IT++ 3.9.0-rc1 released

Release candidate 1 (rc1) of the upcomming IT++ 3.9.0 version
has been released.

A brief description of the recent changes can be found in the
release notes:

The source package with IT++ 3.9.0-rc1 release can be downloaded
using the following link:

If you spot any problems or errors in this release, please contact
IT++ developers.

IT++ is a library of mathematical, signal processing, speech processing,
and communications classes and functions. It has been developed by
researchers in these areas.

The kernel of the package are templated vector and matrix classes and lots
of functions for vectors and matrices. As such the kernel is similar to
the matlab functions.

In order to use all functionality provided in the IT++ library it is
required that FFTW, CBLAS (or ATLAS) and LAPACK libraries are installed on
your computer. Optionally an optimized Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) can
be used instead. It is possible to compile and use IT++ without FFTW,
ATLAS (or CBLAS) and LAPACK (or without MKL), but the functionality will
be reduced.

IT++ is released under the terms of the Gnu Public License (GPL).

Posted by Adam Piątyszek 2005-12-19

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