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iTunesRemote server 0.4.2

iTunesRemote server 0.4.2 is released, fixes problems with iTunes 7.1

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2007-06-21

iTunesRemote now has a Windows server

I've made a server application for Windows in C#. It requires .NET. It uses COM, and supports everything the latest Mac version (0.4.1) does.

There's also a new Windows client, also in C#, which now supports the new protocol.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2007-01-13

Server 0.4.1 and client 0.2.0, and web browser access

Both have been rewritten to not use the SmallSockets classes anymore, which date from 2001.

Server 0.4.0 allows web browser access, and fixes the Unicode bugs. Furthermore, when used with client 0.2.0 it uses a new string separator, '\n', which cannot be entered into iTunes song names and will therefore solve the problem where everything would go wrong if the separator appeared somewhere. Also, playlists are now selected by number instead of by name, so playlists with weird names will work now too.... read more

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2007-01-08

Linux client released

There is now a client for Linux (itunesremote-gtk). It uses GTK for its interface.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-08-20

Server 0.3 out, fixes comma bug

The "comma bug" is fixed in the newest release. The program is finally usable, now that commas in the data no longer cause misbehaviour in the server.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-07-22

Perl client

I have written an iTunesRemote client in Perl, which should run at least under all POSIX-complient OSes.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-07-02

iTunesRemote Server 0.2.7 released

iTunesRemote Server 0.2.7 has a menu extra which can be switched on or off with a menu. It's off by default.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-05-21

Windows client up to date.

The Windows client now supports playlists too.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-02-04

Server 0.2.6, OS X client 0.1.8

These provide support for playlists. The Windows version that support playlists is done, but SourceForge seems to have some problems with its FTP servers, so I was unable to release it.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-01-16

Server 0.2.5, client 0.1.7 released.

Today I released the iTunesRemote Server 0.2.5 and iTunesRemote 0.1.7. With iTunesRemote 0.1.7 it is possible to change the volume. This needs at least server 0.2.5.

Server 0.2.4 sometimes tried to use a disconnected socket, sometimes leading to problems and/or crashes and filling up your hard drive with log entries. This bug has been fixed.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-01-12

iTunesRemote Released

Server and clients are released on SourceForge. The software's already usable, although it still needs a lot of improvement. Also still needed: icons.

Posted by Marinus Oosters 2005-01-06

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