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2010-12-31  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/specmat.cpp, tests/linspace_test.cpp,
	  tests/linspace_test.ref: changed algorithm for
	  linspace_fixed_step so that it works when generating vectors in
	  ascending or descending order

2010-12-04  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/base/specmat.h,
	  tests/linspace_test.cpp, tests/linspace_test.ref:
	  linspace_fixed_step() is now a templated function

2010-12-03  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

        * win32/itpp_mkl.sln, win32/itpp_mkl_tests/itpp_mkl_tests.sln,
          win32/itpp_mkl_tests/linspace_test.vcproj: added tests for
	  Visual Studio C++ with MKL

2010-12-03  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

        * tests/linspace_test.cpp, win32/itpp_acml.sln,
          win32/itpp_acml_tests/linspace_test.vcproj: added test support
          for Visual Studio C++ with ACML

2010-12-03  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/base/specmat.h, tests/Makefile.am,
	  tests/linspace_test.ref, tests/linspace_test.cpp: changed linspace()
	  in order to have MATLAB like behavior, added linspace_fixed_step()
	  in order to provide an equivalent for from:step:to from MATLAB

2010-10-28  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp, itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.h:
	  data members of the Rec_Syst_Conv_Code class used as internal
	  variables of the MAP algorithm (alpha, beta, gamma and denom) are
	  now declared local to each decode method, thus the allocated heap
	  memory is immediately freed when the MAP algorithm ends

2010-10-12  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* NEWS: updated NEWS file

2010-10-12  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/fastica_test.cpp, tests/fastica_test.ref: improved fastica

2010-10-12  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/signal/fastica.cpp, itpp/signal/fastica.h,
	  tests/fastica_test.cpp, tests/fastica_test.ref: Solved bug
	  report: FastICA may run forever with APPROACH_DEFL - ID 3028968
	  Thanks to Gert Wollny for the patch

2010-09-26  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/math/log_exp.h: Fix spelling error in documentation
	This closes #3075538

2010-09-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/Makefile.am: Improve installation target for HTML

2010-09-22  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/Makefile.am: add support for copying search index
	which now is found in search folder under html folder

2010-09-22  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doxygen_html.cfg.in: updated doxygen configuration

2010-09-21  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* VERSION: add version number for development version after
	releasing IT++ 4.2.0


2010-09-21  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 4.2.0 release (SVN tag: release-4-2-0)
	* NEWS, VERSION: Add release notes and update version number for
	IT++ 4.2.0 release.

2010-09-05  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* extras/itload.m: corrected case when loading arrays of cvec,
	  bug ID 3035034

2010-08-30  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>
	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/comm/exit.cpp,
	  itpp/comm/exit.h, itpp/comm/siso.h, itpp/comm/siso_dem.cpp,
	  itpp/comm/siso_eq.cpp, itpp/comm/siso_mud.cpp,
	  itpp/comm/siso_nsc.cpp, itpp/comm/siso_rsc.cpp, itpp/comm/stc.h,
	  itpp/srccode/audiofile.cpp: corrected warnings in VS 2010
	  moved itcompat.h include to cpp files

2010-08-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>
	* doc/local/linking.doc: Update ToC of the "Linking with IT++..."

2010-08-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>
	* doc/local/index.doc.in: Remove dead link to NEWCOM web page

2010-04-25  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/exit.h, itpp/comm/siso.h: remove unnecessary include

2010-04-19  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/array.h: corrected concat(const T &e, const Array<T>
	  &a) definition in order to match its forward declaration

2010-04-05  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/sccc_bersim_awgn.doc, doc/tutorial/sources.mk,
	  doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc: added tutorials for SCCCs and turbo

2010-04-04  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/vector_and_matrix.doc: corrected minor typo:
	  matrices instead of matries

2010-04-04  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/exit_pccc.doc, doc/tutorial/sources.mk,
	  doc/tutorial/src/Makefile.am, doc/tutorial/src/exit_pccc.cpp,
	  doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc: added tutorial for EXIT chart of PCCCs

2010-04-04  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/pccc_bersim_awgn.doc, doc/tutorial/sources.mk,
	  doc/tutorial/src/pccc_bersim_awgn.cpp, doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc,
	  itpp/comm/siso.h, itpp/comm/siso_rsc.cpp: added tutorial for

2010-04-03  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/matfunc_test.cpp: changed for compatibility with Visual C++ 2010

2010-03-18  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* win32/itpp_acml_tests/exit_test.vcproj, win32/itpp_acml_tests/itpp_acml_tests.sln,
	win32/itpp_acml_tests/siso_test.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl_tests/exit_test.vcproj
	win32/itpp_mkl_tests/itpp_mkl_tests.sln, win32/itpp_mkl_tests/siso_test.vcproj: added Visual Studio
	projects for ACML and MKL.

2010-03-14  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/siso.h, itpp/comm/siso_rsc.cpp, itpp/comm/siso_nsc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/siso_mud.cpp,	itpp/comm/siso_eq.cpp, itpp/comm/siso_dem.cpp,
	itpp/comm/exit.h, itpp/comm/exit.cpp, itpp/comm/stc.h, itpp/comm/stc.cpp,
	tests/exit_test.cpp, tests/siso_test.cpp: added Soft Input Soft Output
	(SISO) class for turbo receivers design, EXtrinsic Information
	Transfer (EXIT) class for studying the convergence of turbo receivers
	and Space-Time Codes (STC) class, implementing space-time codes used
	in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems with turbo receivers
	implemented by SISO class. Two new tests were added, siso_test.cpp and
	exit_test.cpp with their corresponding *.ref files.

