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2011-12-25  Bogdan Cristea <>

	* doc/tutorial/demapper_mimo.doc, doc/tutorial/,
	  doc/tutorial/src/, doc/tutorial/src/demapper_mimo.cpp,
	  itpp/comm/siso.h: added explanations about the overlap in
	  functionality between the SISO class and the Modulator_ND class.
	  Added an usage example for SISO demappers when using ST codes in
	  MIMO channels.

2011-11-25  Bogdan Cristea <>

	* itpp/base/vec.h: initialization of local variable in order to
	  close bug ID: 3425833

2011-11-20  Erik G. Larsson  <>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: New function for soft
	syndrome check calculation in the LDPC class

2011-11-20  Erik G. Larsson  <>

	* itpp/comm/error_counters.h, itpp/comm/error_counters.cpp: Minor
	feature enhancement in the error counter classes

2011-11-06  Bogdan Cristea <>

        * itpp/comm/siso_dem.cpp: corrected Alamouti_maxlogMAP. Thanks to
	tytusz for pointing this bug

2011-09-15   Erik G. Larsson  <>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp: Fixed assertion in
	GF2mat_sparse_alist::read().  This closes bug report #3408884.
	Thanks to Laurent Schmalen for providing the patch.

2011-06-02   Erik G. Larsson  <>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Added the possibility to
	disable integrity checking when initiating an LDPC code. This
	closes feature request #3309430.  Thanks to Laurent Schmalen for
	providing the patch.

2011-05-19   Erik G. Larsson  <>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Fixed a bug in the LDPC decoder, that occurs
	in the special case of a lonely variable node (i.e. a variable
	node that is connected to only one check node) in the LDPC
	decoder. The incoming C->V message was missing in the outgoing LLR
	value. This special case is very rare but apparently occurs for
	some codes in the DVB-T2 standard.  We thank Gorka Agujeta and
	Daniel Ansorregui for pointing out this error.

2011-05-05  Bogdan Cristea  <>

        * itpp/comm/convcode.cpp, tests/convcode_test.cpp,
	  fixed bug ID 3297666. Thanks Stephan Ludwig for providing the patch

2011-04-13  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* itpp/base/operators.h, tests/,
	  tests/operators_test.cpp, tests/operators_test.ref: corrected bug
	  with ID 3180562

2011-02-27  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* itpp/comm/stc.cpp, itpp/comm/stc.h, tests/stc_test.cpp,
	  tests/stc_test.ref: changed STC interface, added error checking
	  using it_assert()

2011-02-21  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* itpp/comm/stc.cpp, itpp/comm/stc.h, tests/stc_test.cpp: added
	  more error checking on input parameters

2011-02-20  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* tests/stc_test.cpp, win32/itpp_acml_tests/itpp_acml_tests.sln,
	  win32/itpp_mkl.sln, win32/itpp_mkl_tests/itpp_mkl_tests.sln:
	  added tests for Visual Studio projects, corrected minor error in

2011-02-20  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* itpp/comm/stc.cpp, itpp/comm/stc.h, tests/,
	  tests/stc_test.cpp, tests/stc_test.ref: Corrected error in STC
	  class when generating V-BLAST code. Simplified STC interface.
	  Added test file for STC class.

2011-02-17  Robert Orzechowski  <>
	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp: 
	  get_symbols() return symbols without additional 0.0 symbol.
	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, 
	  itpp/comm/modulator.h: added few getters to have similar 
	  ND_UQAM class usage as QAM class (both can be used with 
	  SISO class since now).

2011-01-09  Robert Orzechowski  <>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp: added 
	  set_constellation_points method to ND_UQAM modulator class.
2011-01-01  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* doc/local/linking.doc, doc/tutorial/pccc_bersim_awgn.doc: added
	  help for pyitpp module

2011-01-01  Bogdan Cristea  <>

	* extras/, extras/gen_test_itload.cpp, extras/,
	  extras/, extras/ added pyitpp module
	  providing itload() function for python, similar to MATLAB