Generate PARAMETER_FILE for StereoClick

  • Johannes A. Koeppen

    The StereoClick example really is outstanding! Could anybody give me a hint, how to generate the CAMERA_PARAMETER_FILE (camera_armar_640x480.txt) for my own cameras.
    Thanks allot.


    • Pedram Azad

      Pedram Azad - 2008-02-28

      Check out the application in IVT/examples/CalibrationApp. You'll need OpenCV for using this application; I recommend the current version 1.0.

      You'll have to print out a checkerboard pattern for this purpose and provide information about it in IVT/examples/CalibrationApp/src/Organizer.cpp (set the defines NUMBER_OF_ROWS, NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS, SQUARE_SIZE_IN_MM). The number of rows must not equal the number of columns. If NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS is greater than NUMBER_OF_ROWS, then present the checkerboard more or less horizontally. During calibration, the localized checkerboard will be marked with some kind of color code. If everything goes right, then this color code will not jump i.e. switch its direction. If it does, you should restart the procedure and try presenting the checkerboard pattern vertically instead of horizontally or vice versa.

      Each accepted view (only every 20th recognized one will be taken to avoid similar views) produces a printf on the screen "corner picture taken". The default setting for NUMBER_OF_IMAGES is 20, which is enough by expericence. For an accurate calibration result, you should present differing views: go to the front, go back, skew, rotations up to approximately 45 degrees. Trying to reach the limits of each degree of freedom produces a better result, as far as I can tell.

      If you have any further questions, please ask...


    • Johannes A. Koeppen

      Thanks Pedram,
      Everything is working perfectly.


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