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2006-12-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h,
	itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h: Improved the consistency of
	alloc(), free() and set_size() methods in Array, Mat and Vec
	classes. Further cosmetic changes of separating class interfaces
	from their implementation in these base classes.

2006-12-29  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h: Cosmetic changes in order to separate class
	interfaces from implementation. BTW, private init() function
	replaced with initialisation list.

	* doc/Makefile.am, itpp/base/algebra/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/algebra/sources.mk, itpp/base/bessel/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/bessel/sources.mk: Removed "lapack.h" and
	"bessel_internal.h" from the list of installed headers. BTW,
	cleaned up the dependency list in the documentation Makefile.

2006-12-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.cpp, itpp/base/random.h, tests/bch_test.ref,
	tests/channel_test.ref, tests/cholesky_test.ref,
	tests/circular_buffer_test.ref, tests/convcode_test.ref,
	tests/det_test.ref, tests/eigen_test.ref, tests/fastica_test.ref,
	tests/filter_design_test.ref, tests/filter_test.ref,
	tests/histogram_test.ref, tests/interleaver_test.ref,
	tests/inv_test.ref, tests/ls_solve_test.ref, tests/lu_test.ref,
	tests/matfunc_test.ref, tests/mat_test.ref,
	tests/modulator_nd_test.ref, tests/modulator_test.ref,
	tests/poly_test.ref, tests/pulse_shape_test.ref,
	tests/qr_test.ref, tests/rand_test.ref,
	tests/reedsolomon_test.ref, tests/schur_test.ref,
	tests/sigfun_test.ref, tests/source_test.ref,
	tests/sparse_test.ref, tests/stat_test.ref, tests/svd_test.ref,
	tests/transforms_test.ref, tests/turbo_test.ref,
	tests/vec_test.ref, TODO: Updated Mersenne Twister random number
	generator sources to the latest version 1.0 published by Richard
	J. Wagner on 15th May, 2003.

	* configure.ac: Minor fix in CXXFLAGS_DEBUG settings.

	* doc/local/installation.doc, INSTALL: Minor documentation update.

	* itpp/base/math/min_max.h, itpp/base/math/sources.mk,
	itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	itpp/itbase.h, itpp/itstat.h, itpp/protocol/packet_channel.cpp,
	itpp/signal/fastica.cpp, itpp/signal/freq_filt.h,
	itpp/srccode/vqtrain.cpp, itpp/stat/misc_stat.h,
	itpp/stat/sources.mk: Minimum and maximum functions moved back to
	the "base" module, because they are widely used in all modules.

2006-12-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/bessel/hyperg.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/iv.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/struve.cpp,
	itpp/base/matfunc.h, itpp/base/math/elem_math.cpp,
	itpp/base/math/elem_math.h, itpp/base/math/error.cpp,
	itpp/base/math/integration.cpp, itpp/base/math/sources.mk,
	itpp/base/random.cpp, itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/specmat.cpp,
	itpp/comm/channel.h, itpp/comm/modulator.cpp,
	itpp/comm/modulator.h, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, itpp/itbase.h,
	itpp/signal/filter_design.cpp, itpp/signal/freq_filt.cpp,
	itpp/signal/freq_filt.h, itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp,
	itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/srccode/gmm.cpp,
	itpp/stat/misc_stat.h: Moved elementary mathematical functions
	into the "math" group under the "base" module.

	* itpp/srccode/pnm.cpp, itpp/srccode/pnm.h: Exception handling
	commands replaced with "it_error()" macros.

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/itassert.cpp: Added GCC specific
	"-fno-exceptions" flag to CXXFLAGS_OPT and CXXFLAGS_DEBUG when
	"--enable-exceptions" is not used.

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/specmat.cpp,
	itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/convcode.cpp,
	itpp/comm/modulator.h, itpp/comm/spread.cpp,
	itpp/fixed/fix_base.h, itpp/itbase.h, itpp/itstat.h,
	itpp/Makefile.am, itpp/optim/newton_search.cpp,
	itpp/protocol/packet_channel.cpp, itpp/signal/fastica.cpp,
	itpp/signal/freq_filt.h, itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp, itpp/sources.mk,
	itpp/srccode/lpcfunc.cpp, itpp/srccode/vqtrain.cpp,
	itpp/stat/histogram.h, itpp/stat/min_max.h,
	itpp/stat/misc_stat.cpp, itpp/stat/misc_stat.h,
	itpp/stat/sources.mk, tests/cholesky_test.cpp, tests/det_test.cpp,
	tests/eigen_test.cpp, tests/lu_test.cpp, tests/Makefile.am,
	tests/matfunc_test.cpp, tests/qr_test.cpp, tests/rand_test.cpp,
	tests/schur_test.cpp, tests/source_test.cpp, tests/stat_test.cpp,
	tests/svd_test.cpp: Moved the rest of statistical routines from
	"base/stat.*" to the "stat" module. Because these functions are
	commonly used in all other mudules, the "stat" module is now
	compulsory as the "base" one.

2006-12-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Fixed a minor problem in merging process
	of tap Doppler spectra. BTW, improved the related conditional
	warning messages.

	* configure.ac: Updated version numbers.

2006-12-20  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/mog.cpp, itpp/itstat.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_generic.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_diag.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag.h, itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.h:
	Added wrapper functions for training MOG models,
	simplified header files and updated associated documentation.

2006-12-19  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/math/integration.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp,
	itpp/signal/fastica.cpp, itpp/signal/filter_design.cpp, poly.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp: Fixed include statement

2006-12-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>
2006-12-19  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, doc/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/binfile.cpp,
	itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h,
	itpp/base/Makefile.am, itpp/base/matfunc.h, itpp/base/mat.h,
	itpp/base/math/error.cpp, itpp/base/math/error.h,
	itpp/base/math/integration.cpp, itpp/base/math/integration.h,
	itpp/base/math/log_exp.h, itpp/base/math/misc.cpp,
	itpp/base/math/misc.h, itpp/base/math/sources.mk,
	itpp/base/math/trig_hyp.h, itpp/base/sources.mk,
	itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/comm/channel.cpp,
	itpp/comm/galois.cpp, itpp/comm/hammcode.cpp,
	itpp/comm/modulator.h, itpp/comm/pulse_shape.h,
	itpp/comm/reedsolomon.cpp, itpp/comm/sequence.cpp, itpp/itbase.h,
	itpp/itcomm.h, itpp/signal/fastica.cpp, itpp/signal/filter.cpp,
	itpp/signal/filter_design.cpp, itpp/srccode/audiofile.h,
	itpp/srccode/vq.h, itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_generic.h: Various math
	functions grouped in a new "Basic and Miscellaneous Functions"
	module in the "base/math" sub-directory. BTW, renamed
	"logexpfunc.h" to "log_exp.h", "trihypfunc.h" to "trig_hyp.h" and
	"errorfunc.*" to "error.*".

2006-12-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h,
	itpp/comm/pulse_shape.cpp, itpp/comm/pulse_shape.h, itpp/itbase.h,
	itpp/itsignal.h, itpp/signal/fastica.cpp, itpp/signal/fastica.h,
	itpp/signal/resampling.cpp, itpp/signal/resampling.h,
	itpp/signal/sources.mk: Resampling and interpolation functions
	moved to the "signal processing" module.

2006-12-18  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itbase.h, itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/base/mat.h: Minor documentation changes to allow
	the array class to be visible from the Modules section.

	* itpp/stat/mog_generic.h, itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag.h: Minor changes to allow default values
	in initialisation functions.

2006-12-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/stat.cpp: Fixed minor bugs
	related to a wrong "#include" target.

2006-12-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itbase.h, itpp/itcomm.h, itpp/itfixed.h, itpp/itmex.h,
	itpp/itoptim.h, itpp/itprotocol.h, itpp/itsignal.h,
	itpp/itsrccode.h, itpp/itstat.h: Fixed Doxygen's grouping problems
	of hierarchical modules.

	* configure.ac, doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, doc/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/algebra/cholesky.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/cholesky.h,
	itpp/base/algebra/det.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/det.h,
	itpp/base/algebra/eigen.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/eigen.h,
	itpp/base/algebra/inv.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/inv.h,
	itpp/base/algebra/lapack.h, itpp/base/algebra/ls_solve.cpp,
	itpp/base/algebra/ls_solve.h, itpp/base/algebra/lu.cpp,
	itpp/base/algebra/lu.h, itpp/base/algebra/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/algebra/qr.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/qr.h,
	itpp/base/algebra/schur.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/schur.h,
	itpp/base/algebra/sources.mk, itpp/base/algebra/svd.cpp,
	itpp/base/algebra/svd.h, itpp/base/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/itbase.h: Linear algebra related
	functions (LAPACK dependent) grouped in a new "algebra"
	subdirectory in the "base" module.

