#590 0'b0 crashes Icarus


In this statement:
dff_as st_r_00 (q_r[00], 0'b0, sBit, scl);

the 0'b0 crashes Icarus with:

Assertion failed: (idx < nbits_), function get, file verinum.cc, line 180.
sh: line 1: 19378 Done /opt/local/lib/ivl/ivlpp -L -D__ICARUS__=1 -f/var/folders/aQ/aQVmW3QGGvao3IJYdfwHC++++TI/-Tmp-//ivrlg13690fd0
19379 Abort trap | /opt/local/lib/ivl/ivl -C/var/folders/aQ/aQVmW3QGGvao3IJYdfwHC++++TI/-Tmp-//ivrlh13690fd0 -C/opt/local/lib/ivl/vvp.conf -- -


  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2008-12-08

    We certainly need a better message for this invalid syntax. I believe in 1364-2005 there are a few places where a 0 width constant is allowed, but this is certainly not one of them. 1364-2001 does not allow them at all.

  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2008-12-08

    You are using an old version of Icarus development. This line is now 357 not 180. Can you please provide a complete example and verify this with the latest development version (preferably from git, but the 11182008 snapshot would also be acceptable).

    The complete example does not need to have everything in your file, but enough to reproduce the problem is certainly better than a single line. I can guess about some of this to create an example, but I may not guess correctly. As a minimum we need the IO definition for dff_as_st_r_00 and the signals that connect to it(q_r, sBit and scl).

  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2008-12-09
    • milestone: --> 530321
  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2008-12-12
    • milestone: 530321 --> v0.9
  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2008-12-16
    • status: open --> pending
  • Cary R.

    Cary R. - 2008-12-16

    Since there has been no reply in over a week I'm marking this pending to clear it out of the active bugs list. If a reply is sent it will revert to the active list otherwise it will automatically close after some time.

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    • status: pending --> closed

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