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2007-12-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.am, configure.ac.in, doc/local/linking.doc,
	itpp_debug.pc.in: Provide itpp_debug.pc pkg-config's file

	This additional file can be used to obtain the debugging compiler
	flags and libraries. It is only installed, when IT++ is configured
	with the --enable-debug option.

2007-12-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL, doc/local/installation.doc: Installation manual updated
	to reflect recent changes

	* itpp/base/math/misc.h, itpp/srccode/audiofile.h: Fix minor
	Doxygen warnings

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/converters.h, itpp/config_msvc.h:
	Move GCC_VERSION macro to the generated config.h file

	* itpp/comm/convcode.cpp: Replace ambiguous expression with a
	correct one

	"i = ++i;" is ambiguous in C/C++. For more information, see
	question 3.3 of the comp.lang.c FAQ list:

	* configure.ac.in: Use AC_MSG_NOTICE for printing configuration

	Thanks to this change, the configuration summary is automatically
	included in config.log, so there is no need to create a separate
	config_summary.log file.

	* configure.ac.in: Simplify detection of explicit library

	There is no need to check for "deplibs_check_method" by executing
	the "./libtool --config" command. This information is already
	available in a cached variable "lt_cv_deplibs_check_method"
	provided by the AC_PROG_LIBTOOL macro.

2007-12-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in: Use "host_os" instead of "host" to simplify
	case statements

	* configure.ac.in: Enable explicit library dependencies on Mac

	Dynamic linking on Mac OS X requires passing explicit library
	dependencies to the linker, even if libtool thinks it is not
	necessary. Therefore "enable_explicit_deps" is set to "yes"
	for this operating system. The solution is taken from pkg-config
	Portfile from macports.

	* itpp/base/random.cpp: Use tgamma() function instead of
	deprecated ambiguous gamma()

	* itpp/base/math/elem_math.h: Make sure itpp::gamma() use correct
	gamma implementation

	BTW, denote that this function name is deprecated due to its
	different implementation (and meaning) in BSD and glibc.

	* configure.ac.in: std::isfinite, std::isinf and std::isnan are
	broken on FreeBSD

	The use of these functions on FreeBSD with GCC 3.4.x compilers
	causes infinite loops or segmentation faults in bessel_test.
	Therefore, do not check for these functions and override them
	with local inlined implementations defined in

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/bessel/gamma.cpp
	itpp/base/math/misc.h itpp/config_msvc.h
	itpp/stat/mog_generic.cpp: Add full support of std::isfinite(),
	std::isinf() and std::isnan()

	Instead of using isnan(), isinf() C99 macros and deprecated
	finite() function switch to their equivalents in std library. This
	should solve recent portability problems under MinGW/MSYS.

	* itpp/base/bessel/hyperg.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/iv.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/k1.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/kn.cpp: Unify warning messages

	* itpp/base/bessel/airy.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/bessel_internal.h,
	itpp/base/bessel/chbevl.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/hyperg.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/i0.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/i1.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/iv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/k0.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/k1.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/kn.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/polevl.cpp: Clean up
	"include" and "using namespace" statements

	* itpp/base/bessel/bessel_internal.h, itpp/base/bessel/gamma.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/hyperg.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/iv.cpp,
	itpp/base/bessel/jv.cpp, itpp/base/bessel/sources.mk,
	itpp/base/bessel/struve.cpp, win32/itpp_acml.vcproj,
	win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj: Fixed wrong calculation of bessely()
	detected on Intel C++ compiler

	When IT++ was compiled with Intel C++ (icpc) compiler, the
	bessel_test failed on calculation of bessely() function for
	non-integer orders. This bug was caused by the fact that the
	ported bessel functions from Cephes Math Library should use
	a gamma function, which sets "signgam" global variable. But
	instead C99 tgamma() was used, which does not set "signgam".

	This patch adds explicit gam() and lgam() definitions, ported
	from the original Cephes Math Library, so all bessel functions
	in IT++ now use the proper gamma implementations.

2007-12-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/optim/newton_search.cpp: Initialize variables with zeros to
	suppress compiler warnings

	* itpp/base/math/misc.h: Add missing right parenthesis in isnan()

2007-12-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/math/misc.h, itpp/config_msvc.h: Fix
	improper use of HAVE_DECL_XXX definitions

	HAVE_DECL_XXX are always defined as 0 or 1, so one can not simply
	check if these names are defined.

2007-11-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, m4/acx_blas.m4, m4/acx_lapack.m4: Do not
	require Fortran compiler for BLAS/LAPACK linking

	BLAS and LAPACK libraries should be checked even if no Fortran
	compiler is available. For instance, BLAS/LAPACK routines from MKL
	can be used without additional Fortran libraries. This patch
	changes IT++ configuration scripts to make this possible.

	* m4/acx_blas.m4: Add support for MKL 10

	MKL 10 requires explicit linking to -lguide and -lpthread
	libraries. With this patch MKL 8.1.1 or newer versions should be
	automatically detected on both 32- and 64-bit (em64t) Linux

2007-11-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/config_msvc.h: Get rid of "min" and "max"
	macro definitions

	MSVC++ compiler defines these two macros and they might clash with
	our proper C++ code using std::min() and std::max() functions
	only. This patch removes such macros conditionally in the
	generated config.h and config_msvc.h header files.

	* m4/ax_func_zdotu.m4: Cosmetic changes in printed messages

2007-11-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/config_msvc.h, m4/acx_blas.m4, m4/ax_func_zdotu.m4: Detect
	incompatible g77/gfortran calling conventions of zdotu_

	The calling conventions of zdotu_ BLAS function are different
	for g77 and gfortran compilers. In the case of g77, the result
	is passed using a first argument of zdotu_ function, whereas for
	gfortran the result is simply returned.

	To avoid building an extra Fortran wrapper, which workarounds
	this issue, IT++ needs to know which calling convention should be
	used. This patch adds two macros to the configure scripts that
	compile and try to run simple C++ programs using zdotu_ BLAS
	function, As a result of these checks the correct calling convention
	is used in itpp::dot() function. The Fortran zdotusub_ wrapper
	function can still be linked and used as a fallback solution.

	For more information on this issue, please have a look at this
	bug report: http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=20178

	* itpp/base/factory.h: Add explicit constructor definition in a
	default Factory class

	Without this explicit empty constructor in the Factory class, some
	compilers (PGI, HP C/aC++) give warnings or errors on a constant

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/math/misc.h, itpp/config_msvc.h: Add
	additional checks for isinf() and isfinite() macros

	Without these new checks the compilation might fail on
	redeclaration of these macros with inline functions in
	itpp/base/math/misc.h. This problem occurs for instance on a
	HP-UX system.

2007-11-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, itpp/base/math/misc.h, itpp/config_msvc.h:
	Clean up checks for finite(), isfinite() and isnan()

	isnan() is defined as a macro on some systems in <math.h>, so we
	should check for it. BTW, removed macro definition of finite(),
	which is also defined as inline function in

	* configure.ac.in: Removed duplicated checks

	AC_HEADER_STDC is invoked when AC_LANG([C++]) is used, whereas

	* m4/ac_cxx_extern_template.m4: Obsolete macros replaced with the
	ones recommended by autoconf


	* configure.ac.in, m4/acx_blas.m4, m4/acx_lapack.m4,
	m4/acx_fft.m4: Use AS_HELP_STRING macros instead of obsolete

	* Makefile.am, autogen.sh, configure.ac.in,
	m4/ac_cxx_extern_template.m4, m4/acx_blas.m4, m4/acx_lapack.m4,
	m4/acx_fft.m4: Renamed "config" directory to "m4" to reflect its

	* autogen.sh, configure.ac.in: Use "build-aux" directory for
	auxiliary building scripts

	This directory name is suggested in the autoconf manual as a
	standard placeholder for auxiliary build scripts. If this
	directory does not exist, create it before invoking autotools.

	* autogen.sh: On error return the exit code of the failing command

	* autogen.sh: Allow runing autogen.sh using an absolute path

	After checking the necessary tools the script now enters the
	IT++ source directory for the bootstrap process.

	* configure.ac.in: Report all automake warnings and treat them as

	This should give the maintainer and people building IT++ from SVN
	a better detection of possible bugs in Makefiles.

2007-11-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac.in, tests/Makefile.am: Bump autoconf requirement to
	2.60 and use AC_PROG_SED

	The $datarootdir and $docdir variables, which are used for HTML
	documentation installation, were introduced in autoconf 2.60.
	Therefore we need to check for this version. Besides, manual check
	for sed program is now replaced with AC_PROG_SED macro, which
	makes sed as a required dependency. Additionally, gdiff and
	gnudiff are searched as diff replacement.

	* tests/parser_test.cpp: Prevent warnings about string to char*

	GCC >=4.2 uses "-Wwrite-string" in when "-Wall" flag is used and
	this results in warnings about deprecated conversions from
	constant strings to char*. This patch workarounds this problem by
	a bit different initialisation of arrays of char* strings.

