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  • Michael Stevens

    Michael Stevens - 2011-03-03

    I have just upgrade a project to use j-interop 2.08

    This version so far look very good. It even alows us to deserialise some DCOM responses that did not work on previous versions. Super!

    With this version am am seeing lots of warning level logs regarding object references.

    These are:
         addRef: Adding 5 references for
         RELEASE called directly ! removing 5 references for

    interestingly I also see:
       prepareForReleaseRef: Releasing numInstancesfirsttime + 5 references of IPID:
    despite releasing all instance explicitly.

    Is anyone else seeing this kind of behavour? The warnings are a bit disconcerting but seem to actually show j-interop is working correctly, or am I using the AP incorrectly?

    A minor point is that these warning logs are surrounded with:
    if (JISystem.getLogger().isLoggable(Level.INFO))
    which I assume should be checking for Level.WARNING

  • Vikram Roopchand

         We will take of the log statements , nothing to worry :) …

    best regards,


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