2006-12-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/source.cpp, itpp/base/source.h, itpp/base/sources.mk,
	itpp/itbase.h, itpp/itsignal.h, itpp/signal/source.cpp,
	itpp/signal/source.h, itpp/signal/sources.mk, tests/Makefile.am,
	tests/source_test.cpp: Moved deterministic sources classes from
	the "Base" module into the "Signal Processing" module.

	* configure.ac, doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, doc/Makefile.am,
	itpp/base/newton_search.cpp, itpp/base/newton_search.h,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/itbase.h, itpp/itoptim.h,
	itpp/Makefile.am, itpp/optim, itpp/optim/Makefile.am,
	itpp/optim/newton_search.cpp, itpp/optim/newton_search.h,
	itpp/optim/sources.mk, itpp/sources.mk, tests/Makefile.am,
	tests/newton_search_test.cpp: Created a new "Numerical
	Optimizations" module ("optim") and moved there the Newton Search
	algorithm sources from the base module.

2006-12-13  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itbase.h, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.h:
	Small changes to the documentation to allow the
	vector and matrix classes to be visible from the
	Modules section (helps new users)

2006-12-12  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp: Added vector versions
	of elem_mult_inplace(), elem_mult_out(), elem_div_out(),
	elem_mult_sum() and elem_div_sum().
	See the 2006-12-07 entry by Conrad for more information.

2006-12-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/signal/transforms.h: Minor
	documentation fixes.

2006-12-07  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/base/smat.h:
	documentation update

	* itpp/base/svec.h: minor fix in + operator

2006-12-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h,
	itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h,
	itpp/base/errorfunc.cpp, itpp/base/errorfunc.h,
	itpp/base/itmisc.h, itpp/base/operators.h, itpp/config_msvc.h:
	Added some missing function checks to configure.ac, which should
	improve the portability of the library on various platforms.

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, tests/channel_test.ref: Fixed a bug that
	resulted in different output samples of the IFFT fading generator
	on SPARC Solaris using GCC 3.4.5, than the ones obtained in other
	enviroments. The problem was probably caused by a different order
	of calculating the random arguments of the concat() function. Do
	not know if this is a bug of GCC for Solaris, or it is not fully
	specified behaviour in C/C++ standards.

2006-12-07  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/mat.cpp: Added elem_mult_inplace(),
	elem_mult_out(), elem_div_out(), elem_mult_sum() and elem_div_sum().
	elem_mult_inplace() is a fast version of B = elem_mult(A,B).
	elem_mult_out() and elem_div_out(): element-wise multiplication
	and division of matrices, respectively, with the result stored
	in a matrix given as an argument.
	elem_mult_sum() and elem_div_sum(): element-wise multiplication
	and division of matrices, followed by summation of the resultant

	* itpp/base/matfunc.h, itpp/base/matfunc.cpp: Added sumsum(),
	which is a fast version of sum(sum(A)) (i.e. calculates the
	total of all elements in a matrix).

	* itpp/stat/mog_diag.h: Fixed a small typo.

2006-12-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: Conrad Sanderson added to the
	list of developers.

2006-12-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itmisc.h, itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_generic.h, itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.h, itpp/stat/mog_diag.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.h: Fixes in MOG classes related to
	compilation errors under Cygwin, Solaris and MSVC++ .NET. Thanks
	to Conrad Sanderson for providing patches.

	* configure.ac, itpp/config_msvc.h, itpp/base/bessel.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/struve.cpp:
	Configuration changes related to MSVC++ .NET differences.

	* win32/itpp.vcproj: Include recently created statistics module


2006-12-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.7 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-7)
	(merged rev. 725:729 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* NEWS, TODO: Updated to reflect recent changes.
	(merged rev. 725:729 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* config/acx_blas.m4: Fixed a problem with detection of the ACML
	library on 64-bit platforms.
	(merged rev. 725:729 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

2006-12-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/index.doc.in: Updated SVN repository and bug tracker
	(merged rev. 725:729 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

2006-12-02  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.*: changed short -> int

2006-11-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itfixed.h, itpp/fixed/cfix.h, itpp/fixed/fixed.h,
	itpp/fixed/cfixed.h, itpp/fixed/fix_factory.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_functions.h, itpp/fixed/fix_base.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_operators.h, itpp/fixed/fix.h,
	itpp/protocol/packet_channel.h, itpp/protocol/events.h,
	itpp/protocol/packet.h, itpp/protocol/tcp_client_server.h,
	itpp/protocol/selective_repeat.h, itpp/protocol/signals_slots.h,
	itpp/protocol/tcp.h: Fixed and improved Doxygen documentation

	* tests/stat_test.ref, tests/histogram_test.cpp,
	tests/stat_test.cpp, tests/histogram_test.ref, tests/Makefile.am,
	itpp/itstat.h, itpp/base/stat.h, itpp/stat/histogram.h,
	itpp/stat/sources.mk: Histogram class moved to the statistics

2006-11-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, doc/tutorial/mog.doc, doc/tutorial/src/sources.mk,
	doc/tutorial/src/mog.cpp, doc/tutorial/sources.mk,
	doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc, doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in,
	doc/Makefile.am, itpp/sources.mk, itpp/itstat.h, itpp/Makefile.am,
	itpp/stat, itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_generic.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.cpp, itpp/stat/mog_diag.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.cpp, itpp/stat/Makefile.am,
	itpp/stat/sources.mk, itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag.h, itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.h: Created a new
	"Statistics" module, which contains an initial set of Mixture of
	Gaussians (MOG) classes written by Conrad Sanderson.

2006-11-26  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.*: Minor code readability and
	efficiency improvements

2006-11-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/srccode/gmm.h: Fixed bug [1570388] by adding a warning
	message to `get_no_mixtures()' function saying that it is
	deprecated and that `get_no_gaussians()' should be used instead
	(merged rev. 713:714 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Fixed default initialisations and checks
	in particular fading related methods (set_no_frequencies(),
	set_filter_length(), etc.).
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-11-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Removed wrong and unnecessary checks for
	positive time offsets.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-11-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.h: Minor documentation changes.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: The channel
	discretization function improved and moved to the TDL_Channel
	class. An additional parameter `sampling_time' is required when
	setting the channel profile using the Channel_Specification
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Simplified GaussI and GaussII Doppler
	spectra calculations.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-11-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: Improved interface
	for setting various fading parameters in Channel_Specification and
	TDL_Channel classes. Relative Doppler is set to 0.7 by default,
	when only relative power (Rice factors) is specified. BTW, the
	documentation was revised.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, tests/channel_test.ref: Fixed a bug in
	LOS process generation in the Independent and Static fading
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* tests/channel_test.cpp, tests/channel_test.ref,
	itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h, tests/Makefile.am:
	Fading generators inheritance model redesigned. Now there are
	three types of fading: Independent, Static and Correlated. The
	Correlated fading can be generated using Rice (MEDS), FIR or IFFT
	methods. A basic test program of channel classes added.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-11-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: A set of new
	features and improvements added:
	- `Rice' keyword removed from the DOPPLER_SPECTRUM enum; `Jakes'
	  or `Classic' should be used instead.
	- Explicit selection of a fading type implemented. When fading_type
	  is equal to `Correlated', non-zero normalised Doppler needs to be
	  specified. The default fading type is set to `Independent'.
	- Better implementation of independent fading generator.
	- Added missing initialisations of time_offset in FIR and IFFT
	  fading generators.
	- Removed the `decimation_factor' parameter, since its use was bad
	  in a few places.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp: To avoid code duplication, the
	local `com_logmap()' function replaced with its safer
	implementation `log_add()' from "itpp/base/logexpfunc.h". Thanks
	to Erik G. Larsson for pointing this out.

2006-11-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, configure.ac, doc/local/authors.doc,
	itpp/base/logexpfunc.h, itpp/config_msvc.h: New `log_add()'
	function implemented, which calculates safely the following
	expression: log(exp(log_a) + exp(log_b)). Thanks to Conrad
	Sanderson for his patches.

2006-10-31  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: Developers Thomas Lemaire and
	Anders Persson retired.

	* doc/local/index.doc.in, doc/local/itpp_footer.html,
	doc/local/itpp_header.html: Main documentation page layout
	redesigned (should look better in higher resolutions).