2007-11-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/binfile.h: Fixed invalid cast from bool to enum

	The Apple's g++3.3 compiler from Mac Developer Tools v1.2 reports
	an error on a static cast from bool to enum. This patch changes
	the problematic code, so it should be accepted by older compilers.

2007-11-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.am, configure.ac.in: Save configuration summary to
	config_summary.log file

	* configure.ac.in, itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Improved
	itpp-config and itpp.pc scripts

	This patch adds an additional configure check to see whether
	external libraries' dependencies need to be explicitly added to
	the output of "itpp-config --libs" command. As a result it should
	be always possible to use "itpp-config --libs" or "pkg-config itpp
	--libs" without adding an extra --static switch. Besides,
	"itpp-config --libs" should now return exactly the same libraries
	as "pkg-config itpp --libs" on Mac OS X.

	* doc/tutorial/src/mimoconv.cpp: Updated MIMO with convolutional
	coding example program

2007-11-01  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Updated the "no root" installation

2007-10-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.h: operator*(Vec &v, Mat &m) documented as

	The existence of this operator in IT++ is questionable, since its
	behaviour is equivalent to "outer_product(v, m.get_row(0))".
	Moreover, the documentation was wrong so many users had problems
	using it correctly. This patch marks this operator as deprecated,
	both in the documentation and through a run-time warning message.

2007-10-25  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: List of authors updated

	* configure.ac.in: Do not use "-Werror" flag for debugging library
	by default

	This flag was propagated into itpp-config and itpp.pc scripts and
	this resulted in reporting each warning in users' programs as an

2007-10-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/gf2mat_test.cpp: Suppress compilation warning about string
	to "char*" conversion

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h: Workaround for
	compilation errors when using GCC 3.3.x

	GCC 3.3.x has problems with compilation of a few explicit
	instantiations in converters.cpp from IT++ 4.0.0. This only
	happens when -finline-functions flag is used. This flag is
	included in -03 optimisations. This patch conditionally disables
	these problematic instantiation when GCC version < 3.4.0.

2007-10-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/algebra/svd.h, itpp/base/matfunc.h: Documentation of
	diag() and svd() updated

	* itpp/base/matfunc.h: Fixed a bug in rank() function

	The order of checks in a while loop was wrong and it caused
	assertion when accessing a non-existing element in a vector of
	singular values. This patch fixes this problem.

2007-10-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in: Reset TAB_SIZE to 8 spaces

	Some of the IT++ codes still use tabs of 8 spaces for indenting.
	Thus this patch resets the TAB_SIZE to 8 (default value) in
	Doxygen's configuration file.

2007-10-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.am, VERSION, autogen.sh, configure.ac.in
	extras/itpp-config.t2t, itpp-config.1.in, itpp.spec.in:
	Changed the way version numbers are handled

	This patch fixes the problem of removing the "itpp.spec" and
	"itpp-config.1" files during "make distclean". These files should
	not be removed, since they are distributed in packages. Since now,
	version numbers in these two files and in "configure.ac" are
	updated according to a VERSION file content, when "autogen.sh"
	bootstrapping script is executed.


2007-10-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 4.0.0 released (SVN tag: release-4-0-0)

	* NEWS: Updated for 4.0.0 stable release

2007-10-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/converters.h, itpp/base/help_functions.h,
	itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	itpp/base/smat.cpp, itpp/base/smat.h, itpp/base/svec.cpp,
	itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/comm/error_counters.cpp, itpp/comm/interleave.cpp,
	itpp/comm/interleave.h, itpp/comm/pulse_shape.cpp,
	itpp/comm/pulse_shape.h, itpp/fixed/cfixed.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_operators.h, itpp/fixed/fixed.h,
	itpp/signal/filter.cpp, itpp/signal/filter.h,
	itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/signal/transforms.h: Use
	HAVE_EXTERN_TEMPLATE where necessary

2007-10-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* config/ac_cxx_extern_template.m4, configure.ac,
	itpp/config_msvc.h: Check for C++ "extern template" when
	configuring IT++

	Previously, it was assumed that all C++ compilers except MSVC++
	support extern template instantiation. Now this feature is checked
	with the configure script and HAVE_EXTERN_TEMPLATE is defined

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in: Doxygen configuration updated with
	Doxygen 1.4.7

	* doc/local/authors.doc, itpp/base/bessel/bessel_internal.h,
	itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/converters.cpp,
	itpp/base/converters.h, itpp/base/copy_vector.h,
	itpp/base/factory.cpp, itpp/base/help_functions.cpp,
	itpp/base/help_functions.h, itpp/base/itassert.cpp,
	itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	itpp/base/math/elem_math.h, itpp/base/specmat.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/comm/convcode.cpp,
	itpp/comm/crc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h,
	itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp, itpp/fixed/cfixed.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_factory.h, itpp/fixed/fix_functions.h,
	itpp/fixed/fixed.h, itpp/protocol/events.h,
	itpp/protocol/front_drop_queue.h, itpp/protocol/packet.h,
	itpp/protocol/packet_channel.h, itpp/protocol/packet_generator.h,
	itpp/protocol/selective_repeat.h, itpp/protocol/signals_slots.h,
	itpp/protocol/tcp.cpp, itpp/protocol/tcp.h,
	itpp/protocol/tcp_client_server.h, itpp/signal/freq_filt.cpp,
	itpp/srccode/audiofile.cpp, itpp/srccode/audiofile.h,
	itpp/srccode/gmm.cpp, itpp/srccode/gmm.h,
	itpp/srccode/lpcfunc.cpp, itpp/srccode/pnm.cpp,
	itpp/srccode/pnm.h, itpp/srccode/vq.cpp, itpp/srccode/vq.h,
	itpp/srccode/vqtrain.cpp, itpp/srccode/vqtrain.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag.h, itpp/stat/mog_diag_em.h,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag_kmeans.h, itpp/stat/mog_generic.h: Cleanup of
	Doxygen documentation

	Missing documentation reported by Doxygen have been marked by "ADD
	DOCUMENTATION HERE" string. Besides, code fragments that do not
	require documentation have been disabled from parsing by using
	"\cond" and "\endcond" Doxygen's commands.

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h: Moved
	templated functions' definitions into a header file

2007-10-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.cpp: Removed unnecessary
	conditional checks for MKL & MSVC++

2007-10-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL, configure.ac, doc/Makefile.am,
	doc/local/installation.doc: Removed redundant "--with-docdir=DIR"

	This switch is not needed any more, because recent autoconf
	provides "--docdir=DIR" switch with the same functionality by
	default. Installation manual updated accordingly. Thanks to
	Guenter Dannoritzer for reporting this problem.

	* itpp/base/matfunc.h: Disabled incorrect specialisation of rank()

	The rank() function specialisation for binary GF(2) matrices
	returned incorrect results. Now it is disabled - the
	specialisation results in an error message.


2007-10-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 4.0.0-rc2 released (SVN tag: release-4-0-0-rc2)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes

2007-10-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac: Changed version number of the trunk sources

	The version number of SVN trunk sources is now of the form:
	"major.minor-dev", e.g. "4.1-dev".

	* itpp/base/matfunc.h, tests/matfunc_test.cpp,
	tests/matfunc_test.ref: Added templated rank() function

	The rank() function calculates the rank of a matrix by counting
	the number of non-zero singular values. LAPACK's SVD function is
	thus required by this function. Thanks to Martin Senst for
	submitting the patch.

	* INSTALL, doc/local/installation.doc: Installation manual updated
	to reflect recent changes

2007-10-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/binary.cpp, itpp/base/binary.h: Check for allowed 0 or
	1 values in ">>" operator of bin class

	Without this patch it was possible to initialise binary vectors or
	matrices with values other than 0 or 1, when linking to the IT++
	library build without "-DNDEBUG" flag.
	BTW, performed a set of cosmetic changes in bin class operators
	and constructors.

2007-10-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL, doc/local/installation.doc, config/acx_fft.m4: Added
	--with-fft-include=DIR option to the configure command

	This option can be used instead of CPPFLAGS to pass non standard
	paths to include files required by IT++ FFT routines (using ACML,
	MKL or FFTW).

	* config/acx_blas.m4, config/acx_fft.m4, config/acx_lapack.m4:
	Cosmetic changes in --with-PACKAGE strings of the configure

2007-10-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/Makefile.am: All test programs needs to be declared in

	Without this change, some reference files (*.ref) might not have
	been included in the distribution package when --without-lapack or
	--without-fft switch was used.

