Iupiter 0.41 online

Iupiter 0.41 is online. Within the package there are three demos:
IupiterApplication - shows some Iupiter materials, two using OpenGL Shader Language
IupiterBumpDemo - the scene is full of bump mapping realized with the OpenGL Shader Language
IupiterStencilDemo - this demo uses stencil shadows to project shadows on the environment and, if available, uses two sided stencil buffer of ATI and NVIDIA GPUs

Changes in this version:
-Back to front transparency
-Support for DXTC1 e DXTC3 texture compression
-Support for SkyBox
-Refactoring of the lights (JSpotLight, JOmniLight e JDirectionalLight)
-New classes for general lights and materials with dispatch
-Support for point bill boarding
-Refactoring of transformations (JTransform)
-New 3DS parser
-Higher performance in collision detections
-Fixed a bug with stencil shadows and two sided stencil buffer on ATI GPUs
-General bug fixes and refactoring

Posted by Vifani 2006-08-08

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