2006-10-24  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/logexpfunc.h,
	itpp/base/matfunc.h, itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.cpp,
	itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp,
	itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/srccode/vq.h,
	tests/convcode_test.cpp: Function `needed_bits()' marked as
	deprecated, because its name was a bit misleading (see bug
	[1480535]). Instead of it the following two functions were added:
	`int2bits()' and `levels2bits()'. The first one returns the number
	of beed required for representing an unsigned integer, e.g.
	"int2bits(0) = 1", "int2bits(2) = 2". The latter one returns the
	number of bits to code a certain, positive number of values
	(levels). For example: "levels2bits(1) = 1", "levels2bits(2) = 1".

2006-10-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc, doc/local/installation.doc,
	INSTALL: Documentation improvements and author list update.

	* configure.ac: Building of the static library disabled for
	systems that support shared libraries.

	* configure.ac, itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Cleaned up the
	detected library flags necessary to link with static libraries.

2006-10-17  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/mimoconv.cpp: Fixed minor bug in tutorial

2006-10-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Readded init_flag resets, which have been
	removed by mistake.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-10-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* ChangeLog, ChangeLog-2005, NEWS, NEWS-3.9, Makefile.am:
	ChangeLog and NEWS files split according to dates and versions.


2006-10-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.6 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-6)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes (merged rev. 679:681
	from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/Makefile.am: Fixed bug [1576333]. The problem with
	undefined non-weak symbols has been solved according to the
	solution from Section 7.3.5 "Libtool Convenience Libraries" of
	automake manual. Thanks to Ed Hill for reporting this bug and his
	work on RPM package for Fedora Core (merged rev. 676:677 from
	itpp-3-10 branch).

2006-10-14  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/mimoconv.doc: Improvement to tutorial example

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Minor update

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.*, tests/modulator_nd_test.*: Fixed an
	error in ND_UQAM

2006-10-13  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/mimoconv.doc: Update to reflect the change in
	LLR convention.

2006-10-12  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/llr.h, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.*: Changed the
	definition of LLRs from log(P(b=1)/P(b=0)) to log(P(b=0)/P(b=1))
	in the LLR and Modulator_ND classes. This was done to conform to
	the conventions in the scalar modulator class. (Note the interface

	* doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc, doc/tutorial/mimoconv.doc,
	doc/tutorial/src/mimoconv.cpp: Added first version of new MIMO

2006-10-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.h: Additional check added to prevent
	improper initialisation of symbols and bit2symbols in the
	Modulator class. This fix is related to bug [1572807].

2006-10-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itassert.cpp, itpp/base/itassert.h: Implemented
	feature request [1569867]. Now, it_assert(), it_warning() and
	it_error() functions can use stream operators like `<<' or
	`std::endl' in a concatenation with strings, e.g.
	`it_error("Wrong value x = " << oct << x)'. Thanks to George
	Jongren for submitting a patch.

2006-09-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Removed redundant concat() functions in
	Gauss Doppler spectra's initialisation.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: Implemented missing
	"Gauss I" and "Gauss II" Doppler spectra required by a few COST207
	channel models. These Gaussian spectra are only available in the
	Rice_Fading_Generator class
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-09-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: Added additional
	assertion checks for undersampled cases in Channel_Specification's
	discretize() function. It is now possible to discretize the
	channel with too low sampling frequency, but only if all taps
	except the first one use the default Jakes Doppler spectrum and
	has no LOS (Rice) parameters.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: Fixed improper
	initialisation of los_power and los_dopp variables in TDL_Channel
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-09-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: Implemented
	exponential channel profile generation function. Cleaned up the
	interface of various fading generator classes:
	- only one generate() function with additional default parameter
	decimation_factor (instead of misleading name upsampling_factor)
	- implemented add_LOS() function in the base class, which is
	reused by the child classes
	- global jake_filter() function moved into FIR_Fading_Generator
	- all get_*() functions changed to the const ones
	- base class `init_flag' is now set in the initialisation list of
	the constructor.
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-09-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h:
	Channel_Specification and TDL_Channel classes extended with
	support of LOS (Rice) fading for any tap. Doppler spectrum of type
	`Rice' is now merged with `Jakes' or `Classic', since the
	generation method is the same. To obtain `Rice' spectrum
	relative_power and relative_doppler needs to be defined for a
	certain tap(s).
	(merged rev. 657:716 from the channel-update branch)

2006-09-03  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/matlab_itpp.doc: Expanded the Matlab/IT++
	conversion table.

2006-09-02  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforget.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.h, modulator_nd.h, modulator_nd.cpp:
	Documentation update and improvement of range checking in

2006-09-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.am: Added new `snapshot', `snapshot-src' and
	`snapshot-html' targets for automatic creation of snapshot
	distribution packages.

2006-08-31  Tony Ottosson  <tonyottosson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/itfile.doc: Fixed small documentation bug.

2006-08-24  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/svec.h: Fixed bug [1545798]. Sparse vectors are now
	correctly compared using `==' operator. Thanks to Timo for
	reporting this bug.

2006-08-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h: Added simplified
	versions of demodulate_soft_bits() functions to the QPSK modulator
	class. This gave about 40% improvement in the demodulation

2006-08-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.h, tests/modulator_test.cpp: Added
	deprecated demodulate_soft_bits_approx() functions with a warning
	message for backward compatibility reasons. Besides, the default
	soft demodulation method of demodulate_soft_bits() functions is
	now log-MAP.

2006-08-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp: Fixed bug [1542064]. The problem was that
	the index in the tap_doppler_spectrum array in the
	TDL_Channel::init() function could go out of bounds, if the
	TDL_Channel class was used with two different channel profile
	lengths. Thanks to Jordy Potman for reporting this bug and
	providing a patch with a solution (merged rev. 645:646 from
	itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	tests/modulator_test.cpp: Further redesign of 1D and 2D modulator
	classes. From now, there is only one templated base class
	Modulator, which can handle 1D (real) and 2D (complex)
	constellations. BPSK and PAM modulators are split into:
	BPSK_c/PAM_c classes which use complex valued interface but only
	real part of the signal is used, and BPSK/PAM classes that have
	real valued interface. Besides, demodulate_soft_bits() functions
	use additional parameter "method" to switch between Log-MAP or
	approximate demodulation algorithm.

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h: Reverted the
	previous interface of binomial functions. "double binom()" defined
	for higher range of calculated results.

2006-08-19  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/egolay.cpp: Included "converters.h".

2006-08-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/egolay.cpp: Minor fix - "(int)floor()" replaced with

2006-08-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h,
	itpp/base/itmisc.cpp, itpp/base/itmisc.h: Fixed bug [1542482]. Now
	binom(n, k) works properly. "double binom(int, int)" was
	redundant, because the result of this function was always
	integral. Therefore it was replaced with "int binom(int, int)".
	BTW, moved fact(), binom(), log_binom() and gcd() functions from
	itmisc.{cpp,h} to elmatfunc.{cpp,h}.

2006-08-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/modulator_test.cpp, tests/modulator_test.ref: Updated
	tests of 1D and 2D modulators due to the recent redesign of these

	* doc/local/index.doc.in: Minor fix ("CVS" -> "SVN") (merged rev.
	633:634 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in: Include files and file list now contain
	a relative path.

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	tests/modulator_test.cpp, tests/modulator_test.ref,
	tests/pulse_shape_test.ref: Major redesign of one- and
	two-dimensional modulator classes. Modulator_2D is now a base
	class for QAM, PSK and PAM modulators. Moreover, QPSK and PSK
	inherits from the PSK class. Please note that input signal for
	Modulator_2D has now slightly different meaning. BTW, improper
	definition of QPSK constellation is fixed (it was in fact 4-QAM
	modulator previously).

	* itpp/comm/bch.cpp, itpp/comm/egolay.cpp: Added missing include

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, doc/local/itpp_header.html: Minor fixes
	in Doxygen config file.

2006-08-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* TODO: Updated to reflect recent changes.


2006-08-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.5 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-5)

	* doc/local/index.doc.in, README: Updated reference documentation
	index page (merged rev. 617:621 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes (merged rev. 617:621
	from itpp-3-10 branch).

2006-08-12  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.{cpp,h}, itpp/comm/llr.{cpp,h},
	tests/modulator_nd_test.ref, tests/llr_test.ref: Documentation
	updates and cosmetic changes.

2006-08-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated with Windows tests (merged
	rev. 612:613 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/base/parser.cpp: Minor fix of uninitialised bool variable.

	* itpp/base/itmisc.h, itpp/base/random.h: Replaced deprecated
	hypot(x, y) function with std::sqrt(x*x + y*y) calculation. BTW,
	macro definition M_2PI replaced with a global constant m_2pi.