	* config/acx_fft.m4: Do not set blas_xxx_ok=yes when detecting FFT

	This patch fixes FFT library detection macros, so they do not set
	blas_mkl_ok or blas_acml_ok variables. Without this fix, it might
	happened that even if BLAS detection was disabled (e.g. by using
	`--without-blas'), an ACML or MKL BLAS library was indicated as

	* config/acx_blas.m4, itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/config_msvc.h: Fixed failing blas_test and vec_test when
	linking with MKL

	There was a problem with using zdotusub_ Fortran wrapper with
	Intel's MKL library, which resulted in segmentation faults in
	blas_test and vec_test programs. Now zdotusub_ is defined as
	zdotu_ when MKL BLAS is used, and zdotusub.f is not built in such
	a case. BTW, the detection of MKL, ACML and ATLAS BLAS libraries
	is improved (additional HAVE_BLAS_MKL, HAVE_BLAS_ACML and
	HAVE_BLAS_ATLAS definitions are available).

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/Makefile.am: Fixed linking problem with
	zdotu_ when not using BLAS

	If an external BLAS library is not used, do not compile and link
	the zdotusub_ Fortran wrapper, since it requires an external
	zdotu_ function to exist.


2007-09-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 4.0.0-rc1 released (SVN tag: release-4-0-0-rc1)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes

	* tests/itfile_test.cpp: Fixed a minor bug in itfile_test program

	This test program opened the reference data file from source
	directory in read/write mode, which was wrong, because source
	directory can be located on read-only file system. This patch
	fixes this bug.

2007-09-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/modulator_nd_test.cpp, tests/modulator_nd_test.ref: Test
	program updated to use ZF Log-MAP demodulation method

2007-09-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h:
	Implemented Zero-Forcing (ZF) Log-MAP soft demodulation method

	Zero-Forcing approximate demodulation method can be used instead
	of a brute-force optimum enumeration of all constellation points
	in both real- and complex-valued MIMO demodulators. Thanks to Erik
	G. Larsson, who provided the draft implementation and reviewed the

2007-09-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h,
	tests/modulator_nd_test.cpp: Interface improvements in
	Modulator_ND classes

	The interfaces of Modulator_ND class and its descendants were
	redesigned to be more similar to 1D and 2D modulators' interfaces.
	BTW, revised the documentation and performed a set of cosmetic

2007-09-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/channel.h: Documentation improvements in AWGN_Channel

	Described clearly what is the meaning of the AWGN_Channel's
	"noisevar" input parameter for real- and complex-valued signals.

2007-09-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/math/elem_math.h: Added sign_i() and sgn_i() functions

	These new functions calculates the sign of an integer or double
	argument and return -1, 0 or 1 integer value.

2007-08-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/math/log_exp.h, itpp/base/specmat.cpp,
	itpp/comm/galois.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp,
	itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp: Improved log2() and log1p() portability

	Additional checks for log2() and log1p() functions have been added
	to the configure script. If they are not found, local
	implementations are used. Besides, log2() is now in a global
	scope, not in the "itpp" namespace, which is consistent with GCC.
	BTW, removed unnecessary checks for C++ standard header files.

	* itpp/itmex.h: Added missing mxArray2string() and
	string2mxArray() functions

	Thanks to Bogdan Cristea for reporting this issue and providing
	the patch.

	* doc/local/linking.doc, extras/itpp-config.t2t, itpp-config.1.in,
	itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Improvements in itpp-config and
	pkg-config's itpp.pc scripts

	These changes are intended to follow the distinction between
	linking to a static and shared version of the library, which is
	used in pkg-config's itpp.pc file. By default "itpp-config --libs"
	returns "-I${prefix}/lib -litpp", whereas when "--static" is added
	in front of "--libs", the returned string is extended with a set
	of external library names required for proper static linking.
	Moreover, an additional "--debug" switch has been added, which
	changes the output of "itpp-config --cflags" and "itpp-config
	--libs" by providing debugging flags and debugging library name.
	For backward compatibility "--cflags-opt", "--cflags-debug",
	"--libs-opt" and "--libs-debug" still exist, but they are not
	documented and their use is deprecated.

2007-08-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* config/acx_blas.m4, config/acx_fft.m4, config/acx_lapack.m4,
	configure.ac, itpp-config.in, itpp.pc.in: Break configuration when
	BLAS, LAPACK or FFT not found

	If the required external libraries are not found, stop
	configuration process and print an error message informing that
	one can use "--without-{blas,lapack,fft}" option, but IT++
	functionality will be limited. BTW, removal of redundant spaces
	been implemented in the configure script.

2007-08-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, tests/Makefile.am, tests/cholesky_test.cpp,
	tests/det_test.cpp, tests/eigen_test.cpp, tests/fastica_test.cpp,
	tests/filter_design_test.cpp, tests/freq_filt_test.cpp,
	tests/inv_test.cpp, tests/ls_solve_test.cpp, tests/lu_test.cpp,
	tests/matfunc_test.cpp, tests/modulator_nd_test.cpp,
	tests/poly_test.cpp, tests/qr_test.cpp, tests/schur_test.cpp,
	tests/sigfun_test.cpp, tests/stat_test.cpp, tests/svd_test.cpp,
	tests/transforms_test.cpp: Made LAPACK and FFT dependent tests

	If linking to an optional LAPACK or FFT external library is not
	configured, do not compile and run the test programs that depends
	on these libraries. This results in all tests passed when
	"--without-{blas,lapack,fft}" configure switch is intentionally

	* itpp/base/factory.cpp, itpp/base/factory.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_factory.cpp: Cosmetic changes in memory allocation

	Instead of using "new char[size]" for raw memory allocation, use
	more generic "operator new(size)". Similarly, use "operator
	delete(p)" instead of "delete [] (p)". This makes the code
	consistent with 16-byte aligned create_elements() and
	destroy_elements() specialisations.

	* itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/factory.cpp, itpp/base/factory.h,
	itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/fixed/fix_factory.cpp:
	Improved memory allocation routines

	Following the idea proposed in feature request [1277721]
	implementation of create_elements() functions was improved. First
	the memory for an Array, Vec or Mat is allocated and then the
	constructor of each element is executed, but only if necessary.
	For simple types like bin, int, double, etc., the constructor is
	not invoked. Moreover, in the previous implementation the
	constructor of each Array<Array>, Array<Vec> or Array<Mat> element
	was invoked twice. Now this is fixed. Thanks to George Jongren for
	submitting this feature request.

	* itpp/base/factory.cpp, itpp/base/factory.h,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/signal/transforms.cpp,
	win32/itpp_acml.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj: Solved FFTW
	alignment issue

	By implementing new specialisations of create_elements() and
	destroy_elements() functions, 16-byte memory alignment of Array,
	Vec and Mat data is used for double and complex<double> types.
	With this new implementation, fft(), ifft(), dct() and idct()
	functions using FFTW external library run up to 30% faster than
	with non-aligned data structures. This fix closes feature
	request [1418707].

	* itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/factory.h, itpp/base/mat.h,
	itpp/base/vec.h: Added destroy_elements() function

	The destroy_elements() function accompanies create_elements() used
	for memory allocation. Future changes to memory allocation
	scheme (e.g. memory alignment) for Array, Vec and Mat classes will
	only require redefinition of these two methods.
	BTW, removed inlining of alloc(), free(), create_elements() and
	destroy_elements() functions, which does not give any real
	performance gain but the code is bigger than necessary.

2007-08-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/fixed/cfix.cpp, itpp/fixed/cfix.h, itpp/fixed/fix.cpp,
	itpp/fixed/fix.h: Improvements in string parsers

	Added support for NaN (not a number) and Inf (infinity) for parsed
	Vec<double> arguments. This fixes feature request [1066711].
	Changed "bool Vec<>::set()" into "void Vec<>::set(), because
	returned value was always true. Reused Vec<int>::set()
	specialisation in Vec<short int>::set() implementation. Simplified
	implementation of Vec<int>::set() specialisation.

2007-08-25  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.h, tests/mat_test.cpp, tests/mat_test.ref:
	Added set_rows() and set_cols() methods to Mat

	These new set functions match existing get_rows() and get_cols()
	methods. This patch fixes feature request [711263].

2007-08-24  Andreas Wolfgang  <andreas-w@users.sourceforge.net>

	* extras/itsave.m Fixed script to be compatible with Matlab V7.3

	Since Matlab does not support sizeof(...), it was replaced by a new
	function itsizeof(...). In addition logical expressions have been
	made Matlab compatible (only variables with identical dimensions
	are used in logical expressions). The patch was tested using
	Matlab V7.3 and Octave V2.9.9.

2007-08-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.h: Fine tuning of random generators

	When generating a vector or matrix of random samples, it is more
	efficient to use "*=" and "+=" operators on the same allocated
	memory pool than create temporary copies of vectors and matrices.
	Moreover, for double and complex<double> types, "*=" operator can
	employ optimised BLAS implementation.

	* itpp/comm/channel.cpp, itpp/comm/channel.h: Fine tuning of
	AWGN_Channel operator() performance

	Instead of using randn() and randn_c() global functions,
	Normal_RNG and Complex_Normal_RNG generators are declared as class
	objects. This reduces the number of generator's constructor
	executions to minimum.

