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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello sir,

    I would like to know if void CCalibration::GetCameraCoordinates(const Vec3d &worldPoint, Vec2d &cameraPoint, bool bUseDistortionParameters) const and void  CameraToWorldCoordinates  functions same?

    I am trying to find the position of the camera using camera calibration parameters. For this , I would like to convert world cordinates (X,Y,Z) of a point in space into its camera coordinates. I could not find CameraToWorldCoordinates   function in "calibration.h". Can you please let me know which function I should use to convert world coordinates to camera coordinates and to find the position of camera in space using calibration parameters?

    I would be thankful to you if you could help me in this regard.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello Sir,
    Sorry for the typing mistake. I mean WorldToCameraCoordinates function instead of CameraToWorldCoordinates in my previous message. Can you please help me in this regard? I am really struggling to find this function in the IVT library. Have a nice day.

  • Pedram Azad

    Pedram Azad - 2010-11-03


    I don't quite understand what you mean, as the methods CCalibration::WorldToCameraCoordinates(const Vec3d&, Vec3d &) and CCalibration::CameraToWorldCoordinates(const Vec3d&, Vec3d &) both exist.

    Note that there are three coordinate systems: world coordinate system (3D), camera coordinate system (3D) and image coordinate system (2D). You can read about the theory in the Doxygen documentation and in our book "Computer Vision - Principles and Practice" (see ivt.sourceforge.net for further information).

    Maybe you are looking for CCalibration::WorldToImageCoordinates(const Vec3d& Vec2d&, bool), which is available as well.



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