NFS File Size Limit?

  • Richard Koett

    Richard Koett - 2005-10-07

    I exported a filesystem using NFS on a FreeBSD box and tried accessing it via JFtp. It worked fine until I tried to transfer a large file a message appeared stating that there is a 200Kb file size limit. Is there any way to remove or increase this limit?

    • Jake Kasprzak

      Jake Kasprzak - 2005-10-14


      After looking into this further, I can tell you that that error message might come up if you double-click on a file name. You could try clicking the arrow that points to the left at the top of the window, and if that does not work, then I can tell you where you may be able to make the necessary changes. What you can do is increase the values of "200000" listed near line 1256 in and also the value listed in line 1361 in Both of these files are in the gui directory, as you may know. You could also completely remove those if statements blocks that start at those lines as well. If you trying doing that, you can tell me if that works.




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