2007-08-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/Makefile.am: Return non-zero exit status on make check

	If not all test programs pass, output a short status message with
	the number of tests failed and return non-zero exit status to

2007-08-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/installation.doc, doc/local/linking.doc: Documentation
	updated to reflect recent changes

	* win32/itpp_acml_tests/fastica_test.vcproj,
	win32/itpp_mkl_tests/*.vcproj: Final problems fixed in the MSVC++
	project files for test programs

	The fastica_test, itfile_test and parser_test projects require
	additional preprocessor definitions of some test data files.
	Besides, all project files in win32/itpp_mkl_tests directory were
	missing ProjectGUID, which is normally automatically added by the
	MSVC++ IDE environment. All test programs should now compile and
	run without any problems.

2007-08-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* extras/acml_tests_vcproj.template,
	extras/mkl_tests_vcproj.template, win32/**/*.vcproj: Removed
	versions from MKL and ACML directories

	To prevent unnecessary updates of MSVC++ project files, the
	installation directories of MKL and ACML libraries under windows
	do not contain version numbers, i.e. "C:\Program Files\Intel\MKL"
	and "C:\Program Files\AMD\acml". MKL and ACML libraries should be
	installed into these directories in order to work with the
	prepared project files without any modifications.

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h: Fixed problems with comma in Vec::set() parser

	The previous string parser implementation in Vec class was not
	fully functional when using MSVC++ compiler. The problem was that
	commas just after a parsed value caused application crash. For
	instance "1 , 0 1 " was parsed fine, but parsing "1, 0,1" resulted
	in a crash. Fixed this issue by replacing all commas with spaces
	before actual parsing is done, except the complex vector case,
	where "(1,0.2)" are valid complex values. BTW, the Mat::set()
	parsing function was rewritten to reuse the Vec::set() method.

	* extras/acml_tests_vcproj.template, extras/gen_vcproj_tests.sh,
	extras/mkl_tests_vcproj.template, win32/itpp_acml.vcproj,
	win32/itpp_acml_tests/*.vcproj, win32/itpp_acml_tests/Makefile.am,
	win32/itpp_acml_tests/itpp_acml_tests.sln, win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj,
	win32/itpp_mkl_tests/*.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl_tests/Makefile.am,
	win32/itpp_mkl_tests/itpp_mkl_tests.sln: Prepared MSVC++ project
	files for test programs

	These project files were generated from two template files with
	"gen_vcproj_tests.sh" script. Then, they were included in
	appropriate solutions: "itpp_acml_tests.sln" and
	"itpp_mkl_tests.sln", for external ACML and MKL libraries

	* itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/base/zdotusub.f: Modified zdotusub_() function to match ACML

	The Fortran wrapper zdodusub_() of BLAS zdotu_() function used
	CBLAS inteface, which was incompatible with ACML implementation.
	Fixed this, so the native ACML function can be used under MSVC++
	compiler. Besides, disabled this function when using IT++ with
	Intel MKL under MSVC++.

	* tests/fastica_test.cpp, tests/itfile_test.cpp,
	tests/parser_test.cpp, tests/turbo_test.cpp: Cosmetic changes in a
	few test programs

	Compilation of turbo_test and itfile_test programs under MSVC++
	resulted in some warnings related to the use of variable `i' and
	initialisation of a float variable `f_ref'. These issues are now
	fixed. BTW, error messages in fastica_test, itfile_test and
	parser_test were changed to use `cerr' output stream, instead of

2007-08-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/rand_test.cpp, tests/rand_test.ref: Fixed a bug in
	rand_test program

	The rand_test implementation was not deterministic, which resulted
	in a failed test result on SunOS SPARC platform. Generation of
	scalars, vectors and matrices of random numbers in separate "cout"
	commands fixes this problem.

	* doc/local/linking.doc: Documentation updated

	Reflected recent changes in the pkg-config's itpp.pc file in the
	"Linking with IT++" documentation. BTW, revised the section about
	using itload.m and itsave.m m-files in Matlab/Octave.

	* itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h: Fixed regressions related to
	the specialised operator*()

	The templated friend operator*() for two vectors, which calculates
	the dot product, needs to be instantiated in the same way as the
	dot() function. Besides, the declaration of the friend operator*()
	included the definition. This definition is now moved below dot()
	function definition. Without these two changes, a segmentation
	fault occurred in vec_test under Cygwin.

	* itpp.pc.in: Improvements in pkg-config's itpp.pc script

	"Libs" variable settings in the itpp.pc pkg-config's file are now
	split into "Libs" and "Libs.private". The latter one is only used
	when doing a static linking (using "--static" pkg-config switch).

	* config/acx_blas.m4, config/acx_fft.m4, config/acx_lapack.m4:
	Cosmetic changes - deleted trailing whitespace

	* configure.ac: Let the user override the default CXXFLAGS_DEBUG

	The CXXFLAGS_DEBUG environment variable can be used to override
	the default settings of this flag. BTW, added "-Werror" to the
	default debug flags.

2007-08-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.cpp, itpp/base/random.h, tests/rand_test.cpp,
	tests/rand_test.ref, tests/source_test.cpp, tests/source_test.ref:
	Simplified and optimised RNG implementations

	Rayleigh_RNG and Rice_RNG now use Normal_RNG for efficient
	generation of samples (new implementation is about 4 times
	faster). Minor code optimisations in Laplace_RNG, Weibull_RNG and
	AR1_Normal_RNG. Test programs for RNG and deterministic sources
	updated accordingly.

2007-08-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* Makefile.am: Added NEWS-3.99 to EXTRA_DIST

	* tests/stat_test.cpp: Check for LAPACK

	This test requires svd() function, which is provided by an
	external LAPACK library. Therefore we have to check for
	HAVE_LAPACK definition like in other LAPACK-related test programs.

	* configure.ac: Version bump

	* NEWS, NEWS-3.99: Renamed NEWS file to NEWS-3.99

	* NEWS-3.10: Updated to include 3.10.12 release notes


2007-08-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ released (SVN tag: release-3-99-3-1)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes

	* configure.ac: Version bump

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/Makefile.am, itpp/base/blas.h,
	itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/base/zdotusub.f: Fixed
	a bug related to zdotu_() BLAS function

	Wrong declaration of zdotu_() BLAS function interface caused
	segmentation faults when IT++ was compiled with
	"-fomit-frame-pointer" flag. To fix this problem a Fortran wrapper
	function zdotusub_() has been added to IT++. This wrapper function
	comes from NetLib's CBLAS package.


2007-08-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.99.3 released (SVN tag: release-3-99-3)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes

2007-08-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, win32/Makefile.am,
	win32/itpp_acml_tests/itpp_acml_tests.sln, win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj,
	win32/itpp_mkl_tests/itpp_mkl_tests.sln: Added MSVC++ project
	files for test programs

	This patch includes MSVC++ project files for easy building and
	linking a few test programs with IT++ and MKL or ACML libraries.
	The project files are configured to use 32-bit versions of MKL
	9.1.025 and ACML 3.6.0 PGI libraries installed into their default
	locations on Windows platforms.

2007-08-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/vec.h, tests/blas_test.cpp,
	tests/blas_test.ref: Fixed a bug in dot() for complex arguments

	Declaration of BLAS zdotu_() method changed so, the first argument
	now passes the complex result. This fixes segmentation fault of
	blas_test and vec_test when using GCC 3.4.5 under SunOS 5.9 on
	SPARC. It also makes workaround for MSVC++ warning C4190

	* tests/mat_test.cpp, tests/mat_test.ref: Improvements in mat_test

	Perform more consistent tests of the templated Mat class for bin,
	int, double and std::complex<double> arguments.

2007-08-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/Makefile.am, doc/images/Makefile.am,
	doc/images/newcom_logo.png, doc/local/authors.doc,
	doc/local/itpp_header.html: NEWCOM logo removed

	Since the NEWCOM project ended in March 2007, the existence of its
	logo in IT++ HTML documentation is not necessary any more.

	* tests/vec_test.cpp, tests/vec_test.ref: Improvements in vec_test

	Perform more consistent tests of the templated Vec class for bin,
	int, double and std::complex<double> arguments.

	* itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.h: Code cleanup in Vec/Mat's
	multiply and division operators

	Used BLAS-aided scal_vector() method in multiplication by constant
	operator in Mat class. Replaced duplicated implementation with
	executions of inlined multiplication operators in both Vec and Mat
	classes. Simplified Vec's division operators by removal of
	unnecessary checks for special cases.

	* itpp/base/vec.h: Added missing initialization command

	Output matrix has to be initialised with zeros in BLAS-based
	Vec::outer_product() function specializations.

