#22 Plugin-like API For Connection Types


jFTP was really good at just being a graphical FTP
client. While the additional connection support is great,
all of the connection types are not needed by
everyone. It would be nice if each type of connection
worked as a plugin (that is downloadable/installable).
Each plugin, when installed, would add buttons, menus,
and all other functionality necessary for a connection
type to work. This way, only the needed connection
types would be utilized, and you could probably speed
up jFTP's startup time (as well as general performance).


  • Jake Kasprzak

    Jake Kasprzak - 2003-09-06

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    That is a very interesting point that you are making. Not all
    of the features that we have may be needed by those who
    simply want an FTP client. It may take some time to
    completely modularize JFtp to make it so that only what a
    user wants at the time it's installed is in it. Maybe it can be
    set up so that a separate application for installation will only
    compile the parts for each connection type. Or a
    configuration file can be read so that only the parts that are
    wanted will be loaded at runtime.

    These two solutions will take a fair amount of time. If you
    would like a quick solution, then maybe one of us could
    quickly come up with an FTP-only version of it. But I'm not a
    project admin so these matters aren't up to me. I'd just like
    you to have a better idea of what can be done and I'd like to
    know more about what you's like from this application.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Cyberdemon

    Cyberdemon - 2003-10-13
    • priority: 5 --> 3

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