• Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello Sir,
    There is a function "UpdateMaps" in CRectification class. Could you please let me know what is it's function? Does it update the Camera calibration paramters file? Thanks a lot.

  • Pedram Azad

    Pedram Azad - 2011-01-19


    the method CRectification::UpdateMaps implements the virtual method from the base class CImageMapper::UpdateMaps. It defines the 2D-2D per pixel mapping, on the basis of which the 2D-2D mapping of the whole image is performed.

    The mapping is a homography. In the case of CRectification the rectification parameters are taken from CStereoCalibration (members rectificationHomographyLeft and rectificationHomographyRight). These homographies are computed by the calibration procedure (IVT/examples/CalibrationApp resp. IVT/win32/CalibrationApp).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thank you very much Sir for your quick reply.


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