2007-08-03  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h: Documentation updates

2007-07-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc, itpp/base/sort.h,
	tests/Makefile.am, tests/sort_test.cpp, tests/sort_test.ref:
	Sorting functions revised

	The sort() and sort_index() functions can now use four different
	algorithms: Introsort, Quicksort, Heapsort and Insertion Sort,
	which are implemented in a common Sort class. The Introsort is
	the default method. The revised implementation is much faster
	because it uses pointers for accessing the data to be sorted.
	Sorting test program is included in this commit as well.

	Thanks to Mark Dobossy for this improved implementation.
	This commit closes feature request [1746876].

2007-07-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/copy_vector.h, itpp/base/vec.h:
	Added scal_vector() and axpy_vector() low level functions

	These two functions uses BLAS methods for double and
	std::complex<double> types of a vector. The function scal_vector()
	realizes "x *= alpha", whereas axpy_vector() realizes
	"y = alpha*x + y". Vector x and y are of the same size.
	BTW, improved performance of Vec's "*=" and "/=" operators with
	scalar arguments by using scal_vector() method.

	* INSTALL, README, configure.ac, doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in,
	doc/local/index.doc.in, doc/local/installation.doc,
	itpp/base/blas.h, itpp/base/copy_vector.h, itpp/base/mat.cpp,
	itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/sources.mk, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/config_msvc.h, itpp/signal/transforms.cpp,
	tests/Makefile.am, tests/blas_test.cpp, tests/blas_test.ref,
	win32/itpp_acml.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj: Removed CBLAS

	To limit the number of external libraries required by IT++ CBLAS
	interfaces have been replaced with a Fortran BLAS. Besides, vec
	and cvec specialisation of the outer_product() method using BLAS
	functions has been added. To verify BLAS-aided routines, an extra
	blas_test has been added.

	This commit closes feature request [1746876].

2007-07-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.h: Fixed a bug in set_size() method

	When resizing a smaller matrix into a bigger one with copying the
	content, the unused entries were not initialised to zeros

	Besides, the use of a copy_vector() function instead of nested
	loops with element by element copying increases the overall
	performance of various operations on matrices. Therefore, this
	patch improves performance of set_size(), transpose(),
	hermitian_transpose(), concat_horizontal() and concat_vertical()

	* itpp/base/vec.h : Fixed assertion check in operator "/="

2007-07-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.h: Use copy_vector() where possible

	This patch improves the consistency and possibly the performance
	of various Vec's methods by using copy_vector() instead of
	explicit copying of elements in a loop. It also fixes a minor bug
	in "/=" operator for the case of division of a vector with itself,
	i.e. "v /= v;". Finally, this patch adds missing friend
	declarations for concat() functions and improves if statements in
	the alloc() function.

2007-07-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* **/*: Removed trailing whitespace

	Trailing whitespace (spaces and tabs at the end of each line) does
	not contain any information. Moreover, it sometimes causes
	conflicts when applying patches or merging branches. Therefore,
	let's get rid of it from the code and other text files.

	Trailing whitespace can be easily removed with sed or perl and
	their regular expressions:
	% sed -i -e 's/[ \t]*$//' source.cpp
	% perl -i -p -e 's/[ \t]*$//' source.cpp

2007-07-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/documentation.doc, extras/itload.m, extras/itsave.m,
	itpp/**/*.cpp, itpp/**/*.h, tests/*.cpp: Removed $Revision$ and
	$Date$ keywords

	The $Revision$ and $Date$ keywords in each file comment sometimes
	cause errors when trying to apply patches or merged branches.
	Therefore, IT++ sources will not use them any more.

	* itpp/**/*.cpp, itpp/**/*.h: Removed trailing whitespace

	Trailing whitespace (spaces and tabs at the end of each line) does
	not contain any information. Moreover, it sometimes causes
	conflicts when applying patches or merging branches. Therefore,
	let's get rid of it from the code.

	* itpp/base/mat.h: Improved del_rows() performance

	The more optimum but not working implementation of del_rows() has
	been fixed and uncommented, so it now replaces the slow execution
	of del_row() method for each deleted row in a loop.

2007-07-11  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/commfunc.cpp: Compilation warning suppressed by
	initializing the lambda variable

2007-07-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/matfunc.h: Added repmat()
	function for vectors

	Matrin Senst provided a new repmat() implementation which
	concatenates a multiple number of vectors. It extends the
	functionality of recently added repmat() functions for matrices.

2007-06-29  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/signal/resampling.h: Minor spelling fixes in documentation

	* tests/*.cpp: Copyright dates updated

	* configure.ac: Version number updated

	* itpp/base/matfunc.cpp, itpp/base/matfunc.h,
	tests/matfunc_test.cpp, tests/matfunc_test.ref: Added repmat()
	function (feature request [1744527])

	This functions is a clone of a Matlab's repmat function. It
	expands an input matrix or vector to a larger matrix by
	concatenating (m x n) copies of the input matrix (vector). Thanks
	to Mark Dobossy for providing a patch.

2007-06-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Improved LDPC binary files versioning

	A global static const variable LDPC_binary_file_version has been
	defined, which is now used in load/save methods of LDPC_Generator
	and LDPC_Code classes. Besides, H_defined and G_defined boolean
	variables are loaded/saved using the new stream operators of
	it_file and it_ifile classes.

	* TODO, itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/binfile.h,
	itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.h, tests/itfile_test.cpp,
	tests/itfile_test.ref, tests/itfile_test_data.it: Added support
	for bool variables in it_file class

	It is now possible to read and write bool variables using standard
	stream operators ">>" and "<<" of the it_file and it_ifile
	classes. Boolean variables are stored in a binary file using a
	char datatype.


2007-06-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.99.2 released (SVN tag: release-3-99-2)

	* NEWS, TODO: Updated to reflect recent changes

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Fixed a minor bug reported as error in

	The implicit cast of int variables to bool results in compilation
	errors under MS Visual C++ .NET 2005 compiler. The applied fix is
	a workaround solution. In future fstream operators ">>" and "<<"
	for bool variables should be implemented in it_file class.

	* configure.ac: Removed "-fno-exceptions" flag from CXXFLAGS

	This conditional flag was added to CXXFLAGS and CXXFLAGS_DEBUG
	when "--enable-exceptions" switch was passed to configure.
	However, it is better not to use it by default, since it might
	cause problems when linking the IT++ library with other programs
	that use exceptions.

2007-06-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/base/specmat.h: Fixed bug [1739500]
	in hadamard() function

	The initial recursion for creating Hadamard matrices has to start
	with a 1x1 matrix H = [1], not with a 2x2 matrix. This fix
	provides correct solution for imat H = hadamard(1). Thanks to
	Matthias for reporting this problem.

2007-06-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/math/elem_math.cpp: Fixed bug [1739267] in binom() and

	The binomial coefficient was calculated wrongly for n = k. Instead
	of 1 the functions result was n+1.

2007-06-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h: Added B-LDPC Codes

	B-LDPC Codes implementation in IT++ consists of a BLDPC_Parity and
	BLDPC_Generator classes. The former one can be used for
	constructing the parity-check matrix from so-called base-matrix.
	Base matrix can be saved and loaded from a text file. The
	BLDPC_Generator class implements an efficient encoding algorithm
	using a preprocessed version of the parity-check matrix.

2007-06-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* INSTALL, config/acx_blas.m4, config/acx_fft.m4,
	config/acx_lapack.m4, configure.ac, doc/local/installation.doc,
	itpp/config_msvc.h, itpp/signal/transforms.cpp:
	Improvements in	MKL detection macros

	The latest MKL release 9.1.018 has different naming of a lapack
	shared library (libmkl_lapack32.so and libmkl_lapack64.so ->
	libmkl_lapack.so). Cosmetic changes in MKL's FFT macro and
	variable names (MKL8 -> MKL)

2007-06-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/srccode/pnm.cpp: The functions for reading ppm and pgm
	images have to use binary mode when opening files. This fixes bug
	[1730610]. Thanks to Thomas Andersson for reporting this problem.


2007-06-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.11 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-11)
	(merged rev. 1050:1051 from itpp-3-10 branch)

	* NEWS-3.10: Updated to reflect recent changes
	(merged rev. 1050:1051 from itpp-3-10 branch)

	* itpp/base/vec.h: The outer_product() function now uses an extra
	argument "hermitian", which controls the calculation for complex
	vectors. By default "hermitian" is set to false, which results in
	(x * y^T) calculation. If "hermitian" is true, (x * y^H) is
	calculated. This solution is backward compatible with 3.10.x
	interface of outer_product(). Final fix for bug [1727923].

2007-05-29  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.h: Added specialisation of the outer_product()
	method for complex vector arguments. This fixes bug [1727923].
	Thanks to Yngve Selen for reporting this issue.

	* itpp/signal/transforms.cpp: Fixed bug [1724746], i.e. a problem
	with modified input data in ifft_real() function. Additional
	FFTW_PRESERVE_INPUT flag used during FFTW plan creation solves
	this problem. Thanks to Klaas Hofstra for reporting this bug.

