Anonymous - 2011-12-09


I am trying to write a com program to call below GetSlideInfo method. I am getting IJIComObject for 4A6512DA-10EC-415E-B31A-7F54414C5BBE but this interface does not support IDispatch so I used below code. This com application is old and not a single developer is available to provide more information, so from the below info I have to write the code to call that method and retrieve the data. Please help me because I did not find single example to deal with such complex structure.


IJIComObject excelObject = comServer.createInstance();

IJIComObject comInterface = excelObject.queryInterface("4A6512DA-10EC-415E-B31A-7F54414C5BBE");

//Set up a call, this following object carries your parameters back and forth between the COM server and the Java App.
JICallBuilder callBuilder = new JICallBuilder();
//The same object can be used for many calls, please make sure you reinit before usage/call.
//JIString j = new JIString("10001");
callBuilder.addInParamAsString("10001", JIFlags.FLAG_REPRESENTATION_STRING_BSTR);
callBuilder.addOutParamAsObject(IJIComObject.class, JIFlags.FLAG_NULL);
//Execute the call on the obtained interface.
Object results =;

Interface Definitions.

5.2 IVistaIF Interface
Identification: IVistaIF Interface
Function: Provides slide information to the VIAS, in response to a key code
Interfaces: Interface GUID: {4A6512DA-10EC-415E-B31A-7F54414C5BBE}

The IVistaIF Interface provides the following methods:

• GetSlideInfo, which accepts a BSTR keycode, and returns an object implementing the ISlideInfoCollection interface.  The ISlideInfoCollection object contains ISlideInfo objects corresponding to the specified keycode.  Excepting failure, this method will always return a valid ISlideInfoCollection object, even if it is empty.
• RemoveSlideInfo, which accepts a long type slide identifier (see ISlideInfo) and returns nothing.  After a call to this method, the slide information corresponding to the specified identifier will be removed from the VLM (and not again returned from GetSlideInfo)
5.2.1 ISlideInfoCollection Interface
Identification: ISlideInfoCollection Interface
Function: Collection of objects implementing ISlideInfo, returned from IVistaIF
Interfaces: Interface GUID: {A883BD38-E94E-49F0-8987-EFD7CF50C29B}

The ISlideInfoCollection interface provides the following method:

• _NewEnum, which returns an IEnumXXXX object that can be used to enumerate the ISlideInfo objects in the collection.
5.2.2 ISlideInfo Interface
Identification: ISlideInfo Interface
Function: Stores information describing a slide
Interfaces: Interface GUID: {1D7C8E65-833C-40C2-9A5F-4D8A9BDC2BA8}

The ISlideInfo interface provides no methods.