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h: Fixed a minor problem of
	uninitialised matrix elements, when parsing values from a string

	* itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp: Fixed bug [1538210], caused by
	uninitialised variable `m2' used for covariance calculation.
	Thanks to Max Moorkamp for reporting this bug.

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	tests/modulator_test.ref: Further cosmetic changes and minor fixes
	in QPSK, PSK and QAM modulator classes. Use the new trunc_log()
	function when calculating log-likelihood ratio. Reference data for
	test program updated accordingly.

2006-08-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h: Minor fixes in
	BPSK and PAM modulator classes. Now use the new trunc_log()
	function when calculating log-likelihood ratio.

2006-08-10  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp: Now use the new trunc_exp()
	and trunc_log() functions instead of macros.

2006-08-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h: Modulator_1d and
	Modulator_2d classes revised with respect to bug [1456235]. The
	precision problems for high SNR have been solved by using the
	trunc_log() function recently defined in "logexpfunc.h" file.
	Thanks to Erik for his help in solving this problem. This fix
	closes the bug report [1456235].

	* itpp/base/logexpfunc.h: Added special truncated versions of
	log() and exp() functions, which might be used instead of the
	macros in modulator.cpp and rec_syst_conv_code.cpp (more stable
	and portable solution). These functions check if floating-point
	arithmetic is conforming to IEC 559 standard. If not, standard
	log()/exp() functions are used.

2006-08-09  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp: Changed functions into macros
	to handle truncation of argument of exp() and log().

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h: Documentation
	updates and polishing of code.

2006-08-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, doc/Makefile.am, Makefile.am: Added `upload',
	`upload-src' and `upload-html' targets for automatic upload
	tarballs into SourceForge ftp server.

2006-08-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/parser.cpp: Fixed a minor bug in get<int>() function
	caused by too early execution of it_assert() check function.

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp: Fixed a
	minor bug in string parsing functions that prevented
	initialisation of a vector/matrix with an empty string "".

2006-08-08  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp, itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.h:
	Added floating point range tests when using exponential and
	logarithm functions to avoid numerical errors at high SNR in
	map_decode(), to address bug [1088420]. Updated documentation to
	suggest that the QLLR based decoders are used instead for maximum
	runtime efficiency and numerical stability.

2006-08-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/array.h, tests/array_test.cpp, tests/array_test.ref:
	Added new constructors and operator `=' which use string literals
	for Array initialisation. There is no need to use `set_array()'
	function any more. Test program improved as well. Source code of
	"array.h" beautified by the way.

	* tests/vec_test.cpp: Fixed improper file description.

	* tests/parser_test.cpp: Fixed minor compilation problem caused by
	passing C-style string as an argument of init(std::string)


2006-08-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.4 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-4)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes (merged rev. 579:581
	from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/base/bessel.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/struve.cpp, itpp/base/random.h,
	itpp/protocol/tcp.cpp: Removed most of the "#pragma warning"
	statements needed by MSVC++ .NET compiler (merged rev. 577:578
	from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* win32/itpp.vcproj: Added _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE and
	_CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE definitions that disable warnings on
	some deprecated C standard library and POSIX-compilant functions
	(merged rev. 577:578 from itpp-3-10 branch).

2006-08-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/parser.cpp, itpp/base/parser.h, tests/parser_test.cpp,
	tests/parser_test_data.txt: Added support for decimal, hexadecimal
	and octal notation in get_int() and get(int) parser functions.
	Also support added for "true" and "false" strings in get_bool()
	and get(bool) functions.

2006-08-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Updated installation manual using
	MSVC++ with MKL.

2006-08-03  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/signal/transforms.*: Documentation update to comment on the
	the issues with memory alignment for FFTW (cf. bug/feature request

2006-08-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.cpp: Changed the way "a:b:c" format is parsed when
	(b = 0) and (a = c). Now it returns "a". Thanks to Erik for
	finding this bug (merged rev. 556:566 from a temporary sandbox

2006-08-03  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.h: Documentation update (fixes bug

2006-07-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/rec_syst_conv_code_test.cpp,
	tests/rec_syst_conv_code_test.ref: Fixed a minor bug in the RSC
	code test program. The generator polynomials were initialised with
	a string using octal notation, which is not supported by Vec<>
	parser yet.

	* itpp/base/parser.cpp: Minor change in findname() function to
	adapt the parser to recent changes in Vec and Mat classes. Now
	fields in a temporary parsed string are separated with spaces
	instead of commas (merged rev. 556:566 from a temporary sandbox

	* tests/mat_test.cpp, tests/mat_test.ref, tests/vec_test.cpp,
	tests/vec_test.ref: Added vector and matrix initialisation tests
	with strings (merged rev. 556:566 from a temporary sandbox

2006-07-25  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h (merged rev. 556:566 from a temporary sandbox

	New functions for initialising vectors and matrices from strings
	implemented. Main features of the improved parser are as follows:

	- Decimal, octal and hexadecimal notation support according to
	C/C++ conventions, i.e. octal number starts with `0' (e.g. `0133',
	`077'), decimal number starts with `1-9' or is a single `0' digit,
	hexadecimal number starts with `0x' or `0X' prefix and has at
	least one `0-9', `a-f'or `A-F' digit after (e.g. 0xFF, 0x0,
	0x070). Various representations can be mixed in one string.

	- Signed numbers supported, i.e. with `+', `-' or nothing in
	front, e.g. `-1000', `+0133', `-0x1'

	- Vector values can be separated with spaces ` ', tabs `\t' or
	comma `,', e.g. " -1 22, 47 0x5, 077"

	- Matlab's "a:b" or "a:b:c" notation for both increasing and
	decreasing values supported, e.g. "0:2:10", "-9:-18", "4:-1:0",

	- Matrix rows separated with a single semicolon `;'

	- Detection of syntax errors during parsing

2006-07-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL: Updated to reflect recent changes in installation.doc.

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Installation documentation updted
	according to the recent changes in fortran compiler detection.

	* configure.ac: Added explicit check for a fortran compiler. If
	not found, BLAS, CBLAS and LAPACK are not checked. BTW, obsolete
	AC_HELP_STRING macros replaced with AS_HELP_STRING.

2006-07-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h: Minor fixes of a few
	wrong template declarations, which caused warnings and errors
	under MSVC++ .NET compiler.

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Updated installation document - the
	section about using MSVC++ .NET compiler and Intel MKL external

	* itpp/Makefile.am, itpp/sources.mk: Fixed Makefiles so the
	generated `config.h' file is not distributed.

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h: Added a dirty
	hack for MSVC++ .NET compilation problems of vector and matrix
	based conj() function. MSVC++ .NET crashed without this hack.

2006-07-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* win32/itpp.vcproj: Updated source and header file lists in the

	* win32/Makefile.am, Makefile.am, configure.ac: Added and updated
	Makefiles and configuration script (merged rev. 539:541 from
	itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp.sln, itpp.vcproj: Moved MSVC++ .NET project files into
	win32 subdirectory. Removed project files for MSVC++ 2003 .NET
	(merged	rev. 539:541 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/base/itassert.cpp: Conversion from integer to std::string
	implemented in pure C++ by using std::stringstream class (merged
	rev. 536:538 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/base/itfile.h: Fixed a minor problem with overloaded virtual
	function open() (merged	rev. 536:538 from itpp-3-10 branch).

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	itpp/base/newton_search.cpp: Minor cleanup fixes of warnings
	detected under MSVC++ .NET compiler.

2006-07-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/newton_search.cpp: Logical variables initialised with
	`true or `false' instead of inteager numbers.

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h: Fixed a minor
	problem with duplicated declaration of tgamma(), lgamma() and
	cbrt() functions.

2006-07-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/Makefile.am: Fixed a bug that caused multiple definition
	errors during linking the IT++ debugging library.

	* configure.ac: Fixed a minor problem with using AC_DISABLE_SHARED
	macro for Windows environments.

	* **/*.{h,cpp}: Copyright date updated to `1995-2006'.

	* configure.ac: Version numbers and Copyright date updated.


2006-07-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.3 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-3)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent fixes.

	* configure.ac: Increased itpp-external version number to 2.3.0.

2006-07-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/eigen_test.cpp: Fixed bug [1516976] by setting the
	threshold of round_to_zero() function to 1e-13. Thanks to Rosario
	for reporting this bug.

2006-06-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, Makefile.am, itpp/Makefile.am, itpp/sources.mk,
	tests/Makefile.am, doc/local/installation.doc, INSTALL, TODO:
	Modularisation of the IT++ library implemented. It is now possible
	to skip the building of various modules using a set of
	`--disable-*' switches with the configure script. The
	documentation has been updated accordingly.

