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If you find bugs...

...please include a full stacktrace in your mail/bugreport. To get this please launch the client from the console and enable "Verbose console logging" in the view-menu. You'll see the output in the console window then.

It's almost impossible for me to fix bugs without a stacktrace, and I get more mails without them as mails which include the necessary information ;)

Posted by Cyberdemon 2005-11-04

Commercial license / JFtp API package

To avoid some irritations I'd like to post some information about commercial licensing of the FTP API here, since not everybody seems to read the readme file. The API is GPL, not LGPL, so you may use it for whatever you want as long as you publish your own sources. If you want to develop a closed source application, please contact me for a commercial license.

I've got a stripped down API package for commercial use, too and do offer support of course. I'm also able to implement new features, probably cheaper and faster than third party programmers who haven't seen the API code before. ... read more

Posted by Cyberdemon 2003-09-24

JFtp Debian package

I created a (really simple) .deb just for fun today. It contains a v1.33 jar and a shellscript named "jftp" which will be placed in /usr/local/bin, you can download it here:

It depends on java-common which is 1.4+ (at least on unstable, which i'm running) and should work out of the box, however, i don't plan to release debs for every version (yet), it's so simple that you can just put the latest jar-file in /usr/local/jftp :)

Posted by Cyberdemon 2003-07-13

Java web start

Hi all!

You can now use Java Web Start to launch JFtp!

Posted by Cyberdemon 2003-03-16