USB Webcams and IVT on Linux

  • Julian Oliver

    Julian Oliver - 2007-12-12

    While Firewire cameras seem fine with IVT, I'm particularly interesting in using USB webcams with IVT on Linux. Looking at the CaptureVideo example I see an ifdef for Win32 that uses a generic COpenCVCapture to interact with the capture device yet Darwin and Linux defer to an 1394 specific CLinux1394Capture.

    What are the options for Linux users wishing to use IVT with USB webcams? I already use OpenCV with Linux webcams just fine.. is it worth trying to implement a standard v4l interface for IVT or is there already a CVideoCaptureInterface defined for this purpose?


    • Pedram Azad

      Pedram Azad - 2008-01-16

      The Define in CaptureApp that decides that under Linux COpenCVCapture is not to be used but CLinux1394Capture is just an example. You can try to use COpenCVCapture under Linux as well, just make sure to have activated the flags in IVT/src/Makefile.base:

      USE_OPENCV = 1

      I have not yet tried to use a USB camera under Linux and would be interested to know if COpenCVCapture works fine under Linux for this purpose.

      We also might implement an IVT camera module that encapsulates the Video4Linux interface in the near future. As soon as we do, we will upload a new version of the IVT. I definitely think this is worth it. If you already have a module doing this please contact me.



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