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Iupiter 0.41 online

Iupiter 0.41 is online. Within the package there are three demos:
IupiterApplication - shows some Iupiter materials, two using OpenGL Shader Language
IupiterBumpDemo - the scene is full of bump mapping realized with the OpenGL Shader Language
IupiterStencilDemo - this demo uses stencil shadows to project shadows on the environment and, if available, uses two sided stencil buffer of ATI and NVIDIA GPUs... read more

Posted by Vifani 2006-08-08

Iupiter 0.4 released

Iupiter 0.4 with JApplication, a small materials demo application, is online!

Changes in this version:
-General code refactoring with new packages
-Improve memory allocation management
-Better support to OpenGL Shader Language
-New bump mapping and cartoon materials implemented via GLSL shaders and fixed pipeline
-New configuration application developed in SWT
-Many bugfixes with NVIDIA, ATI and Intel graphic processors
-Full support to DevIL library for texture loading
-Great performance improvement with stencil shadows: support for two sided stencil buffer, GLSL vertex shader hardware accelerated extrusion and near-clip volumes optimization to determine whether caps are necessary
-Added directional light support
-Added support to LWJGL 0.97 alpha
-Shapes 2D initial implementation: quads and circles
-Initial GUI support with buttons, events and listeners

Posted by Vifani 2005-06-24

Iupiter site online!

Hi guys, the site is online at the following link:

I anticipate you some new features implemented in the next version (0.4):
- new class design;
- new configuration SWT application;
- some optimizations about stencil shadows and view frustum culling;
- full support for DevIL library to loading all texture formats;
- new materials.

Posted by Vifani 2005-04-05

Iupiter 0.3 online

- Fixed picking and collision detection bugs
- Many fixes about NVIDIA graphic cards
- Added GLSL Vertex and Pixel Shaders and Shader Programs support
- New materials using Vertex and Pixel Shaders: Blinn and Phong shading
- Lighting system based on stencil shadows hardware accelerated
- Initial support for key-frame animation

Posted by Vifani 2005-02-28

Released Iupiter 0.2

Released Iupiter 0.2

Added render to texture
Added Dynamic Cube Environmental Map material
Some improvements and bugfixes

Posted by Vifani 2004-12-01

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