not working with Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i set the

    paths as written in the installation instructions

    i then opened the main.cpp file of SimpleApp in Examples directory, compiled it, got

    there were 12 of them, i wouldn't put all, because i'd have to copy each one of them.. i guess knowing how to fix one would help me fix the others

    here's are few of them:

       undefined reference to `CByteImage::CByteImage(int, int, CByteImage::ImageType, bool)'
       undefined reference to `ImageProcessor::ConvertImage(CByteImage const*, CByteImage*, bool, MyRegion const*)'
       undefined reference to `CByteImage::CByteImage()'

    and the last :

       undefined reference to `CByteImage::CByteImage()'

  • Pedram Azad

    Pedram Azad - 2011-12-16


    I am not familiar with the Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE, so I can't tell you how to modify the settings of your project.

    But I can tell you that you are not linking against the IVT .cpp files. For use with Visual Studio a project files are provided to compile the IVT library (see IVT/win32/IVTLib/IVT.dsw). I don't think you can load this with the Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE, so you have to create a project for the library yourself.

    Other quick workaround (but not helpful in long term): From what you pasted, the implementation of the class CByteImage and the namespace ImageProcessor are missing. You can directly add the respective files (IVT/src/Image/ByteImage.cpp and IVT/src/Image/ImageProcessor.cpp) to your project. When new/other undefined references, then add the respective .cpp files as well, until you don't get any linker errors any more.

    Hope this helps.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hey thanks for the reply.
    i forgot to ask one thing
    will your project be of any help in making a gaze tracking based cursor moving application? i'm sorta finding all the stuff here to provide some libraries or functions for that. OpenCV is too general, i tried LEA (java based) but so far i'm having problems with the JMF that it needs.. So i really need to know if your code can help me in any way possible to avoid re-inventing the wheel

  • Pedram Azad

    Pedram Azad - 2011-12-19


    there are very few application specific solutions in the IVT, it is rather meant to be a low-level to mid-level toolkit. For gaze tracking, I think you have to implement something problem specific.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    thank you


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