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  • Robin Cornelius

    Robin Cornelius - 2006-01-16

    Hi Guys,

    I am having a few problems with this tool. I am connecting a winXP box (was SP1 now SP2) to an openswan gateway but after the ping test nothing happens the gateway does not see any UDP500 or ESP traffic and the auth.log shows no attempt at connection. I have sucessfully used marcus mullers tool in the past to connect but this seemed so much nicer for windows users who are scared of the mmc and the console.

    The oakley log only shows nothing (ok one line saying initalisng) and looking at the ipsec policies in mmc show no changes.

    Any idea what i could possibly be doing wrong?

    Regards and many thanks

    Robin Cornelius

    • Stefan Markowitz

      Hi Robin,

      probably you have an error in the configuration. If there is wrong, then ipseccmd will do nothing at all. Did you type in the server subnet correctly? - It must be, not the short In the latter case nothing will happen!
      You could try the Debug-Release which shows you the ipseccmd parameters, and compare it to the debug output from Marcus Mueller's tool.

      Good luck


    • Robin Cornelius

      Robin Cornelius - 2006-01-18

      Ok, i must have made a mistake somewhere (possibly the netmask) I have TauVPN entries in the mmc/IPPolicies now. There is still something not quite right now as the ping is failing from TauVPN but not from the command prompt and skiping the ping did not help either.

      I will continue to have a play and see what is wrong.


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