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Using IVT with Visual Studio 2008 Express

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    - - 2010-03-29

    Hi there.
    There was some time I last gave IVT some time and I gladly noted that it has been a lot easier to get started since the dependency to QT is removed. A great improvement.

    Though OpenCV 1.0 is still needed to compile the calibration application but this is not described in the Installation documentation. And core DLL's of OpenCV must be copied to the application path. Also, for novicies it might be diffcult to understand that the calibration pattern is to be found in the OpenCV documentation.

    Anyway as far as I have tested all other applications now compiles without a hassle.


  • Pedram Azad

    Pedram Azad - 2010-04-05

    Hi Olof,

    thanks for the feedback.

    It is true that OpenCV 1.0 is still needed for the CalibrationApp. One of the next steps is to replace the OpenCV code by our own implementation of the Zhang calibration algorithm. Hopefully that will happen in the near future.

    Until then, I will add a README to the CalibrationApp that contains a hint that OpenCV 1.0 is needed as well as a pdf containing a calibration pattern.



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