#222 Test failures on non-i386 architectures



It turns out that IT++ fails to build on several architectures other than i386 and amd64. Some build logs are:


It used to pass tests on these architectures, so there is some problem. I will investigate this further and report my observations.



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  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2013-08-04
    • status: accepted --> closed
  • J B

    J B - 2013-11-01


    I have a problem with the multilateration test failing on x86_64 (but not 386) for openSUSE >= 13.1.
    See build logs here:

    The relevant error messages while running the tests are:

    [ 1370s] [----------] 2 tests from Multilateration
    [ 1370s] [ RUN      ] Multilateration.get_pos
    [ 1370s] *** Warning in /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/itpp-4.3.1/itpp/comm/multilateration.cpp on line 272:
    [ 1370s] cannot update subsets
    [ 1370s] *** Warning in /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/itpp-4.3.1/itpp/comm/multilateration.cpp on line 1306:
    [ 1370s] error in geo_pos_update_subsets
    [ 1370s] /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/itpp-4.3.1/gtests/multilateration_test.cpp:223: Failure
    [ 1370s] Value of: multi.get_pos(actual_ms_pos, meas)
    [ 1370s]   Actual: false
    [ 1370s] Expected: true

    I think the problem fits this bugreport, but I will open a new one if requested.

  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2013-11-01

    I can confirm this issue with openSUSE 13.1 RC1, but I would wait for the final release before considering fixing this issue (all tests pass on openSUSE 12.3)

    • J B

      J B - 2013-11-04

      Okay, I agree. On the other hand, I doubt there will be a lot of changes affecting IT++ from 13.1 RC2 to GM.

      Note: the compiled 'itpp_gtests' binary from a 13.1 system runs without failure on a 12.3 system. Thus, I suspect the update in boost libraries in 13.1 causes the problem.

      • Bogdan Cristea

        Bogdan Cristea - 2013-11-04

        IT++ does not depend on boost and AFAIK neither Google test. Different external libraries versions might be the explanation.

        Last edit: Bogdan Cristea 2013-11-04
  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2013-11-01
    • status: closed --> open
  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2013-12-01
    • status: open --> accepted
  • Bogdan Cristea

    Bogdan Cristea - 2013-12-01

    this bug is a duplicate of bug #235

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