2006-06-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/convcode.h, itpp/comm/convcode.cpp: Fixed bug
	[1506524]. The `K' variable is now initialised in the
	Convolutional_Code default constructor. Thanks to Hakan Eriksson
	for finding this bug.

2006-06-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/index.doc.in: Cosmetic changes in page layout.

2006-05-31  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/gf2mat_test.cpp: Missing initialisation added.

2006-05-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc, itpp/comm/bch.cpp,
	itpp/comm/bch.h, itpp/comm/reedsolomon.cpp,
	itpp/comm/reedsolomon.h, tests/bch_test.cpp,
	Added Steve Peters as a co-author of the BCH and Reed_Solomon
	classes. BTW, updated IT++ authors list.

	* tests/reedsolomon_test.cpp, tests/reedsolomon_test.ref,
	itpp/comm/reedsolomon.cpp, itpp/comm/reedsolomon.h,
	Added systematic option to the Reed_Solomon class, which produces
	codewords in a systematic form. BTW, added a missing test program.
	Thanks to Steve, aka "michboy",	for providing patches and en
	example test file.

	* itpp/comm/bch.cpp, itpp/comm/bch.h, tests/bch_test.cpp,
	BCH related patches from Feature Request [1418250] applied. Now,
	BCH encoder/decoder class can be set to produce codewords in a
	systematic order. Thanks to Steve, aka "michboy", for providing
	patches and a simple test file.

2006-05-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/timer_test.cpp: Minor fix to avoid a hazard in timing test.

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/config_msvc.h:
	Removed checks for <sys/stat.h>. Now using iostream based method
	for checking if a file exists.

	* itpp/srccode/audiofile.cpp, itpp/srccode/audiofile.h,
	Added templated read_endian and write_endian functions, which
	replaced the old macro based read/write ones. Finally removed
	`machdep.h', because endianness is now handled run-time.

2006-05-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/srccode/audiofile.cpp,
	itpp/srccode/machdep.h, itpp/srccode/sources.mk:
	Moved `machdep.h' into `itpp/srccode', since it is only included
	in `audiofile.cpp'. Cleaned up the `machdep.h' code, by the way.

	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/binfile.h,
	itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.h, itpp/base/itmisc.cpp,
	itpp/base/itmisc.h, itpp/itbase.h:
	Changed the method of detecting the endianness of a system -
	`itpp/base/machdep.h' is not used any more in the base module.

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated to reflect recent tests
	under Windows (MinGW with IT++ External).


2006-05-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.2 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-2)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes.

	* doc/local/index.doc.in, doc/local/installation.doc, INSTALL:
	Updated according to the recent changes.

	* doc/local/authors.doc: Cosmetic changes.

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated to reflect recent tests
	under Windows (Cygwin and MinGW with ACML).

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/trihypfunc.h: Added checks for acosh(),
	asinh() and atanh() functions.

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h: Finally fixed
	the declaration of `signgam' and definition and lgamma() function.
	This should solve problems on systems where lgamma() does not set
	`signgam' variable, e.g. under MinGW.

2006-05-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/fix_test.cpp, tests/fix_test.ref, tests/llr_test.cpp,
	tests/llr_test.ref, tests/window_test.cpp, tests/window_test.ref:
	More "dirty" hacks added due to a floating-point rounding error
	under MinGW compiler.

	* doc/local/installation.doc, INSTALL: Updated documentation
	according to the recent changes.

	* config/acx_fft.m4: Changed the order of checking for FFT

2006-05-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/source_test.cpp, tests/source_test.ref,
	tests/window_test.cpp, tests/window_test.ref: Minor fixes in test
	programs due to different formatting under MinGW environment.

	* test/Makefile.am: Added a dirty hack using sed regular expresion
	that ensures floating point output in the form of `e-06' instead
	of `e-006', which is default for the MinGW compiler.

	* configure.ac: Check for a host added, which is used to disable
	building of a shared library on Windows based platforms.

2006-05-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/config_msvc.h: Manually updated the config header for
	MSVC++ .NET with MKL.

	* itpp/base/timing.cpp: Fixed gettimeofday() function definition
	for Windows based platforms (MinGW, MSVC++). No need for MINGW
	definition any more.

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/elmatfunc.cpp, itpp/base/elmatfunc.h:
	Added checks for `lgamma' and `tgamma' functions, and `signgam'
	declaration. This solves problems on some platforms where these
	declaration and/or functions are not available.

	* itpp/base/random.cpp: Added missing include file (undefined
	gamma function).

	* configure.ac, Makefile.am, tests/Makefile.am: Fixed a problem
	with different line endings on Windows based platforms. Now,
	sed program is necessary for performing tests.

2006-05-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/cblas.cpp: Fixed bug [1483125]. Now a complex dot
	product is properly returned by a dot function when using ACML
	blas libraries. Thanks to Danilo Zanatta for this bug report.

2006-05-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itmex.h: Fixed missing std:: specifiers before complex<>

2006-05-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/logexpfunc.h, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.cpp,
	itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp,
	itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/srccode/vq.h:
	Fixed bug [1480535]. Now needed_bits() returns a proper number of
	bits required to represent integer `n', e.g. "needed_bits(0) = 1",
	"needed_bits(7) = 3" and "needed_bits(8) = 4".

	* itpp/itmex.h: Fixed a small bug related to missing #include
	statement and cleaned up the code.

2006-05-02  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/svec.h: Fixed a bug in the == operator. Thanks to
	Mattias Andersson for discovering the bug.

2006-04-29  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/authors.doc, doc/local/index.doc.in,
	doc/local/sources.mk: Added AUTHORS page.

	* doc/local/help_wanted.doc: Cosmetic changes.

2006-04-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/galois.cpp: Added missing include file with log2()
	function declaration.

	* doc/sourceforge/howto_release_itpp.html: Updated due to CVS to
	SVN repository migration.

	* Redesign, separation and regrouping of some functions from the
	base module.

	The following changes have been applied:
	- Now using one overloaded and templated "apply_function" instead
	  of a set of various "vec_function" and "mat_function" in
	  "help_functions.*". Such a templated "apply_function", with the
	  same functionality, was implemented in "matfunc.*". Thus,
        - Moved trigonometric and hyperbolic functions (all inline, and
	  both ones for scalars and vectors) to a separate header file
        - Moved logarithmic and exponential functions to a separate header
	  file "logexpfunc.h".
        - Moved error functions to separate files "errorfunc.*".
        - Merged elementary mathematics functions from "scalfunc.*" with
	  the content of elmatfunct.*".	The rest of scalfunc.* content
	  moved to "itmisc.*". "scalfunc.*" removed.
        - A lot of minor changes that should improve the readability of
	  the base module.

2006-04-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/index.doc.in, doc/local/itpp_header.html,
	/doc/local/itpp_footer.html: Added links to Feature Requests, IT++
	at freshmeat and Newcom project (logo).

2006-04-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/stat.h: Added Histogram class setup function provided
	by Jordy Potman. This closes Feature Request [1473059].

2006-04-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/signal/filter.cpp: Fixed bug [1469860]. Now fir1()
	declaration matches its definition. Thanks to Jordy Potman for
	reporting this bug.

2006-04-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in: Doxygen configuration changed to
	generate detailed documentation at the top of pages.


2006-04-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.1 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-1)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes.

	* configure.ac: Updated IT++ External package version number.

	* itpp/base/ls_solve.cpp: Fixed a bug caused by improper wrapping
	of backslash functions using it_assert1() macro.

	* itpp/signal/filter.cpp, itpp/signal/filter.h: Fixed bug
	[1468011], so AR_Filter now works when using a single coefficient
	value, e.g. a = "0.5". Minor cosmetic changes applied by the way.

2006-04-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/convcode.cpp, itpp/comm/convcode.h,
	tests/convcode_test.cpp, tests/convcode_test.ref: Fixed improper
	behaviour of the encode_trunc() and decode_trunc() functions. Now,
	each execution of these functions does not reset the encoder and
	decoder states, so it can be used to perform continous decoding
	process. An additional reset() function has been added to reset
	the encoder and decoder states.

2006-04-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc, doc/local/installation.doc: Minor
	documentation updates.

2006-04-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itcomm.h, itpp/itfixed.h, itpp/itprotocol.h,
	itpp/itsignal.h, itpp/itsrccode.h: Readded inclusion of dependent
	header files (`itpp/itbase.h' or `itpp/itsignal.h').

2006-04-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp, itpp/base/scalfunc.cpp,
	itpp/base/scalfunc.h: Fixed lgamma() and gamma() functions
	definitions for	MSVC++ .NET.

