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TMX files - invalid XML??

  • Arnold Wiegert

    Arnold Wiegert - 2005-06-08

    I've just found ixedit because I was looking for an existing XML editor to check TMX files for content and format.

    It is my understanding that TMX is a XML format and I would have expected that the file which was created by the OmegaT translation software would be compliant.

    However since I'm new to both ixedit and TMX, I may well be mistaken.

    In any case, when I open a TMX file in ixedit, it tells me in the top bar, that it considers the file to be invalid XML, but I have not been able to find out what exactly it is objecting to.

    As I was hoping to be able to write some code to also create TMX files, I'd be very interested in finding out where the existing program fails, or in indeed this editor is unsuitable for inspecting and perhaps creating or modifying TMX files.

    Any comment on this subject will be much appreciated.



    • Pavel Vrecion

      Pavel Vrecion - 2005-06-20

      Hi Arnold,
      I have looked at tmx, it should work with ixedit. To be sure I have downloaded several files in tmx format and I have been able to open and edit them all.
      Can you provide me, please, document that failed to open?

      Thanx Pavel


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