sortLs is not working

  • Laurent

    Laurent - 2005-05-02

    Hi, in the code
    try {
         } catch (IOException e){
    String[] maliste = ftpcon.sortLs("C:\\Reuters\\java\\output2.lst");
    the sortLs method is not wroking on my computer.
    My computer is a WinXP and I use the jftp 1.45 API
    When I try the sortLs method it claims on the following file : C:\Documents and Settings\LDR\.jftp\.sortls_out
    In order to solve the problem i need to create the directory .jftp
    Is this a prerequisite or a bug ?


    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-05-03

      its a prerequisite.
      jftp stores certain files that it uses within the .jftp folder which is located within the users directory.
      If you run the GUI version of the app locally, it will create the files and you can see what its doing. If you are using the API, your program should check if the files exist already, if not just create them as blank files.

    • Taco

      Taco - 2008-07-03

      Is there any documentation that lists all the requirements to getting this API working?

    • Cyberdemon

      Cyberdemon - 2008-07-22

      Hi Taco, thanks for your feedback! Please note that I do not check this forum very often, however, feel free to mail me via the devlist or directly ;)

      I can put something together if the stuff in the doc/-directory isn't sufficient for you?


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