Making an IT++ Release

Bogdan Cristea

This page is meant for IT++ project administrators in order to make a new release on sourceforge site. The release steps are as follows:

  • make sure that the unit tests pass on all supported platforms (Linux, MacOS or Windows with Visual Studio, cygwin and mingw) and with all supported external libraries (BLAS, LAPACK, FFTW or ACML or MKL)

  • change the PACKAGE_VERSION string found in CMakeLists.txt and the IT++ library major, minor or patch numbers found in itpp/CMakeLists.txt (LIBITPP_VERSION_MAJOR, LIBITPP_VERSION_MINOR or LIBITPP_VERSION_PATCH)

  • commit you changes and make a new tag

git tag -a rA.B.C -m "your message"

where A, B and C are the major, minor and patch release numbers (see PACKAGE_VERSION). For example A.B.C might be 4.3.0

  • generate both itpp-A.B.C.tar.gz and itpp-A.B.C.tar.bz2 source archives using (from a source tree using git SCM):

git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=itpp-A.B.C/ HEAD >itpp-A.B.C.tar.gz
git archive --format=tar --prefix=itpp-A.B.C/ HEAD | bzip2 >itpp-A.B.C.tar.bz2

  • create a README file to be put next to the two source archives with all new features and modifications (see previous releases for an example)

  • generate both itpp-html-doc-A.B.C.tar.gz and itpp-html-doc-A.B.C.tar.bz2 html help archives from html folder created during compilation process. Assuming that you are in the build folder and the html help has been generated

cp -rf html/ itpp-html-doc-A.B.C
tar cvfz itpp-html-doc-A.B.C.tar.gz itpp-html-doc-A.B.C
tar cvfj itpp-html-doc-A.B.C.tar.bz2 itpp-html-doc-A.B.C

  • upload all five files in the Files section of the sourceforge site by creating first a folder A.B.C immediately under itpp and itpp-html-doc folders

  • after upload, make sure that itpp-A.B.C.tar.bz2 is the default download for the IT++ project (click in Information icon select all platforms and click Save)

  • upload the content of the html folder in the Project web space by following the instructions found at The html folder content should be uploaded in a folder named /home/project-web/itpp/htdocs/A.B.C

  • log in with sftp at and change the soft link found at /home/project-web/itpp/htdocs/devel to point at /home/project-web/itpp/htdocs/A.B.C previously created

  • change /home/project-web/itpp/htdocs/index.html file so that both URLs found in that file point to

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