Problem in compilation

  • Abdelhafid

    Abdelhafid - 2013-03-31

    I downloaded and installed IT++ through the "Synaptic Package Manager", but I can not seem to compile simple test programs If I try this straight forward line:
    g++ LDCP.CPP
    I will get errors like :
    LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xd80): undefined reference to itpp::Vec<double>::~Vec()' LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xd95): undefined reference toitpp::Vec<double>::~Vec()'
    LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xdaa): undefined reference to itpp::Vec<double>::~Vec()' LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xdbf): undefined reference toitpp::Vec<double>::~Vec()'
    LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xe0d): undefined reference to itpp::Vec<int>::~Vec()' LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xe39): undefined reference toitpp::Vec<int>::~Vec()'
    LDCP.cpp:(.text+0xe61): undefined reference to `itpp::LDPC_Code::LDPC_Code(itpp::LDPC_Parity const, itpp::LDPC_Generator)'

  • Gert Wollny

    Gert Wollny - 2013-03-31

    Well, it compiles allrigt, but it doesn't link properly because your command doesn't specify the link libraries needed (i.e. you need to link libitpp), e.g. try

    g++ LDCP.CPP $(pkg-config --libs itpp)

    If you only want to compile do

    g++ -c -o LDCP.o LDCP.CPP

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