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IT++ version 4.3.0                                         Released: 2013-05-25

IT++ 4.3.0 is the next release based on the IT++ stable master branch from git repository. 
A list of new features and modifications is presented below:

New features:

* The compilation system is replaced with cmake. Thus compilation and installation 
on supported OSs (Linux, Windows, MacOS) is handled in an unified way.

* IT++ library can be compiled as shared library on Windows. This removes an
important limitation of previous releases.

* Added unit testing support based on Google C++ Testing Framework

* Added multilateration class for indoor localization

* Added numerical integration with function objects as integrands

* Added thread-safe Fourier and cosine transforms

* Added thread-safe generation of random numbers

* Added faster LLR demodulator

* Added non-narrow-sense Reed-Solomon and Erasure Decoding

* Added lte_turbo_interleaver_sequence

* Added pyitpp module providing itload() function for Python, similar to MATLAB 

* Added punctured turbo codec (PTC) class


* fixed errors in Read Solomon and BCH decoders
* fixed FastICA accesses unallocated memory/ bails out if whitenig
* fixed help for OFDM class
* extras/astylerc is now compatible with astyle 2.02.1
* fixed systematic Reed-Solomon decoding
* fixed convolutional Decoder for certain generators
* added operator +- between scalar and complex
* fixed bug in FastICA with APPROACH_DEFL
* added new linspace function

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