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  • techhunt

    techhunt - 2012-01-23

    WMIC provides CREATE verb which allows us to create a new instance.

            Creates a new instance and sets the property values. CREATE cannot be used to create a new class.

    I have to create a win32 class instance and assign properties to it. How is it possible with J-Interop?

    results = wbemServices_dispatch.callMethodA("InstancesOf", new Object{new JIString("Win32_Process"), new Integer(0), JIVariant.OPTIONAL_PARAM()});

    Does "Create"  will create an instance of Win32_process class and how to set properties for instantiated object.

  • Vikram Roopchand

         Please have a look at (in the "test" package) from the j-interop source code (SVN from

    best regards,

  • techhunt

    techhunt - 2012-01-24

    Thanks for response vikram.

    I followed your code. It shows how to get instances of a class but i want to know how to create an instance.

    for example i can create an instance of win32_environment class and set values to its properties using wmic tool

    wmic path Win32_environment CREATE NAME="ABC", VARIABLEVALUE="C:/Java/", username="<SYSTEM>"

    How can i achieve this using j-interop?

    does callMethodA has support to create instance?


  • techhunt

    techhunt - 2012-01-25

    To simplify my question, what are the possible strings to specify in  callMethodA to create and delete instances.

    Any help to resolve this is greatly appreciated.


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