Problems with Eclipse Indigo

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I worked with an older version of eclipse and everything just worked fine, but now the it switched to Eclipse Indigo and unfortunately there pop up a lot of errors.
    I can make the whole src when I call make in the source directory and it doesn't complain. But when I open e.g. the SimpleApp eclipse can't resolve "Funcion 'print' ". When I only make this example in console it compiles and I can use it and everything works fine.
    But now my real problem. I worked in my own project with the GUIFactory and called CreateMainWindow. But when I call this now, eclipse shows:
    "Invalid arguments 'Candidates are: CMainWindowInterface * CreateMainWindow(?, ?, ?, ?, const char *)'"
    The same happens with AddImage:
    "Invalid arguments 'Candidates are: void * AddImage(?, ?, ?, ?, void *)'"
    I still can compile and run the code with eclipse and it doesn't complain during compiling oder runnig. But there are always this annoying error messages in the editor.

    As another example I opened the userproject TexturedRecognitionApp and there are roughly the same problems:
    In Line 72: "Invalid arguments 'Candidates are: void resize(?, char) void resize(?)'"
    In Line 85: "Function 'print' could not be resolved"
    and so on.

    Had this happen to anyone ever before?

    I don't know why, but as stated at the beginning, everything worked just fine with an older version of eclipse.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, i think you have to add the libs seperatly. In Eclipse right click on your project > properties > search "paths and symbols" add there the path to the IVT/src for assembly g++ and so on. For me this solves all problems.


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