#31 Support for `Info' files outside of jar


The options under the `Info' menu, such as `Show
readme...', all throw exceptions because the files
aren't present in the jftp jar.

Would it be possible to specify URL's to these files in
a property file instead so that I can read the README
file from the filesystem?



Similarly, bookmarks.txt is in this directory. Even if
it were inside the jar, I don't see how editing it is


  • Jake Kasprzak

    Jake Kasprzak - 2004-10-29

    Logged In: YES


    Well, I have not found that any exceptions have been thrown
    when I try to access the options in the Info menu. And that
    is with versions 1.43, 1.44, and the one that is available
    via Java Web Start on the web site. I'm actually not sure
    why this may be occurring for you, but if adding this to the
    jar would help, then we can look into that. Perhaps one or
    more of the other people who visit our SourceForge page may
    be able to explain this, because I'm honestly not sure of
    what could cause these exceptions to be thrown.

    But we can work on getting a solution out. We are already
    working on features and bug fixes for version 1.45.



  • Cyberdemon

    Cyberdemon - 2004-11-02

    Logged In: YES

    I've checked that, too and can't confirm this. But please
    provide a stacktrace if it still happens with v1.44 on your
    machine and I'll take a closer look at the code.

  • David Walluck

    David Walluck - 2004-11-06

    Logged In: YES

    I figured out what I wanted to do. I don't want to have two
    copies of the documentation on my system. I would like to
    replace `docs/' in
    src/java/net/sf/jftp/config/Settings.java with a `file://'
    URL pointing to my local copy of the docs, and then keep the
    docs from being added to the jar.

  • Cyberdemon

    Cyberdemon - 2004-11-08

    Logged In: YES

    That seems like a confusing option - once a user has
    switched to his local copy of those files they may be
    outdated soon, considering that most people use webstart...
    it should be more straightforward to repackage the jar if
    you want to use custom readme files.

  • Cyberdemon

    Cyberdemon - 2004-11-08
    • status: open --> closed

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