Ok I'll try that, thanks for the info and the fix.

2014-02-25 19:45 GMT+01:00 Antonio Scuri <antonio.scuri@gmail.com>:



  I just fixed the following problem:


Fixed: first item in single selection IupTree was not showing that it is selected.


  This may have lead you to think that the node was not selected. Actually the SELECTED_CB callback is not being called because the node was already selected.


  After understanding a little more of what you were trying to accomplish I can say now that the SELECTED_CB callback is not the recommended way of dynamic filling the braches of a tree.


  You should use the BRANCHOPEN_CB callback. But that callback will not be called if there is no children on the branch. So you will also need to add a dummy item that will be removed once you actually fill the branch. This also solves another problem of your script that shows the unfilled branches as empty branches.