Get connected but can ping LAN

  • Mad_Duck

    Mad_Duck - 2006-01-14

    I have used ipcop 1.4.10 and TauVPN. I can get connected both with pre shared key and cetificate.
    But cant seems to reach the Green interface or any of computers there.
    I have been reading alot and should be setup right.
    I use winxp clients.
    using as local severip and

    The VPN lights up as green in ipcop VPN menu and says OPEN. Why cant i ping/connect to my 192.168.1.x network?

    Thanks for any help :)

    • Stefan Markowitz

      >The VPN lights up as green in ipcop VPN menu and says
      >OPEN. Why cant i ping/connect to my 192.168.1.x

      If you use XP SP2 then it is normal that you can't ping the green IP (unless you turn off the XP firewall). How did you try to connect to the inside network? Did you try net use x: \\IP_ADDRESS\share (assuming you want to connect to windows machines)? It is important that you connect to a machine IP instead of the machine name.
      Does this work?


    • Mad_Duck

      Mad_Duck - 2006-01-28

      No i dont have any firewalls up. I took client behind my nat and testet it . Dident work there either when used router as gateway. But when i connected it direct to same switch as ipcop server and put red interface ip as gateway on client it worked. Do u think my router dosent support somethink.. a cheap Cisco 667i :). I read some about nat-t, or i had to enable ipsec pass thru. But dident find option for that in my router.Thanks again :)

  • Juan Pablo Lopez Bergero


    i have a similar problem trying to stablish the vpn with a d-link DI824 VUP
    and windows 7 ivpn
    can somebody help me with this?
    i did a ipconfig /all butt there is no ipv4 ip in the list


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