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might be a good project...

  • robstoddard

    robstoddard - 2006-03-06

    this is the first time I've seen something that appears to be complete programmatically, but zilch on documentation.  The doxygen documentation is even lacking.  Most things are a good 50/50.

    If I can ever get the SPCA cameras working on this,  I will be able to give a better judgement on this project.  Seems complete, but I timidly wonder about the egregious lack of documentation and comments in the code.

    • Pedram Azad

      Pedram Azad - 2006-03-06

      I am aware of the lack of documentation. I was urged to put a first release online as soon as possible, since many research partners wanted to have this library. For those I give support by email, compensating the currently missing documentation.

      In one week, I will finally have time to take care of the documentation, which will be updated in the next release of the IVT sometime this March. Until then (and also after), anybody please feel free to ask me questions concerning the IVT by email. I would also be happy to be informed if there is interest for implementing a module for a not yet supported image device. Replies might be delayed until middle of March...


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