTS = "SELECT * FROM Win32_NTLogEvent WHERE LogFile='"+logFile+"' AND TimeGenerated > '"+offSetTime+"' AND TimeGenerated < '"+currentTimeStamp+"'";
    JIVariant[] eventObjectSet = wbemServices.callMethodA("ExecQuery", new Object[] { new JIString(QUERY_FOR_LOG_EVENTS), new JIString("WQL"), new JIVariant(new Integer(0)) });

    On this mc, we had done the required permission changes to the WBEM Scripting locator key in the windows registry for windows authentication to work. Any pointers/suggestions on what could be the problem would be really helpful.

  • aditi

    aditi - 2013-12-25

    The JIAutomationException.getExcepInfo fetches the below info:
    Exception source: SWbemServicesEx
    Exception description: Invalid query
    Error code: -2147217385

    The timestamps used in the query are valid ones, any clues on what else could be wrong?

    Last edit: aditi 2013-12-25

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