#894 recv_vec4_pv(1'b0, 1, 1, 8) not implemented

Will Lyons

I get the following error message when running vvp:

"internal error: 12vvp_fun_muxz: recv_vec4_pv(1'b0, 1, 1, 8) not implemented
Assertion failed: 0, file ../../verilog-0.9.5/vvp/vvp_net.cc, line 2465

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information."

This looks similar to bugs 2121536, 1755629, and 1776485 which all are closed due to patches. I am running version 0.9.5 of Icarus.


  • Martin Whitaker

    Martin Whitaker - 2012-06-04

    I haven't been able to create a test case that exposes this bug. Can you provide one?

  • Will Lyons

    Will Lyons - 2012-06-05

    I'm not sure what the error actually means so I can't create a simple version that exhibits it. The project I am building that generated the error is proprietary and I'm not authorized to share it.

  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2012-06-05

    There are a number of ways to track this down, but they are a bit complicated. I'll help with that if needed. As a first step can you check to see if this works using the latest development snapshot or even better the latest development from git. The development branch is in general stable and can be used in a production environment. This method is implemented in development, but its use depends on the code generator. This type of error can be either a bug in the code generator or a missing method in the vvp program. Without test code we just don't know which one it is.

    The basics in debugging this is looking in the vvp code to find the functor (muxz) causing the problem. You would then need to determine which nets are connected to the functor and hopefully from this can divine the actual Verilog code that is causing the problem. It can get a bit more complicated than this but these are the basic steps.

  • Martin Whitaker

    Martin Whitaker - 2012-06-05

    My approach to generating a test case is to comment out code (using a binary chop algorithm) until I find the minimal amount of code that triggers the bug.

  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2012-06-11

    I sent Will a tar file with the latest development code compiled using the mingw-w63 32-bit compiler under cygwin and he reported that the code compiles and works correctly. Without example code I don't think there is much we can do with this report so it may be best to just close it as out of date.

  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2012-07-09
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2012-07-09

    I'm closing this as out of date.


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