2006-04-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/bessel/airy.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/chbevl.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/hyperg.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/i0.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/i1.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/iv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/k0.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/k1.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/kn.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/polevl.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/struve.cpp: Fixed a problem with a few Bessel
	functions provided by <cmath> under MSVC++ (different naming
	conventions). BTW, file headers updated.

	* itpp/itbase.h: Minor fix - including `itmisc.h' file.

2006-03-31  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated IT++ Supported Systems page
	with new tests.

	* config/acx_fft.m4: Improvements and fixes in external FFT
	library detection.

	* config/acx_cblas.m4: Added check for acml.h header file when
	checking for ACML's CBLAS library.

	* itpp/base/cblas.cpp, config/acx_cblas.m4, configure.ac,
	doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, itpp/base/sources.mk: Fixed CBLAS
	interface when using ACML BLAS implementation. ACML C interface
	is not the same as in other implementation, so a limited set of
	wrapper functions has been created in `cblas.cpp' file.

2006-03-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* TODO: Updated to reflect recent changes.

	* itpp/base/itpp_version.cpp, itpp/base/itpp_version.h,
	itpp/itconfig.h, itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/mat.h,
	itpp/base/newton_search.cpp, itpp/base/newton_search.h,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/sources.mk: Merged the
	content of itpp/itconfig.h and itpp/base/itpp_version.{cpp,h}
	files into new files itpp/base/itmisc.{cpp,h}. The new files
	should include miscleaneous functions related to IT++ library.

2006-03-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, itpp-config.in: Minor fix in the itpp-config
	script. Now `itpp-config --libs-debug' uses `-litpp' when the
	debug library is not available.

2006-03-25  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/commfunc.h, itpp/comm/sequence.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_base.h, itpp/itbase.h, itpp/itcomm.h,
	itpp/itconfig.h, itpp/itfixed.h, itpp/itprotocol.h,
	itpp/itsignal.h, itpp/itsrccode.h: Documentation of IT++ modules
	divided into modules. Minor fixes in various places.

2006-03-24  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/features.doc: Statistics classes and functions moved
	from signal-processing to base math module.

	* itpp/sources.mk: Added missing "itpp/itsignal.h" file.

	* itpp/srccode/lpcfunc.cpp, itpp/signal/fastica.cpp: Fixed
	improper include statements after moving signal-processing related
	classes and functions to a separate subdirectory.

	* config/acx_blas.m4: Removed unnecessary check for "libblas",
	beside "libf77blas" in ATLAS detection routines. This fixes a
	configuration problem in the case when both the ATLAS and NetLib's
	blas libraries are installed.

2006-03-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac: Changed CBLAS and LAPACK library detection order
	due to linking problems under Cygwin.

2006-03-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS: Andy Panov included in a list of contributors.

	* itpp/base/stat.h, tests/stat_test.cpp, tests/stat_test.ref:
	Added templated Histogram class provided by Andy Panov. This
	closes feature request [1451288].

	* Moved signal processing related sources to a separate "signal"
	subdirectory. Test programs updated accordingly. Please note that
	now <itpp/itbase.h> is not included automatically in "itcomm.h",
	"itfixed.h", "itprotocol.h", "itsignal.h" and "itsrccode.h".

2006-03-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, doc/Makefile.am, itpp/Makefile.am,
	itpp/signal/Makefile.am, itpp/signal/sources.mk: Added signal
	subdirectory and modified make files for a new signal processing

2006-03-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac: Version numbers updated.

	* Renamed `fixedpoint' subdirectory into `fixed'.

	* doc/local/index.doc.in: Changed CVS related links to SVN ones
	(merged rev. 361:372 from itpp-3-10 branch).

2006-03-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* CVS->SVN repository conversion.

2006-03-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/modulator_nd_test.cpp: Fixed minor bug with namespace and
	cerr (merged from itpp-3-10-branch).

	* itpp/protocol/selective_repeat.cpp: Fixed improper logical check
	in the `it_assert' macro (merged from itpp-3-10-branch).

	* itpp/base/scalfunc.h: Added `#include <limits>', which solves
	compilation problems using MSVC++ .NET 2005 (merged from

	* AUTHORS: Updated to reflect recent staff changes (merged from

	* Created CVS branch `itpp-3-10-branch' for bug-fixes in this


2006-03-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.0 released (CVS tag: release-3-10-0)

	* configure.ac: Cosmetic changes in CXXFLAGS settings.

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, itpp/base/binary.h,
	itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/converters.cpp,
	itpp/base/converters.h, itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h,
	itpp/base/parser.cpp, itpp/base/sigfun.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/comm/llr.cpp, itpp/comm/llr.h,
	itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h, itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp,
	itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.h, itpp/srccode/audiofile.cpp:
	Minor fixes related to Doxygen warnings.

	* itpp/itconfig.h, itpp/base/newton_search.h, itpp/base/poly.h:
	Documentation fixes related to Doxygen groups (modules).

2006-03-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Added installation instructions for
	MacOS X users based on the discussion from the Help forum:
	"3.9.1 on MacOS X doesn't compile".

2006-03-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/Makefile.am, doc/images/Makefile.am,
	doc/images/itpp_logo.png, doc/images/newcom_logo.png,
	doc/local/itpp_header.html: Added Newcom project logo to the IT++
	home pages.

2006-03-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* NEWS, TODO, configure.ac: Final cosmetic changes before 3.10.0
	release scheduled for March 15th.

	* AUTHORS: Moved not active developers to "Retired Developers"

2006-03-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/installation.doc, doc/local/linking.doc,
	doc/local/users_guide.doc: Added Table of Contents and revised
	some parts of the documentation.

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Added tests for Fedora Core 4 with

2006-03-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/modulator_nd_test.cpp, tests/modulator_nd_test.ref: Minor
	fixes in modulator_nd_test program (check if HAVE_LAPACK is

	* config/acx_fft.m4: Fixed a bug in detection of FFT library when
	explicit `--with-fft=-lfftw3' was used.

2006-03-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/features.doc, doc/local/index.doc.in: Cosmetic
	documentation changes.


2006-03-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.0-rc1 released (CVS tag: release-3-10-0-rc1)

	* NEWS: Updated to include changes since IT++ 3.9.1 was released.

2006-03-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.am: Beside `*.gzip' distribution
	packages `*.bzip2' packages will be produced automatically.

	* configure.ac, doc/local/index.doc.in: ITPP_EXTERNAL_VERSION
	variable added in the configure.ac file to set IT++ External
	package version in download links automatically.

	* config/acx_cblas.m4: Fixed a bug in cblas library detection when
	using BLAS and CBLAS from IT++ External package on Cygwin.

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Added tests for SUSE 10.0 (x86_64)
	and SunOS 5.9 (SPARC).

2006-02-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Verification pages redesigned to
	include more information. Added tests statuses for Gentoo Linux
	and Cygwin operating systems.

2006-02-20  Tony Ottosson  <tonyottosson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/{features.doc, index.doc, sources.mk}:
	Added a list of features of IT++.

2006-02-17  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/matlab_itpp.doc, doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc,
	doc/tutorial/sources.mk: Added first draft of how a Matlab/IT++
	conversion table can look like, more to be added
	later. Restructured the tutorial page.

2006-02-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac: Fixed a problem with the same ASSERT_LEVEL
	definition in both debug and standard target libraries.

	* TODO: Updated to reflect recent brainstorming among developers.

	* doc/local/linking.doc: Minor updates to reflect recent changes.

	* itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Added `--cflags-opt' and
	`--debug-opt' switches to `itpp-config' script. Simple `--cflags'
	switch does not include any optimisation flags in both script.

	* INSTALL, README, doc/local/installation.doc,
	doc/local/linking.doc: Documentation updated to reflect recent
	changes in the configuration process.

	* configure.ac, **/Makefile.am, itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Major
	changes in the configuration process. Since now it is possible to
	build and install two separate libraries: the optimised
	`libitpp.*' and debug `libitpp_debug.*'. The latter one is only
	build when `--enable-debug' switch is used during configuration.
	`itpp-config' script has been extended with `--cflags-debug' and
	`--libs-debug' switches.
	Besides, if CXXFLAGS is not set in the shell environment, it is
	initialised with "-O3 -pipe" or "-O3" flags by default.

2006-02-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/matfunc_test.cpp: Minor fix of rounding precision.

	* itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Readded CXXFLAGS to the
	configuration scripts.

	* configure.ac, INSTALL, doc/local/installation.doc: Removed
	`--with-march' GCC-specific optimisation switch. CXXFLAGS should
	be used instead.

