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Hebrew LaTeX / News: Recent posts

culmus-latex-0.6 Released

I'm glad to announce a the release of version 0.6 of the culmus-latex font package.
This font-package aims to provide high-quality hebrew fonts, Culmus, for use in LaTeX.

This new release brings some major changes. The most important one is the builtin support for Nikud (vowels).
Users would find improved documentation and better auto-detecting of required directories for installation (the
TEXMF and the location of the Culmus fonts).

Posted by Guy Rutenberg 2008-04-07

culmus-latex 0.5 released

Culmus-LaTeX enables the use of the Culmus fonts in LaTeX. Culmus is a set of high quality Type1 fonts.

culmus-latex 0.5 is only a rename of the former tetex-fonts-hebrew to better reflect its purpose. It's not a generic hebrew font and it is not specific to tetex as it also works on TexLive.

Posted by Baruch Even 2007-06-09

ivritex 1.1.1 released

IvriTeX is a project to provide and maintain Hebrew support for LaTeX2e. Version 1.1.1 is the first version released in SourceForge.

It is avaialble from the download page:

Posted by Tzafrir Cohen 2003-02-13