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Tasting Alpha

Alpha Testing should begin hopefully sometime between January and February, 2005. Not that this is any important news but now that I'm able to code in places other than work (thank you J. Benedict, you will not be forgotten), the coding process is coming along much faster and I am glad to be able to do it.

Also, I'm looking for character records sheets from both BESM and AD&D game formats, as well as:... read more

Posted by M. Austin 2004-11-04

Development on Ixion Begins...for real...

I've finally located someone willing to part with their ancient Visual Studio 6 installation! ^_^

What does this mean? I no longer accept donations for VS6 components. This is GOOD NEWS because I really don't think anyone's gonna donate anyway.

It should be here within two or three weeks (Mid-November is my best guess), and when it arrives development on Ixion will pick up the pace, as I'll then have time to work on it at home.... read more

Posted by M. Austin 2004-10-27

Help Wanted - Feature Requests

Pen and paper gamers, I call for your aid.

Anyone who knows a good deal about character design for BESM or AD&D will be greatly appreciated and will earn a spot in the credits (and possibly a spot on the project team, depending on how good you are).

E-mail me at sekaide@users.sourceforge.net if interested.

Posted by M. Austin 2004-10-23

Development on Ixion Begins

It's finally here.

Ixion, the first program in the DataScythe CF management suite, is in pre-pre-pre-alpha stage. This basically means nothing works at all yet, except for a bunch of checkboxes and some other odd features not worth mentioning. Interface design is half the problem, what with me constantly changing my ideas and all, so naturally there will be bumps along the road where finicky little me will want to change some small nonsensical design element. I could sketch it out, but why do that when I can screenshot and print my interfaces?... read more

Posted by M. Austin 2004-10-23

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