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Compulsory Custom fields not working properly

  • Jayadev

    Jayadev - 2013-09-21

    I have got 3 Custom Compulsory fields (which should not be blank values), it works properly when I am creating a new issue.

    But when I try to update any old data it doesn't works properly, even if I keep the custom field blanks it is able to update the data and also I want if anyone changes the custom filed data it should ask for the history as well

    Can anyone guide me in this regard



  • Marco

    Marco - 2013-09-21

    Can't reproduce this, on any case, validation of custom fields does work (trunk version).

  • Jayadev

    Jayadev - 2013-09-25

    I checked it but the validation is not working anyway I can handle it.. when I create a new issue it is working but when I try to update any previous issue and if I kept the custom field blank it doesn't work..

  • Marco

    Marco - 2013-09-25

    Can you reproduce this on a fresh trunk check-out, by running the application using 'mvn clean package tomcat7:run -Pitracker.tomcat7' ?


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