2007-05-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/schur_test.cpp, tests/schur_test.ref: Schur decomposition
	is not unique, therefore the comparision of the non-zero norm of
	the lower triangular part of matrix T was not a good idea. Fixed
	this problem in the schur_test program.

2007-05-15  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/signal/transforms.h: Fixed
	linking errors when trying to use Hadamard and Walsh-Hadamard
	transform functions. This fixes bug report [1719146] submitted by
	Stephan Ludwig.

2007-05-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: Sean Finney added to the list of

	* itpp/base/random.h, tests/channel_test.ref,
	tests/cholesky_test.ref, tests/det_test.ref, tests/eigen_test.ref,
	tests/filter_design_test.ref, tests/filter_test.ref,
	tests/inv_test.ref, tests/ls_solve_test.ref, tests/lu_test.ref,
	tests/matfunc_test.ref, tests/modulator_nd_test.ref,
	tests/modulator_test.ref, tests/poly_test.ref, tests/qr_test.ref,
	tests/schur_test.ref, tests/source_test.ref, tests/svd_test.ref,
	tests/transforms_test.ref: New implementation of the
	Complex_Normal_RNG class, which now uses the improved Normal_RNG
	for generating the real and imaginary parts of the complex random
	sample. The new generator is about four times faster than the
	previous implementation. This closes feature request [1711727].
	Thanks to Sean Finney for providing a patch.

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h: Now the decode() methods
	return only systematic bits, to be symetric with the encode()
	methods. New methods decode_soft_out() added, which return soft
	LLR values for all bits in a codeword.

2007-05-02  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

        * itpp/tests/commfunc_test.cpp, itpp/tests/commfunc_test.ref:
	Added missing test program

	* itpp/comm/commfunc.cpp: Fixed missing memory allocation

2007-04-30  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/commfunc.h, itpp/comm/commfunc.cpp: Added a new
	function "waterfilling()" to solve water-filling problems

2007-04-29  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.cpp, itpp/base/random.h,
	tests/cholesky_test.ref, tests/circular_buffer_test.ref,
	tests/det_test.ref, tests/eigen_test.ref,
	tests/filter_design_test.ref, tests/filter_test.ref,
	tests/histogram_test.ref, tests/inv_test.ref, tests/ldpc_test.cpp,
	tests/ldpc_test.ref, tests/ls_solve_test.ref, tests/lu_test.ref,
	tests/matfunc_test.ref, tests/mat_test.ref,
	tests/modulator_nd_test.ref, tests/modulator_test.ref,
	tests/poly_test.ref, tests/qr_test.ref, tests/rand_test.ref,
	tests/schur_test.ref, tests/sigfun_test.ref,
	tests/source_test.ref, tests/sparse_test.ref, tests/stat_test.ref,
	tests/svd_test.ref, tests/transforms_test.ref,
	tests/turbo_test.ref, tests/vec_test.ref: New implementation of
	the Normal_RNG sample() function, which uses the so-called
	Ziggurat algorithm. The new generator is about five times faster
	than the previous one using the Box-Mueller method. This fixes
	feature request [1707969]. Thanks to Sean Finney for providing a

2007-04-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_bersim_awgn.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/ldpc.h, tests/ldpc_test.ref: Fixed bugs in
	LDPC_Code::load_code() and LDPC_Code::save_code() functions. It
	could happen that LDPC generator object might be left
	uninitialised when loading the coded from a binary file. Removed
	unnecessary integrity_check() execution from the load_code()
	function. setup_decoder() method replaced with three separate
	methods, which are more flexible to use. Tutorial example updated
	to reflect recent changes.

2007-04-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/itmex.h: Fixed bug [1703731] by implementing the missing
	double2mxArray() and double_complex2mxArray() functions. Thanks to
	Danilo Zanatta Filho for providing a patch.

2007-04-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/**/*.{cpp,h}: Copyright dates updated to `1995-2007'

	* itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/protocol/selective_repeat.cpp,
	itpp/stat/mog_diag.cpp: Once again added missing #include
	<cstdlib> statements

2007-04-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itassert.cpp, itpp/base/math/elem_math.h,
	itpp/base/parser.cpp, itpp/comm/error_counters.cpp,
	itpp/comm/llr.h, itpp/protocol/selective_repeat.cpp,
	itpp/protocol/tcp.cpp, itpp/srccode/vq.cpp: Added missing #include
	<cstdlib> and <limits> header files. This fixes problems with
	building using GCC 4.3 snapshot. Thanks to Martin Michlmayr from
	the Debian project for reporting this bug.
	(merged rev. 1005:1006 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

2007-04-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itassert.cpp: Fixed a problem with not displayed
	assert and error messages, which was introduced in rev. 982.


2007-04-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.10 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-10)
	(merged rev. 999:1000 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* NEWS-3.10: Updated to reflect recent changes
	(merged rev. 999:1000 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* TODO: Updated to reflect recent changes in IT++ file format
	(merged rev. 986:997 from the it_file-v3 temporary branch)

	* extras/itload.m, extras/itsave.m: Updated to be compatible with
	IT++ file format version 3. Implemented missing load functions for
	Array<Vec<T> >, Array<Mat<T> > and Array<string> types. Function
	itsave() detects the type of a saved vector or matrix and uses
	bvec, bmat, ivec, imat, vec, mat, cvec or cmat types respecively.
	(merged rev. 986:997 from the it_file-v3 temporary branch)

	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/binfile.h,
	itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.h,
	tests/itfile_test.cpp, tests/itfile_test.ref,
	Major changes in IT++ file format related classes:
	- the new file format (version 3) is incompatible with version 2,
	which was used in IT++ 3.10.x series; for backward compatibility
	the previous format can be handled using the it_file_old and
	it_ifile_old classes, which are considered as deprecated and will
	be removed from the library in future
	- data is always saved using a little endian byte ordering; files
	files written on machines using big or little endian ordering
	should be identical; endianity variable removed from the
	data_header structure
	- all size variables are stored using fixed-width 64-bit unsigned
	integer type, and therefore are independent of the architecture
	word size (32- or 64-bit)
	- short and int data types are explicitly casted to fixed-with
	types int16_t, uint16_t, int32_t and uint32_t, since C/C++
	standards do not assume fixed widths of these types
	- cleaner and more efficient implementation of the
	write_data_header() function
	- added missing implementation of a pack() function, which compacts
	an opened it_file by removing free space between data blocks
	- added optional description filed which can be saved with each
	- added missing operators and methods for reading and writing svec
	and smat data types
	(merged rev. 986:997 from the it_file-v3 temporary branch)

	* tests/timer_test.cpp, tests/timer_test.ref: CPU_Timer test is
	now independent of a Real_Timer test. This should solve test
	failures in some specific cases (high load of CPU, etc.).
	(merged rev. 993:994 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

2007-04-07   Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/ldpc/ldpc.cpp, tests/ldpc_test.ref: "<=" changed to "<" in
	iteration count in decoder. Thanks to M. Senst for reporting this.

2007-04-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/vec.cpp, tests/vec_test.cpp, tests/vec_test.ref: Fixed
	a minor bug in the set() method, when parsing an "a:b" or "a:b:c"
	fromat. Due to precision problems the last value from some
	specific ranges was not included in the result, e.g. "0:0.2:3"
	resulted in a vector with 2.8 at the end (instead of 3). Thanks to
	Martin Senst for reporting this issue.

2007-04-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/itfile_test.cpp, tests/itfile_test_data.it,
	tests/itfile_test.ref: IT++ file format test program improved

2007-04-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itassert.cpp: Fixed a compilation problem when IT++ is
	configured with the "--enable-exceptions" switch

	* itpp/base/itfile.cpp: Fixed bug [1693384] caused by a missing
	explicit cast of string size to int

	* configure.ac, itpp.spec.in: Minor cleanups and improvements

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: Added Gunter Dannoritzer as
	openSUSE distribution packages maintainer

2007-04-01  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h: Documentation updates

2007-03-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h: Fixed a small bug in the
	integrity_check() function. Some of the private data and methods
	made protected to allow access by the classes who might inherit
	from the LDPC_Code.

2007-03-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/base/gf2mat.h: Added set_size()
	method to the GF2mat class, which is compatible with Mat's
	set_size() function.

	* configure.ac: Version bump


2007-03-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.99.1 released (SVN tag: release-3-99-1)

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Added a new verification report for
	MSVC++ .NET and IT++ with ACML

2007-03-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* win32/itpp_acml.sln, win32/itpp_acml.vcproj, win32/itpp_mkl.sln,
	win32/itpp_mkl.vcproj, doc/local/installation.doc,
	doc/local/linking.doc, itpp/config_msvc.h, win32/itpp.sln,
	win32/itpp.vcproj, win32/Makefile.am: Added a new MSVC++ project
	file for linking IT++ with ACML (PGI build for Windows).
	Installation manual and "Linking with IT++" document updated to
	reflect these changes.

