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 <h2> How to release a new version of IT++ </h2>
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 <li> Export a clean, unversioned copy of the IT++ sources using the release
-  tag:<br> 
+  tag:<br>
 <code>% svn export https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/itpp/itpp/tags/release-3-10-0 itpp-3.10.0</code>
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 <li> Access SourceForge file release interface and add the packages.
   Remember to fill in the Release Notes and ChangeLog parts with appropriate
-  infmormation. </li> 
+  infmormation. </li>
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-<p> Finally, you should send an announcement to: 
+<p> Finally, you should send an announcement to:
 <a href="mailto:itpp-announce@lists.sourceforge.net">
 itpp-announce@lists.sourceforge.net </a> </p>