2006-02-16  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/installation.doc, doc/local/index.doc.in: Minor update

	* itpp/comm/llr.*, tests/llr_test.ref: Minor updates

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.*, tests/modulator_nd.*,
	itpp/comm/sources.mk, tests/Makefile.am: First version of the
	vector/MIMO modulator class added

2006-02-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/Makefile.am: Removed limits_test, which was only useful on
	32-bit platforms

	* Makefile.common: Fixed a bug that caused that the improper
	<itpp/config.h> header file was used during compilation

	* config/acx_lapack.m4: Small fix in the automatic MKL's LAPACK
	library detection. Now using shared libraries `-lmkl_lapack32' and
	`-lmkl_lapack64' instead of a static one by default.

	* config/acx_blas.m4: Small fix in the automatic MKL's BLAS
	library detection (added missing -lpthread)

2006-02-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp.spec.in: Created subpackage with the HTML documentation

	* configure.ac, itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in, tests/Makefile.am:
	Reverted some receent changes in the configuration scripts,
	bacause linking problems with Fortran libraries under x86_64
	platform were caused by an outdated libtool.

2006-02-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp.spec.in: Added missing files in the `%files' section

	* Makefile.common: Unneccessary AM_LDFLAGS removed
	* configure.ac: Using ITPP_LIBS instead of global LIBS due to
	linking problems with Fortran libs under x86_64 platform
	* itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Flags updated because of the changes
	in the configure script
	* tests/Makefile.am: Locally defined LIBS flag to properly link
	to external libraries

	* tests/newton_search_test.cpp: Cosmetic changes - removed
	unneccessary variables

	* itpp/base/filter.h, itpp/comm/channel_code.h: Added virtual
	destructor to base classes. This prevents warnings during
	compilation with gcc-4.0.x.

2006-02-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp.spec.in: Changes in `Name', `Version' and `Release'
	definitions. Removed distribution dependent release settings.
	Added DESTDIR to make install command.

	* configure.ac, Makefile.am: Added RPM's spec file to the
	distribution package. Added RPM_RELEASE variable to the

	* config/acx_cblas.m4: Added support for detecting libgslcblas

	* config/acx_fft.m4: Minor fixes to the FFT detection routines.
	Now, MKL and ACML FFT routines are searched in the default BLAS
	library first; even if BLAS was defined explicitly using
	`--with-blas' switch.

2006-02-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/itfile.doc, doc/tutorial/rayleigh.doc,
	doc/tutorial/src/Makefile.am, doc/tutorial/src/rayleigh.cpp,
	doc/tutorial/src/read_it_file.cpp, doc/tutorial/src/sources.mk,
	doc/tutorial/src/write_it_file.cpp: Updated tutorial example
	programs and their description. Removed unnecessary reference
	files for the tutorial programs. (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* extras/Makefile.am: Matlab/Octave itload.m and itsave.m scripts
	are now installed into $PREFIX/share/doc (merged from

2006-02-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/newton_search_test.cpp, tests/newton_search_test.ref:
	Fixed precision problems when using MKL

2006-02-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/transforms.cpp, tests/transforms_test.cpp,
	tests/transforms_test.ref: Bug-fixes in FFT/IFFT functions based
	on ACML library. Temporary `comm' vectors are now allocated
	dynamically when neccessary. This fixes segmentation faults in
	sigfun and filter_design test programs.

2006-02-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL, doc/local/index.doc.in, doc/local/installation.doc:
	Documentation updated to reflect recent changes in configuration's

	* configure.ac: Cosmetic changes in displayed report

	* README: Updated with the content from IT++ html main page

2006-02-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/newton_search.cpp, itpp/base/newton_search.h: Minor
	fixes in overloaded search functions (added returned bool value)

	* itpp/base/transforms.cpp, itpp/base/transforms.h,
	tests/transforms_test.cpp, tests/transforms_test.ref: Added IDCT
	implementation to idct() functions based on the MKL and ACML.
	Test program updated as well.

	* doc/local/index.doc.in: IT++ main html page updated (using CSS
	instead of tables for layout)

2006-02-02  Tony Ottosson  <tonyottosson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/newton_search.{h,cpp}, tests/newton_search_test.cpp:
	Newton search optimization routines. For now the BFGS algorithm
	and line-search. For matlab compatibility the fminunc() is

2006-02-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/transforms.cpp: Added DCT implementation based on the
	ACML library

	* configure.ac, config/acx_fft.m4, itpp/base/transforms.cpp,
	tests/transforms_test.cpp, tests/transforms_test.ref: New FFT and
	IFFT implementations added, based on the external ACML library.
	DCT and IDCT are still missing.

	* tests/Makefile.am, tests/fft_test.cpp, tests/fft_test.ref:
	Removed fft tests because they duplicated transform tests

	* itpp/protocols/tcp.cpp: Small fix that solves MSVC++ .NET
	compilation problem (#include <ctime>) (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-02-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/transforms.cpp: Fixed bug [1418707] by adding the
	FFTW_UNALIGNED option to the plan creation flags, which allows a
	standard memory allocation of input and output data. This
	temporary solution reduces performance on processors that use SSE
	and SSE2 instructions. (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* configure.ac, NEWS: Updated for the next bug-fix release (merged
	from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-01-31  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, config/*.m4, itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in,
	doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, itpp/config_msvc.h, itpp/base/*.{cpp,h},
	tests/*.cpp: Major redesign of the configuration scripts.

	The following things changed:
	- added support for ACML (AMD Core Math Library)
	- checks for BLAS now detect MKL, ACML, ATLAS and reference
	(from Netlib) BLAS implementations; if found, HAVE_BLAS is defined
	- checks for LAPACK also detect MKL, ACML, ATLAS and reference
	LAPACK library; if found, HAVE_LAPACK is defined
	- checks for CBLAS detect MKL, ATLAS and reference implementation,
	however	CBLAS is fully optional; if found, HAVE_CBLAS is defined
	- new checks for FFT: detects MKL or FFTW3 implementation; if
	found, HAVE_FFT and either HAVE_FFTW3 or HAVE_FFT_MKL8 are defined
	- new checks for <mkl_dfti.h> and <fftw3.h> header files provided
	by external libraries; not using <itpp/base/fftw3.h> any more.

	It is now possible to mix various implementation of BLAS, LAPACK
	and FFT routines, e.g.:
	- use MKL for BLAS, reference Netlib's LAPACK and FFTW3,
	- use ACML for BLAS and LAPACK, reference Netlib's CBLAS and

	This redesign has been tested using Cygwin and Gentoo Linux. The
	latter one had MKL v8.0.1, ACML v3.0.0, ATLAS v3.6.0, FFTW v3.0.1
	and Netlib's BLAS, CBLAS and LAPACK v3.0 libraries installed.

	TODO: Update installation instructions in the documentation. Test
	if the changes did not cause any problems for MSVC++ .NET users.

2006-01-29  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/doc/local/installation.doc: Documentation update


2006-01-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.9.1 released (CVS tag: release-3-9-1)

	* configure.ac, config/acx_blas.m4, config/acx_cblas.m4,
	config/acx_fftw.m4, config/acx_lapack.m4: Final bug-fixes before
	release 3.9.1 in the configuration scripts (merged from

2006-01-28  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/**/*.{cpp,h}: Replaced "assert()" with "it_assert()",
	multiple instances, to solve a problem with compilation errors;
	probably a consequence of the revision of #include statements.

	* itpp/comm/llr.h: Cosmetic changes

2006-01-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL, doc/local/installation.doc: Updated to reflect recent
	modifications in configuration scripts (merged from

	* autogen.sh, configure.ac, config/acx_blas.m4,
	config/acx_cblas.m4, config/acx_lapack.m4: Scripts modified to
	simplify the configuration process (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-01-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Test results of version 3.9.1
	included (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* NEWS, TODO: Updated before releasing verision 3.9.1 (merged from

	* itpp/**/*.{cpp,h}: Revised all "#include" commands to minimise
	the number of dependencies between various sources and modules.
	Please report any compilation and linking problems, which might
	occure after this mass update.

