Doubts regarding SFTP

  • Brij

    Brij - 2006-08-01

    Hello All,

    I have few doubts about SFTP.

    1. How can we achieve BINARY/ASCII file transfer modes in SFTP?(As we do in FTP protocol).

    2. How can we send SITE commands in SFTP? I think that sendRawCommand() of BasicConnection will do this task for FTPConnection but this command is not implemented for SFTPConnection. If SFTP protocol does not support this command then how can we achieve this task (Like sending some MVS specific parameters to MVS server while downloading/uploading).

    3. Does this API support FTPS (FTP over SSL) protocol?. If yes then which APIs are used for it.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Cyberdemon

      Cyberdemon - 2006-08-28


      1) Can you point me to a case where anything goes wrong with the default implementation? I don't know if transfer modes are even necessary when using scp over ssh.

      2) Raw commands are not supported via the wrapper (it uses j2ssh by the way). You'd have to use the ssh shell utility to run commands manually.

      3) No, sorry. It does file transfer via a ssh connection, nothing more (yet)


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