2007-03-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.cpp, itpp/base/random.h: Added
	rand53_01_lclosed() function for 53-bit resolution [0,1) random
	numbers generator. Global static initialization flag moved into
	Random_Generator class.

2007-03-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h: "std::string" replaced
	with "const std::string&" in function arguments to prevent passing
	by value. Cosmetic changes related to line wrapping.

2007-03-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h: "init_state" variable
	renamed to "init_flag". Cosmetic changes in the integrity_check()

2007-03-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_bersim_awgn.cpp,
	doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_gen_codes.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/ldpc.h, tests/ldpc_test.cpp: LDPC_Parity_Matrix class
	split into a set of classes, which inherits from the new base
	class LDPC_Parity. Test and tutorials programs updated

2007-03-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/svec.h: Added a new method get_nz_indices(), which
	returns the indices of non-zero values in a sparse vector.

2007-03-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* config/acx_blas.m4: Fixed a bug in BLAS detection, when an
	explicit library is passed to configure using "--with-blas=..."

2007-03-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/base/gf2mat.h: Portability improved
	by replacing "unsigned short int" with 8-bit "unsigned char" type
	for storing data bits. Implemented missing GF2mat constructor that
	uses bmat as an argument. A few other cosmetic changes and
	documentation improvements done.

	* itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.h: Added missing
	read/write operators for the char type

2007-03-01  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h: Added a function set_llrcalc()

2007-02-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/Makefile.am: Test programs are now linked to the optimised
	library by default. Fixed the problem of missing "*.ref" files in
	the distribution package, when some modules were disabled during
	the configuration process.

	* tests/gf2mat_test.cpp: Added EXTENSIVE_TESTS macro definition,
	which turns on/off extensive tests.

2007-02-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_bersim_awgn.cpp: Changed the Nbits type
	to 64-bit int64_t

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Fixed a problem in the integrity_check()
	function when no generator is defined.

2007-02-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_bersim_awgn.cpp,
	doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_gen_codes.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/ldpc.h, tests/ldpc_test.cpp: LDPC_Generator abstract
	base class added. It provides a common interface for user defined
	generators. LDPC_Generator_Matrix replaced with the
	LDPC_Generator_Systematic class derived from the LDPC_Generator.
	Improved the interface of LDPC_Code class. Tutorial examples and
	test program updated accordingly.

2007-02-18  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, tests/ldpc_test.cpp: Added
	a feature to generator matrix computation (minor interface change)

2007-02-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* config/acx_blas.m4, config/acx_cblas.m4, config/acx_fft.m4,
	config/acx_lapack.m4, configure.ac: Improved the speed and
	portability of external libraries detection macros

2007-02-16  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Fixed some assertions

2007-02-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator.h: Fixed bug [1661419] by adding default
	constructors to the QAM, PSK, PAM_c and PAM modulator classes.
	Thanks to Jordy Potman for reporting this bug.

2007-02-12  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/Makefile.am, Makefile.am: Changed the naming scheme of
	snapshots to "itpp-VERSION_preYYYYMMDD"


2007-02-10  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.9 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-9)
	(merged rev. 929:930 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* NEWS: Updated to include recent changes
	(merged rev. 929:930 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

2007-02-09  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp: Replaced it_info() with it_info_debug() to
	disable information messages when using an optimized library

2007-02-08  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp,
	itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/signal/freq_filt.cpp: Fixed improper changes
	in template specializations

	* doc/doxygen_html.cfg.in, itpp/base/binary.h,
	itpp/base/circular_buffer.h, itpp/base/gf2mat.h,
	itpp/base/itfile.h, itpp/base/mat.cpp, itpp/base/mat.h,
	itpp/base/parser.h, itpp/base/vec.cpp, itpp/base/vec.h,
	itpp/comm/channel.h, itpp/comm/channel_code.h,
	itpp/comm/convcode.cpp, itpp/comm/convcode.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/llr.h, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h, itpp/comm/reedsolomon.h,
	itpp/comm/spread.h, itpp/comm/turbo.h, itpp/fixed/cfix.h,
	itpp/fixed/cfixed.h, itpp/fixed/fix.h, itpp/fixed/fix_base.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_factory.h, itpp/fixed/fixed.h,
	itpp/optim/newton_search.h, itpp/signal/fastica.cpp,
	itpp/signal/filter.h, itpp/signal/filter_design.h,
	itpp/signal/freq_filt.cpp, itpp/signal/freq_filt.h,
	itpp/signal/poly.h, itpp/signal/sigfun.h,
	itpp/signal/transforms.cpp, itpp/stat/histogram.h: Fixed Doxygen
	warnings by adding or correcting the documentation syntax

	* doc/local/installation.doc: Updated CXXFLAGS description

	* configure.ac, Makefile.am: "upload" target removed

	* itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.cpp,
	itpp/comm/rec_syst_conv_code.h: "INF" preprocessor definition
	replaced with a private constant "infinity"

	* itpp/comm/bch.h, itpp/comm/channel_code.h, itpp/comm/convcode.h,
	itpp/comm/egolay.h, itpp/comm/hammcode.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.h,
	itpp/comm/punct_convcode.h, itpp/comm/reedsolomon.h,
	itpp/comm/turbo.h: Changed get_rate() functions into const ones

2007-02-07  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/fastmath.h, itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/base/ittypes.h,
	itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/matfunc.h, itpp/base/math/elem_math.h,
	itpp/base/math/error.cpp, itpp/base/math/integration.cpp,
	itpp/base/operators.h, itpp/base/parser.h, itpp/base/smat.h,
	itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/base/vec.h: Fixed Doxygen warnings by
	adding or correcting the documentation

2007-02-06  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itassert.h: Added missing documentation for macros

	* itpp/base/converters.cpp, itpp/base/converters.h: Fixed Doxygen
	errors and improved the implementation of to_cvec() and to_cmat()

2007-02-05  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/binfile.h,
	itpp/base/converters.cpp: Documentation fixes related to Doxygen
	warnings and errors

	* itpp/base/algebra/ls_solve.h: Fixed improper declarations of
	ls_solve_od() and ls_solve_ud() methods

	* itpp/base/itfile.h: Replaced "uint32_t" with "unsigned int",
	which is a workaroud for the compilation problem under Cygwin.

2007-02-04  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, tests/ldpc_test.ref: Updated information

2007-02-04  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/Makefile.am: Redirecting stderr to /dev/null during "make

	* itpp/base/itassert.h, itpp/base/itassert.cpp: Added
	it_info_no_endl() and it_info_no_endl_debug() macros, which does
	not append "std::endl" at the end of message.

2007-02-03  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/algebra/ls_solve.cpp: Minor fixes to prevent "unused
	variable" warnings when NDEBUG flag is defined.

2007-02-03  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/comm/llr.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp:
	Updated some assertions and information messages

2007-02-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/algebra/det.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/eigen.cpp,
	itpp/base/algebra/inv.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/ls_solve.cpp,
	itpp/base/algebra/lu.cpp, itpp/base/algebra/schur.cpp,
	itpp/base/array.h, itpp/base/binary.h,
	itpp/base/circular_buffer.h, itpp/base/converters.cpp,
	itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/base/mat.cpp,
	itpp/base/matfunc.h, itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/operators.cpp,
	itpp/base/smat.h, itpp/base/specmat.cpp, itpp/base/stack.h,
	itpp/base/svec.h, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/comm/commfunc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/convcode.cpp, itpp/comm/galois.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/llr.cpp, itpp/comm/llr.h,
	itpp/comm/modulator.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator.h,
	itpp/fixed/cfix.cpp, itpp/fixed/cfix.h, itpp/fixed/fix_base.cpp,
	itpp/fixed/fix.cpp, itpp/fixed/fix_functions.h, itpp/fixed/fix.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_operators.cpp, itpp/signal/resampling.h,
	itpp/signal/sigfun.cpp, itpp/signal/transforms.cpp,
	itpp/srccode/audiofile.cpp, itpp/srccode/pnm.cpp:
	Mass replace of the depreceted it_assert0() and it_assert1()
	macros with it_assert_debug()

	* itpp/base/itassert.h: Fixed a small bug in the it_info_debug()
	macro definition. Documentation improved.

2007-02-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/itassert.cpp, itpp/base/itassert.h:
	Improved and reorganised existing error handling macros:
	- using standard NDEBUG flag for controlling it_assert_debug()
	macro, which replaced a three-level ASSERT_LEVEL definition
	- for backward compatibility it_assert0() and it_assert1() now
	behaves the same as it_assert_debug()
	- added new it_info() and it_info_debug() macros for printing
	information messages; it_info_debug() is also dependent on the
	NDEBUG compile-time definition
	- added it_error_msg_style() function for changing the format of
	it_assert(), it_error() and it_warning() messages; if style is set
	to Minimum, file name and line number of the error/assert/warning
	macro is not printed

2007-02-01  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Fix in the standard constructor

2007-01-31  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Added some initialization
	functions for completeness of the class hierarchy

2007-01-31  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/punct_convcode.h: Protected inheritance of the
	Convolutional_Code class replaced with a public one. This fixes
	the problem of assigning the Punctured_Convolutional_Code class
	object to a pointer of Channel_Code class.