2006-01-25  Erik G. Larsson <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/turbo.h, itpp/comm/turbo.cpp: Added support for
	table-lookup based decoding (in LLR domain)

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.h, itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp:
	Added support for table-lookup based decoding (in LLR domain)

	* tests/turbo_test.cpp: Revised test program for turbo codes

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/comm/llr.h: Documentation updates

2006-01-25  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/cholesky_test.cpp, tests/cholesky_test.ref,
	tests/det_test.cpp, tests/det_test.ref, tests/eigen_test.cpp,
	tests/eigen_test.ref, tests/inv_test.cpp, tests/lu_test.cpp,
	tests/lu_test.ref, tests/qr_test.cpp, tests/qr_test.ref,
	tests/svd_test.cpp, tests/svd_test.ref: Modified test rutines
	based on LAPACK to make them robust to non-unique results
	(merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.h, itpp/base/scalfunc.h, itpp/base/stat.h:
	Changed the default floating-point precision threshold from 1e-15
	to 1e-14 (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* tests/timer_test.cpp: Minor fixes in the order of logical tests
	occurence (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* doc/local/index.doc.in, doc/local/itpp_header.html: Cosmetic
	changes: "Version" -> "Stable Release" (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* configure.ac, itpp/config_msvc.h, itpp/base/itassert.h: Fixed a
	bug with redefinition of NDEBUG and ASSERT_LEVEL in the
	<itpp/config.h>	and CXXFLAGS (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-01-24  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/matfunc_test.cpp, tests/matfunc_test.ref: Fixed	the
	problem with two possible solutions of a complex matrix square
	root - `sqrtm()' function

	* itpp/base/stat.cpp, itpp/base/stat.h: `norm()' functions revised
	- from now the implementation is similar to the Octave one, i.e.
	both vector- and matrix-based functions accept "fro" argument to
	choose the Frobenius norm. `frob_norm()' functions removed.

2006-01-24  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itcomm.h: Included <itpp/comm/llr.h>

	* itpp/comm/llr.h, itpp/comm/llr.cpp: Added new LLR algebra class

	* tests/llr_test.cpp, tests/llr_test.ref: Added test program for
	LLR class

	* itpp/comm/sources.mk, tests/Makefile.am: Updated accordingly

2006-01-24  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/schur_test.cpp, tests/schur_test.ref: Fixed the schur test
	program so now it should pass for different BLAS/LAPACK

2006-01-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp: Fixed bug [1412383]. The dec2bin()
	functions appended en extra zero in front of the bit vector. This
	wrong behaviour has been fixed. (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* tests/matfunc_test.cpp: Added a check for LAPACK or MKL libraries,
	which are needed by the sqrtm() funciton

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h: Fixed a problem with non existing specialisation
	of the `operator*' and `dot' function when linking without CBLAS

2006-01-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/converters.h: Removed strange `#if 0 ... #endif'

	* Makefile.am: Added itpp_msvc2003.* files to EXTRA_DIST variable

	* INSTALL, doc/local/installation.doc: Updated to reflect recent
	changes in configuration script
	* configure.ac, itpp/itconfig.h, itpp/base/itassert.cpp,
	itpp/base/itassert.h: Added `--enable-exceptions' switch to
	configure handling of exceptions

2006-01-22  Thomas Eriksson  <thomases2@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Added module "protocol" to msvc project files

	* Some changes of protocol module for msvc compability

2006-01-22  Thomas Eriksson  <thomases2@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp_msvc2003.sln, itpp_msvc2003.vcproj: Added project files to
	keep MSVC.net 2003 compability

2006-01-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/hammcode.cpp, itpp/comm/reedsolomon.cpp,
	itpp/comm/sequence.cpp: Minor improvements, e.g. changing
	`round_i(pow(2,m)' to `pow2i(m)'

	* itpp/base/filter_design.cpp: Cosmetic change - unused variable
	commented out

	* itpp/base/sources.mk: Added missing window.{cpp,h} files

	* itpp/base/bessel.cpp, itpp/base/random.h,
	itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/struve.cpp: Fixed a
	problem with "#pragma" warnings during compilation with GCC

2006-01-21  Thomas Eriksson  <thomases2@users.sourceforge.net>

	* A lot of changes for MSVC.net 2005 compability
	Removed warnings on depreceated functions j0, j1, hypot etc.
	(using #pragma directives)
	These functions should not be used in the next ISO C++ standard.

2006-01-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/cholesky.cpp,
	itpp/base/copy_vector.h, itpp/base/eigen.cpp, itpp/base/inv.cpp,
	itpp/base/lapack.h, itpp/base/ls_solve.cpp, itpp/base/lu.cpp,
	itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/qr.cpp, itpp/base/svd.cpp,
	itpp/base/timing.cpp, itpp/base/transforms.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h:
	Including a proper configuration header depending on _MSC_VER
	definition (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-01-19  Tony Ottosson  <tonyottosson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/window.{h,cpp}, tests/window_test.cpp: New files.
	Some code moved from base/specmat.{h,cpp}. Also added
	blackman() and increased the documentation.

2006-01-18  Tony Ottosson  <tonyottosson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/elmatfunc.h: Added log() for cvec and cmat.

	* itpp/base/filter_design.{h,cpp}: Added
	modified_yulewalker(), arma_estimator(), and yulewalk().

	* test/filter_design_test.{cpp,ref}: Updated for new functions.

2006-01-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/schur.cpp, tests/schur_test.cpp: Fixed a bug that
	caused compilation error when LAPACK was not installed

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp (sqrtm): Removed unnecessary to_cmat()

	* tests/matfunc_test.ref: Updated improper reference file

2006-01-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/*.cpp, tests/transforms_test.ref: Fixed incorrect
	preprocessor checks for defined external libraries. One reference
	file updated. (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* itpp/base/transform.cpp: Fixed improper error messages (merged
	from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* configure.ac: Fixed a minor bug, which prevented disabling CBLAS
	support using `--without-cblas' configure switch (merged from

2006-01-11  Tony Ottosson  <tonyottosson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/transforms.{h,cpp}: Added zero-padding for fft_real()
	  and ifft_real(). Also made all size input variables const.

	* itpp/base/poly.{h,cpp}: Added polyval() for vec and cvec input

2006-01-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	tests/matfunc_test.cpp, tests/matfunc_test.ref: Added sqrtm()
	function that calculates the matrix square root for real and
	complex matrices. Based on Octave implementation.

	* itpp/base/stat.cpp, itpp/base/stat.h: Added frob_norm()
	functions that calculate Frobenius norm of matrices

	* itpp/base/machdep.h: Reverted back recent changes due to
	compilation problems under MSVC++ .NET (merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-01-10  Thomas Eriksson  <thomases2@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/machdep.h: Was changed in an undocumented way. I had
	to change back one line ("#elif defined(__i386__) .....") to make
	it compile in MSVC++.

2006-01-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/matfunc.h: Cosmetic changes -
	removed unnecessary definition and updated author's list (merged
	from itpp-3-9-branch)

2006-01-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL: Updated fragment with GCC version recommendations
	(merged from itpp-3-9-branch)

	* configure.ac, doc/local/index.doc.in: Updated for the next minor
	release (3.10.0)

	* NEWS: Merged changes from itpp-3-9-branch into the trunk

2006-01-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/images/favicon.ico, doc/images/itpp_logga.jpg,
	doc/images/itpp_logga.xcf: Changed keyword expansion mode for
	binary files

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Updated fragment with GCC version

	* tests/Makefile.am, tests/rec_syst_conv_code_test.cpp,
	tests/rec_syst_conv_code_test.ref: Minor cosmetic changes (renamed
	some test files)

	* itpp/base/fastica.cpp, itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/base/gf2mat.h,
	itpp/base/machdep.h, itpp/base/scalfunc.h, itpp/comm/interleave.h,
	itpp/protocol/packet_generator.cpp, tests/gf2mat_test.cpp: Minor
	cosmetic changes, e.g. removing inappropriate semicolons (detected
	when compiling with `-ansi' and `-pedantic' flags).

	* itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.h: Fixed bug [1399822]. The
	problem was caused by explicit specialisation of some templated
	operators, when HAVE_CBLAS or HAVE_MKL are defined. In such a
	case, the following forward declarations of explicit
	instantiations (with extern) of these operators should be switched

2006-01-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itbase.h, itpp/base/lapack.h, itpp/base/schur.cpp,
	itpp/base/schur.h, itpp/base/sources.mk, tests/Makefile.am,
	tests/schur_test.cpp, tests/schur_test.ref: Implemented Schur
	decomposition functions for real and complex matrices using
	LAPACK's DGEES and ZGEES routines. Test file prepared as well.

2006-01-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/images/favicon.ico, doc/images/Makefile.am,
	doc/local/itpp_header.html, doc/Makefile.am: Added IT++ favicon

2006-01-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* extras/itsave.m: Fixed bug [1396020]. Now itsave() works properly
	in both Matlab and Octave. Thanks to Jordy Potman for providing a

2006-01-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* autogen.sh: Reordering of the invoked commands

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