2010-03-04  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h: added round_to_infty() function,
	changed threshold value in round_to_infty() from 1e6 to 1e9

2010-03-03  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/tests/bessel_test.cpp, itpp/tests/newton_search_test.cpp: changed tests files in order to
	pass tests under Ubuntu. The corresponding *.ref files were also changed.

2010-02-24  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/tests/bessel_test.cpp, itpp/tests/filter_design_test.cpp,
	itpp/tests/itfile_test.cpp, itpp/tests/newton_search_test.cpp,
	itpp/tests/pulse_shape_test.cpp: fixed format is used instead of
	scientific format in order to pass tests checking in Visual C++.
	As a consequence, the itpp/tests/*.ref files corresponding to the above tests are also changed.

	* itpp/win32/itpp_acml.vcproj, itpp/win32/itpp_acml_tests/*vcproj,
	itpp/win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj, itpp/win32/itpp_mkl_tests/*vcproj: added
	automatic test checking in Visual C++, project files are converted to Visual C++ 2008.
	The tests checking is implemented for each project as a "Post-Build Event".

	* itpp/extras/check_tests.bat: added batch file for checking test results in Windows

2010-02-08  Robert Orzechowski  <tytusz@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, itpp/comm/galois.h: Fixes bug report #2936395

2010-01-24  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Improvements to
	the LDPC decoder. 1) Generalization to handle codes with arbitrary
	check node degrees. 2) Efficiency improvements for large node

	Thanks to Gorka Prieto for this patch.

2010-01-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/algebra/lapack.h, itpp/base/blas.h: Support latest
	ACML built with Intel Fortran compiler. It uses uppercase naming
	conventions for BLAS and LAPACK routines. This is only required on
	MS Windows (MSVC++).

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/Makefile.am, itpp/base/blas.h,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/base/zdotusub.f, m4/acx_blas.m4: Do not use zdotusub.f
	Fortran function for complex version of dot(). The call of Fortran
	zdotusub_() caused portability problems, which were difficult to
	debug and fix on all platforms.

	* win32/itpp_acml.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj: Update MSVC++
	project files to include recently added source files

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/Makefile.am, itpp/base/binfile.h,
	itpp/base/itcompat.h, itpp/base/itfile.h, itpp/base/ittypes.h,
	itpp/base/math/elem_math.cpp, itpp/base/math/elem_math.h,
	itpp/base/math/error.cpp, itpp/base/math/error.h,
	itpp/base/math/log_exp.cpp, itpp/base/math/log_exp.h,
	itpp/base/math/sources.mk, itpp/base/math/trig_hyp.cpp,
	itpp/base/math/trig_hyp.h, itpp/base/sources.mk,
	itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/comm/galois.cpp,
	itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, itpp/fixed/fix_base.h, itpp/itbase.h,
	itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp: Make itcompat.h a private (non-installable)
	header file. For the purpose of non-standard integer type
	definitions, a new header file ittypes.h is introduced. A few
	inlined functions from the math submodule are moved to newly
	created source files.

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h: Remove
	workaround for GCC 3.3 error for a few template instantiations

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/converters.h,
	itpp/base/help_functions.h, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	itpp/base/smat.h, itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/comm/interleave.h, itpp/comm/pulse_shape.h,
	itpp/fixed/cfixed.h, itpp/fixed/fixed.h, itpp/signal/filter.h,
	itpp/signal/transforms.h, m4/ac_cxx_extern_template.m4: Do not
	check for "extern template" in configure script. Instead, switch
	this C++ extension for MSVC++ compiler only.

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h: Make
	converters.h public header file independent of itcompat.h

	* itpp/base/Makefile.am, itpp/base/sources.mk: Do not install
	blas.h header file

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h: Move configure dependent
	implementations to mat.cpp file

	* itpp/base/copy_vector.cpp, itpp/base/copy_vector.h,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/vec.cpp: Move configure dependent
	implementations to copy_vector.cpp file

	* itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h: Move dot() and
	outer_product() specialisations to vec.cpp

	* win32/itpp_mkl_tests/*.vcproj: Update MKL libraries in MSVC++
	project files for test programs

2010-01-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/itcompat.h, itpp/config_msvc.h:
	Undefine min, max and log2 macros.

	If these macros were defined they would collide with our
	overloaded functions.

2010-01-05  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Added Ubuntu 9.10 to list of tested

2010-01-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: Add Bogdan to the list of

	* Makefile.am: Do not install itpp-config.1 man page two times.

	This resulted in installation errors on Ubuntu 9.10. By the way,
	add missing files to the distribution package.

2010-01-02  Bogdan Cristea  <cristeab@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itcompat.h: Fixes bug report #2924984

2010-01-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* NEWS: Prepare release notes for the new stable release

	* NEWS, NEWS-4.0: Move 4.0.x release notes to a separate file

	* configure.ac.in: Update bugs reporting link

	* configure.ac.in, itpp-config.1.in, extras/*, itpp/**/*.cpp,
	itpp/**/*.h, tests/*.cpp: Update copyright dates to `1995-2010'