IVT with QT (3.x) GUI?

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    He All,
    I would love to have QT (3.x) control GUI for IVT. It should allow -for example - entering NUMBER_OF_ROWS, NUMBER_OF_COLUMNS, SQUARE_SIZE_IN_MM in Calibration organizer.
    When i mix IVT and QT code in one MSVC (8) project - and provide required libs for both - i get lots of linker errors. Is there a more elegant way to intergrate QT GUIs into IVT?

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    • Pedram Azad

      Pedram Azad - 2008-03-10


      mixing QT code with IVT is no problem. You can find an example in IVT/examples/HSVColorSegmentationApp. The corresponding workspace/project for Visual Studio 6 is located in IVT/win32/HSVColorSegmentationApp; it should automatically be converted to Visual Studio 8.

      If you get any linker errors with this example application, feel free to post a log of the linker errors.



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