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp: Fixed improper reading and writing
	functions of the alist file format

2007-01-30  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, extras/itpp-config.t2t, extras/txt2man.sh,
	itpp-config.1.in, Makefile.am: Added man page for itpp-config

2007-01-29  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Replaced long with int, since long and int
	have the same sizes on most IT++ supported architectures. If there
	is a need for 64-bit integers, (u)int64_t type should be used
	instead of long.

2007-01-28  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.cpp, itpp/base/random.h: Replaced "unsigned
	long" type of "seed" argument of function reset() with "unsigned
	int", because the rest of Random_Generator implementation uses
	"unsigned int" type.

	* itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/comm/convcode.cpp,
	itpp/comm/convcode.h, itpp/comm/interleave.h,
	itpp/comm/punct_convcode.cpp, itpp/comm/punct_convcode.h,
	itpp/comm/turbo.cpp, itpp/comm/turbo.h, itpp/signal/resampling.h,
	itpp/srccode/gmm.cpp: Replaced long with int, since long and int
	have the same sizes on most IT++ supported architectures. If there
	is a need for 64-bit integers, due to portability
	reasons (u)int64_t type should be used instead of long.

2007-01-27  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/bessel/hyperg.cpp, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp: Fixes
	to avoid warnings on possibly uninitialised variables

2007-01-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/math/elem_math.cpp, itpp/base/math/elem_math.h:
	Replaced long with int in binom_i() and gcd() functions, since
	long and int have the same sizes on most IT++ supported
	architectures. If there is a need for 64-bit integers, (u)int64_t
	type should be used instead of long.

2007-01-26  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Fix to avoid compiler warning

2007-01-26  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp: Fixed a minor bug, which caused infinite
	loop of itfile_test on Solaris SPARC with GCC 3.4.5

	* itpp/base/mat.h, itpp/base/vec.h, itpp/comm/crc.cpp,
	itpp/comm/crc.h: Added some missing const keywords, as suggested
	in feature request [1644569]. Thanks to Christian for providing a

	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/binfile.h, itpp/base/itfile.h:
	long type replaced with int or int64_t where necessary due to
	portability issues. Fixed assumptions of type sizes in << and >>
	operators replaced with size dependent read_endian() and
	write_endian() templated functions. Minor cosmetic changes.

2007-01-25  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac, itpp/base/ittypes.h, itpp/config_msvc.h,
	win32/itpp.vcproj: Improved portability by adding checks for sizes
	of short, int, long and "long long" integer types. Assuming that
	short has always 2 bytes and int has always 4 bytes. Instead of
	long or "long long" types, an int64_t type should be used, which
	has always 8 bytes on both 32- and 64-bit platforms. MSVC++
	project file and configuration header updated accordingly.

2007-01-24  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc: Added Kumar Appaiah (Debian
	packages maintainer) to the list of authors

	* itpp/base/sort.h: Minor documentation improvements

	* tests/Makefile.am: Added missing "tests/itfile_test_data.it"

	* itpp/base/sources.mk: Added missing "ittp/base/ittypes.h" file

2007-01-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* configure.ac: IT++ version incremented

2007-01-23  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp: Fixed an incorrect assertion check

2007-01-23  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itfile.cpp, itpp/base/itfile.h, itpp/base/ittypes.h,
	itpp/fixed/fix_base.cpp, itpp/fixed/fix_base.h, itpp/itbase.h:
	Improved inter-platform portability by using fixed-length integer
	types where needed.

	* itpp/base/binfile.cpp, itpp/base/binfile.h: Documentation
	improvements and minor cosmetic changes

	* tests/itfile_test.cpp, tests/itfile_test_data.it,
	tests/itfile_test.ref: Improved it_file tests

2007-01-22  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/itfile_test.cpp, tests/itfile_test_data.it,
	tests/itfile_test.ref, tests/Makefile.am: Added test file for a
	binary it_file format. It is supposed to detect wrong endianness
	detection on various platforms.
	(merged rev. 860:863 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* itpp/comm/modulator.cpp: Fixed wrong assertion check in QAM
	modulator set_M() function


2007-01-21  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.99.0 released (SVN tag: release-3-99-0)

	* Makefile.am: Added missing files to EXTRA_DIST

2007-01-20  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* ChangeLog-2006: ChangeLog entries from year 2006 moved to a
	separate file

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated to include tests under
	Solaris SunOS with ATLAS

2007-01-19  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated to include recent tests
	under Cygwin/Windows XP and Solaris SunOS

2007-01-18  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated to include recent test under
	Gentoo Linux with Intel MKL

2007-01-18  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp: Changed one function name
	and updated documentation

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated

2007-01-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* doc/local/verification.doc: Updated to reflect recent tests

	* NEWS: Consistancy and language improved. Thanks to Erik for his
	valuable comments.

2007-01-17  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp:
	Changed int to bool and vice versa for code portability

2007-01-17  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/random.h: Fixed bug [1635988] by implementing the
	twist() function in a similar way as the original TWIST() macro
	from Takuji Nishimura's and Makoto Matsumoto's C sources.

	* win32/itpp.vcproj: Updated to reflect recent changes in source
	files' locations

2007-01-16  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, tests/ldpc_test.ref: Changed rand() to
	randi() for code portability and to use it++ routines for random

	* itpp/comm/llr.h: C convention for INT_MAX changed to C++

2007-01-16  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* tests/Makefile.am: Fixed non-portable parts of the Makefile
	reported by the latest stable automake 1.10

2007-01-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* NEWS, NEWS-3.10: NEWS file with 3.10 series information copied
	to NEWS-3.10. Preliminary information for 3.99.x
	development releases prepared in NEWS.


2007-01-14  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* IT++ 3.10.8 released (SVN tag: release-3-10-8)
	(merged rev. 828:830 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

2007-01-13  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* NEWS: Updated to reflect recent changes
	(merged rev. 828:830 from the itpp-3-10 branch)

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h, tests/channel_test.cpp,
	tests/ldpc_test.cpp: Added missing SVN properties

2007-01-13  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/comm/ldpc.h, itpp/comm/modulator_nd.h,
	itpp/comm/modulator_nd.cpp: Code cleanup, removing local
	declarations, etc.

2007-01-11  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, tests/ldpc_test.ref: Minor enhancements

	* itpp/base/specmat.h, itpp/base/specmat.cpp: Added function

2007-01-09  Conrad Sanderson  <conrad_s@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/itassert.cpp: Changed "Assertation" to "Assertion"

2007-01-07  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* AUTHORS, doc/local/authors.doc, itpp/comm/ldpc.h,
	itpp/comm/ldpc.cpp, itpp/itcomm.h, itpp/tests/ldpc_test.cpp,
	itpp/tests/ldpc_test.ref, itpp/comm/sources.mk, tests/Makefile.am,
	doc/tutorial/tutorial.doc, doc/tutorial/sources.mk,
	doc/tutorial/src/sources.mk, doc/tutorial/ldpc_gen_codes.doc,
	doc/tutorial/src/ldpc_bersim_awgn.cpp: Added first version of the
	LDPC codec class

	* itpp/comm/llr.h, itpp/comm/llr.cpp, itpp/tests/llr_test.ref,
	itpp/tests/modulator_nd_test.ref: Minor updates

	* itpp/base/smat.h: Minor efficiency improvements

	* itpp/comm/error_counters.h: Added function get_total_bits() and

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h: Documentation updates

	* TODO: Updated

2007-01-05  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h: Clarification in documentation

2007-01-04  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, tests/Makefile.am:
	Code readability and documentation improvements. Minor fixes.

2007-01-03  Erik G. Larsson  <erik_g_larsson@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/gf2mat.h, itpp/base/gf2mat.cpp, tests/gf2mat_test.cpp,
	tests/gf2mat_test.ref: Added support for "alist" representation
	(based on code provided by Adam P) of sparse GF(2)
	matrices. Implemented minor improvements.

	* doc/tutorial/src/mimoconv.cpp: Minor improvements

	* itpp/base/random.h: Minor documentation improvement

2007-01-02  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/mat.h: Implemented feature request [1216416]. Multiply
	operator `*' of a vector `v' and single-row matrix `m' now works
	for any size of vector `v'. This change is backward compatible
	with the previous implementation.

	* itpp/base/array.h: Fixed a small bug caused by a missing "const"
	keyword in in_range() inline function.

2007-01-01  Adam Piatyszek  <ediap@users.sourceforge.net>

	* itpp/base/array.h, tests/array_test.cpp, tests/array_test.ref,
	TODO: Added missing left(), right() and mid() methods to the Array

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