#1239 Extend VPI and build scripts for SIMetrix cosimulation


Basic support in VPI for vpiPort objects and extended vpiParameter support.
Additions are enough to allow icarus to be used stand-alone without assistance from cver in cosimulation with
the SIMetrix SPICE/AMS simulator.

A patch adding a corresponding (positive) unit test to ivtest can be found under
'Test for Extend VPI for SIMetrix cosimulation'

The patch also adds configure option to compile for a 32-bit target on an x86_64 host.
Lots of small-volume commercial stuff (like icarus) is still only support in 32-bit.

Added: basic vpiPort VPI Objects for vpiModulkes
vpiDirection, vpiPortIndex, vpiName, vpiSize attributes
Added: vpiLocalParam attribute for vpiParameter VPI objects
Added: support build for 32-bit target on 64-bit host (--with-m32
option to configure.in and minor tweaks to Makefiles and systemc-vpi).


  • Stephen Williams

    It would have been better if the "build..." changes were in a separate patch, but that nit is not worth holding up the rest of the patch. In the future, try to keep separable changes in separate patches.

  • Stephen Williams

    Applied to git master.

  • Stephen Williams

    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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