FTP Rights

  • rdm

    rdm - 2004-06-08


    i have a Question:

    I need a FTP tool which save the files on the ftp werver with the rights of the existing ftp-users from my Linux-Server and not the rights of the appache or what ever.
    Is this possible with ur tool?

    I hope i can describe my problem



    • Jake Kasprzak

      Jake Kasprzak - 2004-06-10


      If I understand you correctly, what you are asking is if with JFtp you can change group permissions on files. If so, there is not a way of doing that within the application. It may be best to do that through a Telnet or SSH session.

      But I would appreciate it if you could clarify what it is that you would like, and perhaps you could submit a feature request.



    • Cyberdemon

      Cyberdemon - 2004-06-14

      If your server supports it, you might be able to do this using a remote command (wheel button) like

      "SITE CHMOD 777 file"

      I don't know if this works for groups, too...


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